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Group Racing Hall of Fame (Greyhounds)

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association introduced its Group Racing Hall of Fame in 1998. Tenthill Doll and Flying Amy two modern day superstars of the Australian Greyhound Racing Scene were the inaugural inductees.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame status are considered at Annual General Meetings of the AGRA . To be eligible for nomination, greyhounds must have won at least four Group races, at least two of which must have been at Group 1 level. Greyhounds must have officially completed their racing career prior to nomination.

In the year 2000, AGRA elected to broaden its criteria for Hall of Fame entry by providing for honorary access for greyhounds which raced prior to 1990 (the starting point of AGRA's Group racing format). Greyhounds inducted via the honorary route are also subject to prior nomination to the AGRA Annual General Meeting and are required to have a race winning record of the highest order. Immortals Chief Havoc, Zoom Top and Highly Blessed were the first honorary inductees in 2000.

Up until 2008, Hall of Fame induction was only afforded to greyhounds based on racing performances. At the August 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Greyhound Racing Association it was agreed that the 2007 Greyhound Of The Year award would also include a presentation of a Trainer Hall of Fame inductee and various other levels of induction could also be added to the Hall of Fame. The criteria for these awards was further refind and endorsed at the August 2008 AGM.

To see the list of of the expanded Hall of Fame held in conjunction with the Australian Greyhound of the Year click here.

The full list of Inductees for the Hall of Fame is as follows:

Tenthill Doll

Black Bitch
(Malawi's Prince x Tenthill Flyer) Whelped March 1993
  • Trainer: Harry Sarkis
    Owners: Ray Richards and Matthew Vallti
    Year of Induction 1999
  • 56 starts: 31 wins, 10 seconds, 7 thirds
  • Career prizemoney $382,660
  • 1995 and 1996 New South Wales Greyhound of the Year
  • Track record-holder Wentworth Park 520m, Sandown Park 515m and Cannington 530m.
  • Major career wins included:
  • 1996 Easter Egg Final 520m Wentworth Park.
  • 1996 Perth Cup Final 530m Cannington.
  • 1996 Australian Cup Final 515m Sandown Park.
  • Runner-Up 1995 Melbourne Cup & Top Gun 515m Sandown Park
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Flying Amy

Brindle Bitch
(Amerigo Man x Tenthill Flyer) Whelped May 1992
  • Trainer: R.Ball
    Owners: M.Ball and P.Tedford
    Year of Induction 1999
  • 59 starts: 42 wins, 5 seconds, 5 thirds
  • Career prizemoney $354,105
  • 1994 and 1995 Queensland Greyhound of the Year
  • Track record-holder Albion Park 520m
  • Major career wins included:
  • 1995 Eukanuba Cup Final 520m Albion Park
  • 1995 National Sprint Championship Grand Final 511m Sandown
  • 1994 and 1995 Gold Coast Cup Final 457m Gold Coast
  • 1994 Queensland Puppy Classic 520m Albion Park
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Rapid Journey

Red Brindle Dog
(Amerigo Magic x Miss Courtney) Whelped May 1995
  • Owner-Trainer: J.Carruthers
  • Year of Induction 1999
  • 54 starts: 33 wins, 6, seconds, 5 thirds
  • Career Prizemoney $530,995
  • Track record-holder Wentworth Park 520m, Dubbo 516m, Cannington 530m and Beenleigh 555m
  • Major Career Wins Included:
  • 1998 Adelaide Cup 512m Angle Park
  • 1998 Golden Easter Egg 520m Wentworth Park
  • 1998 Perth Cup 530m Cannington
  • 1998 National Sprint Grand Final 530m Cannington
  • 1998 Melbourne Cup 515m Sandown Park
  • 1998 Topgun 515m Sandown Park
  • By winning the 1998 Topgun at Sandown, Rapid Journey became the world prizemoney record holder, smashing American champion Mo Kick's record.
  • Rapid Journey has won races at every metropolitan venue on mainland Australia
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Highly Blessed

