GCA - Greyhound Clubs Australia


The Australian Greyhound Racing Association was formed in the 1960's and was initially known as the Commonwealth Greyhound Racing Association.

Initially, the Association has a pre-dominant Eastern States focus but gradually moved toward a true national focus, changing its name to the Australian Greyhound Racing Association in the early 1970's.

The Association played a significant role in the progression of rules, spnsorship and the early co-ordination of PayTV Rights negotiation.

Today, the Australian Greyhound Racing Association comprises in its membership each of the principal racing bodies in Australia as follows:

  • Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club ( Albion Park , Queensland ).
  • Darwin Greyhound Association of the Northern Territory ( Winnellie Park , Northern Territory ).
  • Greyhound Racing SA ( Angle Park , South Australia ).
  • Greyhounds WA ( Cannington , Western Australia ).
  • Hobart Greyhound Racing Club ( Hobart , Tasmania ).
  • Launceston Greyhound Racing Club ( Tasman Park, Tasmania ).
  • Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (The Meadows, Victoria ).
  • NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners & Trainers' Association ( Wentworth Park , Sydney ).
  • Sandown Greyhound Racing Club ( Sandown Park , Victoria ).

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association now meets for annual conferences in September of each year and seeks to promote and improve greyhound racing on a national basis. Major undertakings in any given year include the co-ordination of the Group Racing Calendar, the promotion of the Australian Greyhound of the Year and the staging of the National Sprint and Distance Championships.

In 2011/2012 AGRA determined to introduce Listed Events into the Group Race Calendar as from 2012/2013.

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