GCA - Greyhound Clubs Australia

GCA Group Racing History

Prior to 1990, the AGRA co-ordinated feature race dates on an annual basis via a meeting of the Principal Clubs.

However, the planning process did not take into account major events at provincial and country circuits and, as a result, some unfortunate race clashes occurred. In addition, whilst planning was being applied to scheduling, the arising calendar was considered to lack a promotional angle.hence the decision to categorise the Nation's finest events into "Groups of excellence".

Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 events were developed as from January 1990 and the concept gradually gained momentum. In 1995, AGRA appointed Brenton Scott as Group Racing Co-Ordinator and the promotion of the calendar was for the first time formalised.

Since 1995, AGRA has produced an Annual Calendar outlining all Group races and regular editions of Group Racing News have highlighted all results. Special certificates are prepared for all winners. In addition, all Group races are 'branded' by the use of unique logos.

In 1998 the Group Racing Hall of Fame was introduced to further promote the importance of Group Racing and to enhance its reputation as the benchmark of excellence.

In 2000 it was also decided to include an Honorary inductee provision for the Hall of Fame, thus allowing AGRA to pay tribute to the stars of yesteryear.

In 2002, AGRA introduced the Australian Greyhound of the Year Award. Greyhounds qualifying for consideration largely based on Group Race performances.

The AGRA website was introduced in 2004 and again contributes to the progression of the Group Racing Profile.

In 2005, the AGRA appointed Neil Brown as its Publicity Officer.

2008 the Greyhound of the Year expanded to include Trainer of the Year, Australian Stud Dog of the Year, Australian Brood Bitch of the Year and AGRA Run of the Year.

2008 AGM Group Racing Hall of Fame expanded to inlcude Male Greyhound Based on Breeding Performance, Female Greyhound Based on Breeding Performance, Trainers, Breeders, Adminstrators, Associates.

2010/2011 AGRA Group Racing Calendar moves to a Financial Year format.

2010/2011 AGRA Introduces a series of Age Restricted Events as Age Restricted Classics.