Black Bitch
(Chariot Supreme x I'm Blessed)
  • Whelped February 1998
  • Owner-Trainer: L.Ferrami
  • Year of Induction 2000
  • 55 starts: 38 wins, 2 seconds, 3 thirds
  • Career Prizemoney $294,565
  • Track record-holder Sandown 511m
  • Major Career Wins Included:
  • 1990 Gold Collar 511m Olympic Park
  • 1990 Shepparton Cup 440m Shepparton
  • 1990 Melbourne Cup 511m Sandown
  • 1990 XXXX Trophy Cup 558m Gabba
  • 1991 Adelaide Cup 512m Angle Park
  • 1991 Golden Easter Egg 520m Wentworth Park
  • 1991 McRae Honda Trophy 511m Sandown
  • 1991 Schweppes Cup 511m Sandown
  • In 1991, Highly Blessed was awarded All World Greyhound Field selection by the World Greyhound Racing Federation.
  • Highly Blessed had been voted by the WGF as one of the world's best eight greyhounds, and has been one of only two Australian greyhounds to be selected in the All World Greyhound Field.
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Chief Havoc

White and Fawn Dog
(Trion x Thelma's Mate)
  • Whelped September 1944
  • Owner-Trainer: J.Millerd
  • Year of Induction 2000
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • 1946 NCA Stake Harold Park
  • 1947 800 Yards Championship Harold Park
  • Track Records:
  • Chief Havoc attempted to set six track records times
  • 440 yards – 23.5 sec
  • 500 yards – 26.8 sec equalled track record
  • 660 yards – 36.9 sec
  • 700 yards – 38.7 sec
  • 750 yards – 41.4 sec
  • 800 yards – 44.3 sec
  • When Chief Havoc made his first appearance at Harold Park in November 1946, he blitzed his contender by six lengths and the time was 27, 2/5 th of a second outside the course record. This race attracted more than 16,000 race goers to the course, with several thousand leaving immediately after the big race.
  • Chief Havoc's brilliant career was showcased when he won the 800 yards Championship at Harold Park in 1947,in a time of 44 seconds, beating Electronic by six lengths. Chief Havoc's time, which was actually a world record, unfortunately was not recognised in the official English register as the race was “manually clocked”.
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Zoom Top

Fawn Bitch
(Black Top x Busy Beaver)
  • Whelped August 1966
  • Owner, Trainer, Breeder H.Watt
  • Year of Induction 2000
  • 136 starts: 68 wins, 25 seconds, 14 thirds
  • 1968 and 1969 NSW NCA Greyhound of the Year
  • Major Career Wins Included:
  • 1968 Association Cup 800 yards Harold Park
  • 1968 Sydney Cup 790 yards Wentworth Park
  • 1968 NSW St Leger 580 yards Wentworth Park
  • 1969 Olympic Park Distance Championship
  • Zoom Top was regarded by many experts as arguably the most versatile champion of all time, who could win over 800 yards, then drop back to 300 yards in the space of less than a week and win again.
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Brindle Bitch
(Chef Havoc x Casson)
  • Whelped June 1951
  • Owner-Trainer: L.Taylor
  • Year of Induction 2001
  • 96 stars: 50 wins, 32 placings
  • Track Records:
  • Dubbo 425 yards (23.0)
  • Gunnedah 600 yards (32.9)
  • Gunnedah 375 yards (20.3)
  • Harold Park 500 yards (26.5)
  • Newcastle 530 yards (29.0)
  • Maitland 550yards (30.0)
  • Wentworth Park 580 yards (31.4)
  • Newcastle 530 yards (28.8)
  • Gunnedah 475 yards (25.5)
  • Dubbo 425 yards (22.8)
  • Young 550 yards (30.0)
  • Tamworth 493 yards (26.6)
  • Lithgow 310 yards (17.1)
  • Jack Woodward (the Editor of the Greyhound Recorder for 25 years) rated Macareena as the equal of Zoom Top. Her winning strike rate for a greyhound, which had close to 100 starts, was quite remarkable.
  • During 1954, many rival camps refused to nominate their dogs against Macareena unless their charge was given a six or eight yard head start under handicap conditions; quite simply they had resigned themselves to defeat.
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Rookie Rebel

