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Project Objectives

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA) is seeking the support of greyhound racing participants in relation to a nationally coordinated campaign to collect, preserve and display the heritage/history of greyhound racing in Australia.  

The project will be run across May and June, incorporating all of AGRA's member states, and will serve as a call-to-action for greyhound participants to come forward with items of genuine historical significance.    Items will be accepted through loan or donation and will be stored and displayed primarily at an AGRA (metropolitan) Club in the home state of the lender or donor.  

We believe that the project is inherently valuable and is also vital to securing important memorabilia that will inevitably be damaged or permanently lost to future generations of greyhound (and general) racing enthusiasts.  

AGRA seeks your assistance with supporting this project in the interests of preserving our sport's heritage.  

Attached is the Collection Policy supporting this project as well as a PDF version of the official DONOR FORM.  

All completed donor forms need to be returned to AGRA (metropolitan) Clubs by the end of June.  

Collection Policy

1.  Mission Statement

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA) Preservation of History project aims to collect, preserve, research, catalogue and display items of historical significance to Australian Greyhound Racing, from its beginnings to the present day, with a particular focus on Group races and Hall of Fame members.

2.  The Collection

A national framework for collection, storage, cataloguing and display will be developed and implemented by each AGRA club under the guidance and support of AGRA .  

Initially the collection will focus on:

  • Cups, trophies and other awards
  • Video and audio footage of historic significance, especially pre-dating 1980
  • Other media, such as audio recordings, newspaper clippings, racebooks, form guides and photos
  • Unique items and ephemera relating to Hall of Fame members
3.  Acquisition

A coordinated national campaign through the AGRA clubs, national greyhound media, and local media will be conducted in May-June 2008.  The campaign will call for the donation or loan of objects of significance.  This will be complemented by AGRA directly contacting owners and trainers and other greyhound racing supporters likely to have relevant items.  Items will be accepted through donation, loan, or bequest, and will be stored and displayed primarily at an AGRA club in the home state of the donor or lender.  AGRA reserves the right to accept or decline objects and is under no obligation to accept all objects offered to it.  Preference will be given to objects that have reasonable provenance (history of use).  Objects that are offered with little or no provenance will ordinarily be declined unless their significance is assessed as outweighing the lack of information about the object.  Objects that are badly damaged or are incomplete will normally be declined unless the object's significance outweighs its condition.  Items will only be accepted if their ownership can be verified and where AGRA is satisfied that the donor or lender is legally entitled to make the donation or loan.  Objects that are offered with conditions (such as permanent display or display at certain times) will be declined.  The Club at which objects will be stored/displayed will primarily be determined based on state-of-origin and then by relevance to Club (NSW and VIC).  Objects that are offered that present an unacceptable burden on AGRA's resources (such as storage space) will ordinarily be declined.  Objects offered on loan to AGRA will be accepted only when AGRA believes it can use the object for research or display.  Offers of objects that are duplicates of objects already held in the collection may be declined.

4.  Documentation

A donation form or loan form will be completed for each collected item and a copy will be issued to each donor and lender with a copy retained by the club.  Once accepted, details will be entered on a catalogue to assist in the compilation of a national greyhound racing historical database.  Details recorded for each object will follow an established museum worksheet as well as donor /lender details.  Photos of each item will also be taken and may be used for display, AGRA publicity or other promotional purposes.

5.  Storage

Every effort will be made to provide safe, secure and appropriate storage facilities and handling protocols to ensue the safety and care of our collections.

6.  Conservation

Conservation work may be undertaken on donated or purchased objects that are assessed as both significant, and in need of conservation.  Conservation will only be undertaken when budgets and resources allow.  No conservation, cleaning or repair work will be undertaken on loan items without the written authority of lender and only undertaken by appropriately trained individuals where it is assessed as necessary.

7.  Display

Each AGRA club is responsible for their own display, however AGRA will develop uniform guidelines for displays to ensure clubs are able to provide a standard quality, style and aesthetic.

8.  Deaccessioning

Deaccessioning is the removal of an object from a collection when it is deemed superfluous and may occur when:

  • The item requires greater care than the club can provide within its current resources and budgets
  • Space is required for other more relevant items
  • The host club can no longer adequately care for the item
  • The object is damaged beyond repair
  • The object is stolen with no likelihood of return

Disposal of items may take the form of:

  • Return to donor
  • Donation to another museum/collection
  • Disposal or recycling
9.  Review

The policy will be reviewed annually by the AGRA clubs.

Donor Form

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