White and Fawn Dog
(Dream's Image x lady Janellen)
  • Whelped December 1954
  • Owner: P.Herman
  • Trainer: W.Hooper
  • Year of Induction 2001
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • 1957 Melbourne Cup
  • 1958 Australian Cup
  • 1958 Hobart Thousand
  • Rookie Rebel won the Hobart Thousand and Melbourne Cup double in 1957. The Melbourne Cup was a handicap race that year, with Rookie Rebel giving away a start of two yards, yet speeding home to score by six lengths. He completed the clean sweep of the major three features winning the Australian Cup at North Melbourne in February 1958.
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Sandi's Me Mum

Brindle Bitch
(Red Swinger x Sandilock)
  • Whelped June 1987
  • Trainer: G.O'Keefe
  • Owner: G.O'Keefe and B.Lorrimar
  • Year of Induction 2001
  • 92 stars: 62 wins and 18 placings
  • 1989 and 1990 WA Greyhound of the Year
  • In 1990, the World Greyhound Federation voted her one of the world's eight best greyhounds
  • Career prizemoney: $272,831
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • 1989 Sandown Laurels
  • 1989 West Australian Winter Cup
  • 1989 National Sprint Title, Cannington
  • 1989 Cannington Invitation
  • 1990 Anniversary Cup, Cannington
  • 1990 Adelaide Cup, Angle Park
  • 1990 WA Winter Cup, Cannington
  • 1990 National Sprint Title, Sandown
  • 1991 All Star Classic, Cannington
  • 1991 Mandurah Cup
  • 1991 Ansett Breeders Stake, Cannington
  • Career Track Records:
  • 1989 Anniversary Cup, Cannington – (31.59)
  • 1990 West Australian Winter Cup, Cannington – (31.24)
  • 1990 Qualifying State Final Cannington – (31.67)
  • Sandi's Me Mum was fortunate to only ever suffer a shoulder injury in her illustrious career.
  • Sandi's Me Mum was crowned Western Australia 's 1989 Greyhound of the Year in a unanimous 8-0 vote.
  • Sandi's Me Mum became only the fourth greyhound to secure the prestigious Adelaide Cup-Anniversary Cup double in the same year and went on to become the first greyhound to clinch back to back National Sprint titles in the event's 26 year history.
  • She was again crowned Western Australian Greyhound of the Year in 1990, and was also voted one of the world's best eight greyhounds for 1990 by the World Greyhound Federation in Massachusetts , United States .
  • Sandi's Me Mum was officially retired at four years of age.
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Brett Lee

Black Dog
(Gun Law Osti x Sobbing Sal)
  • Whelped January 1999
  • Trainer: D.McDonald
  • Owners: K.Johnstone & D.McDonald
  • Year of Induction 2002
  • 39 Starts: 31 Wins 8 Placings
  • Career Prizemoney: $405,106
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • 2001 Golden Easter Egg, 520m Wentworth Park
  • 2001 Adelaide Cup, 515m Angle Park
  • 2001 Australian Cup, 525mThe Meadows
  • 2001 The Maturity, 525m The Meadows
  • 2001 Warrnambool Classic
  • 2001SA Interstate Challenge
  • 2001 Geelong Guineas
  • Career Track Records:
  • Horsham 480m (26.94)
  • Warragual 424m (23.68)
  • Angle Park 515m (28.88)
  • Shepparton 440m (24.22)
  • Geelong 457m (25.19)
  • Ballarat 450m (24.95)
  • Brett Lee was rated as one of the quickest greyhounds of all time, and broke the first of many track records, at his second race start on the Horsham 480m track. From that point the black speed freak stormed into the annals of Australian greyhound racing folklore with a string of group wins and track records.
  • Brett Lee's first Group 1 success came with a record breaking win in the Adelaide Cup and was followed by victories in the Australian Cup, Maturity Classic, while his crowning glory came with a devastating triumph in the Golden Easter Egg.
  • It has been said that Brett Lee was the greyhound, that greyhound racing needs every one or two seasons to keep the sport in the headlines, and he certainly delivered.
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Bold Trease

Fawn Dog
(Roy Trease x Irish Temptress)
  • Whelped March 1984
  • Trainer: N.McCullagh
  • Owners: J.Rule, R.Hay, A.McCullagh & N.McCullagh
  • Year of Induction 2002
  • Career Prizemoney: $127,600
  • 104 Starts: 51 Wins, 22 Seconds and 12 Thirds
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • Sandown Cup, Sandown 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989
  • Bold Trease was responsible for one of Australian greyhound racing's most remarkable feats winning four consecutive Sandown Cups between 1986 – 1989. He was voted Victorian Greyhound of the Year in 1987 after winning his second Sandown Cup.
  • This amazing achievement is a great moment in greyhound racing history, and the many people who had the privilege to witness Bold Trease unleash his customary spine-tingling burst to the finish line, will never forget it.
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National Lass

Black Bitch
(Chief Dingaan x Waroo Lass)
  • Whelped September 1982
  • Trainer: R.Dean
  • Owner: R.Zammit
  • Year of Induction 2003
  • 1984 and 1985 NSW NCA Greyhound of the Year
  • Career Prizemoney: $82,000
  • 63 Starts: 40 Wins and 15 placings
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • 1984 Coca Cola Cup, Gabba
  • 1984 Sun Toy Fund Cup, Wentworth Park
  • 1985 Sydney Cup Final, Wentworth Park
  • 1985 Summer Cup, Wentworth Park
  • 1985 Sun Toy Fund Cup, Wentworth Park
  • 1985 Christmas Gift, Richmond
  • 1986 Wentworth Park Gold Cup
  • Career Track Records:
  • Gosford 689m (41.20)
  • Wentworth Park 722m (42.70)
  • Richmond 620m (37.20)
  • Richmond 620m (37.03)
  • Richmond 537m (31.24)
  • Dapto 722m (42.82)
  • For her brief but electrifying staying career, and outstanding efforts as a sprinter, National Lass was named New South Wales Greyhound of the Year in 1984,
  • and she claimed the prestigious award for the second time in 1985.
  • Injury brought a premature end to National Lass's career, although she did go on to have three litters, the best performed offspring was Little Deaver (by Worth Doing), which was the only greyhound in history to win the big NCA ‘classic double' the 1991 St. Leger and 1992 National Derby.
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Winifred Bale

Fawn and White Bitch
(Temlee x Emiline Bale)
  • Whelped August 1980
  • Owner-Trainer: A.Wheeler Jnr.
  • Year of Induction 2003
  • Career Prizemoney: $100,740
  • 1982 and 1983 NSW NCA greyhound of the Year
  • 81 Starts: 41 Wins and 28 placings
  • Feature Career Wins Included:
  • 1982 Sandown Laurels, Sandown
  • 1982 NSW St. Leger, Wentworth Park
  • 1983 Appin Opal, Appin
  • 1983 Ladies Bracelet, Harold Park
  • 1983 National Futurity, Wentworth Park
  • 1983 Richmond Oaks, Richmond
  • 1983 National Sprint Championship, Harold Park
  • For her ultra-consistent efforts, Winifred Bale was crowed New South Wales Greyhound of the Year in 1982.
  • In 1983 Winifred Bale, in fantastic form, completed a clean sweep of all major races for bitches conducted in New South Wales, including the Richmond Oaks, Ladies Bracelet, National Futurity and Appin Opal.
  • Winifred Bale was retired after suffering a dropped back muscle, and in a gala presentation dinner, the classy bitch was crowed 1983 NSW Greyhound of the Year for the second consecutive year.
  • Winifred Bale will remain an inspiration to newcomers and experienced breeders alike in their quest to unearth that elusive champion.
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Brindle Dog

(Tivoli Chief x Temora Lee)

  • Whelped March 1972
  • Owner: Ray Hocken
  • Trainer: Frank Cray
  • Year of Induction: Tasmania 2006
  • Racing Career span of 15 months
  • 37  Starts - 25 wins - 3 placings
  • 1974 National Sprint Championship
  • 1974 Maturity Stake
  • 1974 Lord Mayor's Trophy
  • 1974 Victorian Greyhound of the Year
  • Total Prizemoney $26,000
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Black Top

Black Dog

(Top Linen x Classy Jane)

  • Whelped February 1961
  • Breeder: Edna Hanson
  • Owner-Trainers: Frank Holmes
  • Racing Career span of 12 months
  • 20 Starts - 17 wins - 2 seconds
  • 1962 St Leger (Race Record)
  • 1962 Vic Peters Classic (race, track and world record for 500 yards)
  • 1962 Insterstate Challenge
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Bogie Leigh

Black Bitch

(Just The Best x Hypo Havoc)

  • Whelped April 2001
  • Owner:  Les Bein
  • Trainer:  Tony Brett
  • Year of Induction: Sydney 2005
  • 68 Starts - 41 Wins - 12 Seconds - 5 Thirds
  • 2004 Golden Easter Egg
  • 2004 Australian Cup
  • 2003 Brisbane Cup
  • 2003 Sapphire Crown Classic
  • 2003 Queensland Futurity
  • 2003 Lismore Cup
  • Queensland Greyhound of the Year 2004
  • Total Prizemoney $488,335
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Brindle Bitch

(Princess Kua x Joanne Lu)

  • Whelped April 1970
  • Owners Anne & Roma McGuinness
  • Trainer Peter McGuinness
  • Victorian Greyhound of the Year 1973
  • 97 Starts - 56 Wins
  • 1972 & 1973 Sandown Cup
  • 1972 & 1973 NCA Cup (Olympic Park)
  • 1973 Olympic Park Distance Championship
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Paua To Burn

Black & White Bitch

((Awesome Assassin x Alice Dooley)

  • Whelped July 2002
  • Breeder, Owner & Trainer: Steve White
  • 58 Starts - 28 wins - 13 placings
  • 2004 Laurels
  • 2004 Sapphire Crown Classic
  • 2005 Sapphire Crown Classic
  • 2005 Golden Easter Egg
  • 2005 Temlee
  • 2006 New Years Cup
  • 2006 Rookie Rebel
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Sam Bladon

Greatest Coursing Trainer in History

Trained in the late 1800's and early 1900's

He won Waterloo Cups with Belgravia in 1892, and followed up with Bloomer in 1893, and again with Bloomer in 1894.

He then won the N.S.W. Waterloo Cup, run at Orange, N S.W., in 1897, with Bunny.

He also won the Victorian Waterloo Cup in 1898 with Bogan, and the N.S.W. Waterloo Cup in 1900 with Braddon's Blot.

In addition to these successes he won the Waterloo Cup no less than three times with Bulwark, namely 1906, 1907 and 1909.
He also won the N.S.W. Derby with Bulwark in 1906, besides many other successes both in N.S.W., Victoria and New Zealand.
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M.A. “Arthur” Morgan

Category: Administrator

Clearly, Irishman Michael Arthur Morgan, who had turned sixteen the day left for Australia in 1921, shaped the face of Greyhound Racing in Tasmania more than any other contributor. He was the founding father of track racing as we know it today.

An Irish newspaper article in 1966 mentioned his interest in coursing from the age of eleven, and he worked in his father’s shop from the age of twelve.

A man of many colours (including being a magistrate) and with a great interest in open coursing, Morgan assisted Jack Nelson in the establishing the White City Speed Coursing Track in 1932.In fact, Morgan won a race on the opening night, February 8 1933, with a dog called Authorized.

Moving to Hobart he initiated the Hobart Speed Coursing Club in November 1933. He lobbied Premier A.G.Ogilvie to alter the Act to allow betting on Greyhound Racing, without which he realized the sport could not survive. He came to an agreement with the Tasmanian Cricket Association to lease that ground. He was overseer to the laying of the track, the lighting, the Judges box and all other issues necessary to the running of a race meeting.

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William (Bill) Pearson

Category : Associate


  • Managing Director of Gold Guide 50 years
  • National Greyhound Form, Greyhound Tabform 13 years 
  • Foundation member of the MGRA 
  • Vice President of the GOTBA 
  • Australian Sports Medal in 2000  

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Henry Harrison

Category : Administration


  • Sandown GRC Chairman 23 years
  • Sandown GRC Committee 28 years 
  • Greyhound Racing Control Board member 2 years 
  • First Australian Greyhound Racing Association President in 1963
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Ray Herbert

Category : TRAINER


  • Winning Trainer 1945 Melbourne Cup    
  • Winning Trainer 1929, 1939, 1948, 1949, 1953, 1954, 1955 Victorian Waterloo Cup   
  • Winning Trainer 1938, 1948, 1950 NSW Waterloo Cup  
  • Winning Trainer Coursing Age Classics - 7 times
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Rod Deakin

Category : Breeder


  • Breeder of Group 1 National Distance Championship winner - 4 times
  • Breeder of 1970 Hobart 1000 winner 
  • Breeder of Group 1 Sandown Cup winner - 2 times 
  • Breeder of Age Classic (Silver Chief, National Derby, Laurels) - 5 times 
  • Breeder of Coursing Classic (Oaks, Derby, St. Leger) - 5 times
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Paul Ambrosoli

Years involved in industry: 44

Category : Associate

Highly respected radio man Steve Cairns wrote in his salute to Australian race callers “London to a brick on” That Paul Ambrosoli is to calling greyhounds what Elvis Presley is to the rock and roll industry. It’s an interesting analogy but the more you think about it, it’s an acute one.

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Howard Ashton

Category: Administrator


  • Honourary Secretary AGRC 1952 - 1971
  • Secretary-Manager AGRC full time from 1971-1996 
  • Racing Operations Manager AGRC 1996-2000 
  • Brought AGRA Group Racing to the table late 80’s 
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Roy Maidment

Years involved in industry: 70

Category: Administrator


  • First ever Secretary of the greyhound racing Control Board in 1956
  • Vice-President national Coursing Association 10 years 
  • National Coursing Association president 
  • National Coursing Association Secretary 32 years 
  • ANZGA Secretary 32 years
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Osti Too

Breeding: SIRE: Benjamin John DAM: Little Gorgeous

Whelped : May 1970

Category : Brood bitch

The deeds as a brood bitch of Osti Too are legendary her line is responsible for producing over a 1000 city winners and remains one of the most dominate influences on the Australian breeding scene of all time, still to this very day her line continues to breed on here and overseas.

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Allen Wheeler

Category: Breeder


  • Breeder of the foundation dam line “Bale”
  • Breeder of Hall of Fame inductee Winifred Bale 
  • Won Sydney City Owner’s & Trainer's Premiership four times. 
  • Patriarch of the Wheeler dynasty sons and grandsons still prominent present day 
  • Breeder / Trainer of two N.C.A. Derby winners and N.C.A. Futurity winner
  • Breeder / Trainer of numerous feature event winners.
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Jim Coleman

Category: TRAINER


  • Won Sydney Trainers Premiership 1976    
  • Won five Group 1 National Derby’s 1972, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1995   
  • Won two Group 1 Australian Cups 1975, 1976.  
  • Won Group 1 1985 Melbourne Cup 1986.
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Dr. James (Jim) Gannon

Years involved in industry: 50

Category : Associate


  • President of the following veterinary bodies: MVPA, AVA (Vic), ASAVA, ACVS
  • Awarded an Australian Sports Medal 
  • Order of Australia 
  • Greyhound Racing Control Board Member 
  • International lecturer and co-author of Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound
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J.G. “Jack” Nelson

Category : TRAINER

J.G."Jack"Nelson was a partner with his brother in Mountain Ices (an Ice Cream factory in Launceston). He was also an S.P. bookie who built a house with five kennels and an office at Malunna, which became the site of the White City greyhound track.

A firm and very direct individual, Jack Nelson's love of greyhounds and great courage of character was responsible for track racing as we know it getting off the ground in Tasmania.

Open coursing had been popular for over a hundred years prior to track racing (remember greyhounds came out with the First Fleet) and few loved it more than Jack Nelson. He coursed his charges around the Nile, Quamby and Evandale areas and even won the feature Plumpton at Benalla in Victoria with Miss Alestone in the early 1930's. He pulled off betting plunges at speed tracks in Melbourne with greyhounds Golden Eagle and Golden Crown, after which he made a giant decision, one that was to shape the future of our sport.

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Wee Sal

Category : Broodbitch

Whelped : 07/02/1988

Trainer : Myra Brown

Owners : Myra Brown

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Ned Bryant

Category : Trainer


  • Winning Trainer 1985 Group 1 Melbourne Cup (and trained the runner-up)
  • Winning Trainer 1991 Group 1 Australian Cup 
  • Winning Trainer 1970 National Sprint Championship 
  • Winning Trainer Age Classics (Maturity, Silver Chief, Sapphire) - 4 times 
  • Cranbourne GRC Committee Member 21 years
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Stan Cleverley

Years involved in industry: 70

Category: Trainer


  • Leading Trainer in Victoria and New South Wales many times.
  • Trained the winners of almost every feature race on the Australian Calendar
  • Trained more champion dogs than any other trainer in history  
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Victor Peters

Years involved in industry: 32

Category : Administration


  • First Secretary of the NSW GBOTA  served 1939 - 1961
  • Foundation Member NSW Greyhound Racing Control Board in 1949 
  • First NSW administrator to have a race named after him 1962. 
  • A prominent force behind the formation of the Commonwealth Greyhound Racing Association
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Frank Kennedy

Years involved in industry: 20

Category: Associate

Iconic New South Wales media figure during the halcyon days of Greyhound Racing in the 60’s and 70’s.

Frank was a leading figure in the broadcasting of New South Wales greyhound racing for many years. The former champion boxer became a trainer and promoter before pioneering greyhound broadcasts on 2KA Katoomba in 1964.

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Vivian James Berresford

Catogary: Trainer

Vivian Berresford was an early pioneer of professional greyhound training in Tasmania including developing a mobile walking machine. Widely known as the Baron, this nickname became a trademark of many successful racing greyhounds, such as Hobart Thousand Winner, Baron Woomera.

Vivian James Berresford was born at Fingal on 27 January 1921 and died in Launceston, as a legend of our sport, in his eighty fourth year on July 16 2004. The son of Fingal’s Sergeant of Police, Viv, from the age of seven would catch dogs for their owners at the end of their live coursing, either at Symmons Plains, or the Plumpton (enclosed coursing) at Elwick. He bought his first greyhound in 1931 but it died of distemper before racing. So he gave it up! That was, until 1947, when he purchased a bitch named Laura Murray whilst in the pub for fifteen pounds. 

 That purchase changed his life, and for the next 38 years Viv would become a dominant figure in our sport.
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Noel Banks

Category : Administrator


  • Greyhound Racing Control Board Member 24 years
  • Awarded Order of Australia (OAM) Medal in 1986 
  • National Coursing Association Secretary 17 years 
  • National Coursing Association Executive 14 years 
  • Original Director of the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association    
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Doug Payne

Years involved in industry: 60

Category : Trainer


  • Leading Trainer in South Australia for a record 15 years
  • Trained the winners of a record four Adelaide Cups
  • Committee member of the GBOTA and Strathalbyn Club  
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Brian Johnstone

Years involved in industry: 40

Category : Administration


  • President of the AGRC for a record 25 years
  • President of the Australian Greyhound Racing Association  
  • Represented AGRA at a world conference in America. 
  • Long serving member of the Greyhound Racing Board  
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Ken Carr

Years involved in industry: Ken was involved  in the industry for some 42 years prior to his untimely death from Kidney and lung cancer in 1996 aged 58.
Category: Administrator


  • Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (MGRA) Manager 16 years.
  • Greyhound Racing Control Board (GRCB) Chief Executive 6 years in which time he Introduced Central Grading, GOBIS breeding and Centralised Track Maintenance

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Paul Cauchi

Years involved in industry: 53

Category: Trainer


  • Leading Trainer in New South Wales 1971, 1972 and 1980's.
  • Trained winners of the Association Cup (Group 1) and National Sprint Championship (Group 1) and countless other feature events.
  • Trained many champion dogs including Pied Rebel, Ragsie, Coorparoo Flyer, Miami Moss, Clover Duke, Go Billy Go and Naralta. 
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Dr John Murray

Years involved in industry: 50

Category : Associate


  • President of the veterinary body: AGVA.
  • Award for his service to greyhound racing and surgery.
  • 2007 Awarded Order of Australia  Medal.
  • Driving force in the rules of artificial insemination being changed.
  • Member of the BRGA Committee.
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Albert Bunny Hewton

Years involved in industry: 70

Category : Administrator


  • Served on a Greyhound Commitee for 45 consecutive Years.
  • Foundation member Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club.
  • Representative on the Greyhound Control Board.
  • Life Member Brisbane and Capalaba Greyhound racing Clubs.
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Tony Zammit

Years involved in industry: 40

Category : Trainer


  • Won 11 Queensland Trainers Premierships.
  • Trained four Queensland Greyhounds of the Year.
  • Committee member Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club 10 years.
  • Trained winners of all Queensland feature events as well as serveral interstate.
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Ray Foley

Ray Foley will be remembered as one of Tasmania’s finest Greyhound administrators, serving as permanent part time Secretary of the Launceston Greyhound Racing Club for twenty two years, but also as the founder, financier and long term editor of the “Bible of Tasmanian Greyhound Racing”………The Greyhound Guide.
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Brother Fox

During the early to mid-80's was one of the most exciting periods of greyhound racing in Australia. It produced many champions without doubt the greyhound the thrilled the crowds the most was Brother Fox.
In a short spectacular career he displayed ability and pace not seen before on greyhound tracks around the country. Purchased by Dubbo trainer Steve Kavanagh for $500 as a pup he proved a bargin basement buy, not only as a race dog but as one of Australia's leading stud dogs in the late 80's early 90's. "The Fox" had a turn of speed that left most opposition trialing in his wake and more importantly he was able to pass on rare ability to many sons and daughters.



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Byamee was bred, owned and trained by Hall of Fame inductee Ray Herbert and is regarded by old timers as the fastest greyhound to have graced the coursing fields. The great dog was never led nor beaten on the plumpton throughout his illustrious career. He won his first Waterloo Cup in 1953 at the age of only 22 months. Testament to his greatness, in 1954 only 32 entries were received for the prestigious Waterloo Cup due to the presence of Byamee. He didn't let his followers down by winning a thrilling 1954 final at Tynong. In 1955 at Maryborough, Byamee achieved the impossible by winning his third Waterloo Cup in succession, a feat that is never likely to be equalled.       

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Tell You Why

Tell You Why was bred, owned and trained by Joe Kelly, of Orange in New South Wales. Kelly is regarded as one of Australia's most foremost breeders of his era and Tell You Why was a result of over 20 years of breeding to produce a greyhound he considered one of his best achievements in a lifetime devoted to the sport. Tell You Why was inducted into the American Hall fo Fame in 1978. He was the No. 1 Sire in that country in 1967 and 1968. USA Breeding expert Gary Guccione is quoted as saying. Ask any breeder who he considers the most influential sire in the U.S. chances are Tell You Why* will be mentioned, 9 out of 10 times. As a race dog in Australia he won the 1959 Bi-Annual Classic at Harold Park.

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George Schofield


Awarded 2006 Ken Carr Medal

GOTBA Executive 32 years

Greyhound Racing Control Board member 16 years

Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association Director 8 years

Ballarat GRC Committee 10 years

OAM in 2009 for services to Greyhound Racing

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Tumble Bug

Black Dog (Menang x Proposed), January 1945.

Owner- Trainer Cliff J Abraham

Race Career 27 Starts- 18 wins 2 seconds and 3 thirds.

Sire Australia & USA.

Inducted into American Hall of Fame 1985

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Red Fawn Bitch (Bombastic Shiraz - Winsome Bluebird) Whelped 1st October 2009

Owners Nicole Wheeler-Whye & Paul Stuart. Trainer Paul Stuart

Race Record 51 Starts 42 wins 2 second 4 thirds.

Prizemoney- $715,508.

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Paul Wheeler

Years involved in industry: 50

Category: Breeder


  • Most successful Australian breeder in history.
  • Internationally recognized breeder for success and innovation.  
  • Bred, raced and won every major feature on the Australian calendar.  
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