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Racing Results - 1972 TAS

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Listed Event

Maiden Thousand 540yds
January 8, 1972. "Hobart first prize $1,500
winner Ramille (Top Bomber x Mary Lorraine)
owner R S Deakin trainer H E Baker
2nd Shane Andrew
3rd Miss Pattina
margins 2 1/4 x 2 time 29.6"

"Hobart Thousand 540yds "
February 7, 1972. "Hobart first prize $3,000
winner Beau Palomino ( Herald Syn x Fair Song)
owner/trainer R Usher
2nd Sydom Sue
3rd Gwen's Champ
margins 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 time 29.5"

Launceston Cup 548yds
February 26, 1972. "Launceston
winner Dalmore Prince (Takiri x Doreen Rose)
owner Kelvin Trickey trainer George Tagell
2nd Barrington Boy
3rd Mt Hall Flash
margins 1 x nk time 30 3/16"

Launceston Cup Consolation 548yds
March 18, 1972. "Launceston
winner Coral Bow (Bee Kay Top x Coral's Maid)
owner R Bowman trainer H Reid
2nd Baron Respect
3rd Tabanelle
margins 2 1/2 x 3 time 30 13/16"

Novice Distance Championship 737yds
March 18, 1972. "Hobart
winner Brindle Remount (Ripple Bay x Lassie Remount)
owner/trainer R F Smith
2nd Flash Cloe
3rd Star Up
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 41.2 "

Devonport Cup 471yds
March 25, 1972. "Devonport
winner Northop Hall (Nulla View x Miss Ranee)
owners Mrs G Hall & D Hall
2nd Full Price
3rd Fenton Flash
margins 1 1/2 x nk time 25.4"

Easter Cup 548yds
April 8, 1972. "Launceston
winner How Big (Mister Moss x Monavista)
owner Mrs H Reason
2nd Mr Value
3rd Jan Remie
margins nose x 2 time 30 3/16"

Easter Purse 548yds
April 8, 1972. "Launceston
winner Roman Too (Roman Earl x Galene Girl)
owner/trainer Mrs V Barron
2nd Attim Attim
3rd Moss Viking
margins 4 x 2 time 30 5/16 "

Easter Plate 548yds
April 15, 1972. "Launceston
winner Full Price (No Discount x Dainty Venus)
owner/trainer Mrs G Sutton
2nd Baroness Beauty
3rd Biffon River
margins 2 x 1 time 30 13/16"

Gold Collar 548yds
June 3, 1972. "Launceston
winner Roman Too (Roman Earl x Galene Girl)
owner/trainer Mrs V Barrow
2nd Night Heritage
3rd Night Todd
margins 1 x nk time 30 14/16"

Lucky Dog Medley Championship 548yds
July 8, 1972. "Hobart
winner Mountain Rock (Trapper Rock x Pleasant Oak)
owner A W Jacobson trainer H Muir
2nd Autumn Reject
3rd Prince of Bronze
margins 1/2 x 3 time 41.3"

Tasmanian Marathon Stakes 1027yds
August 19, 1972. "Hobart
winner Second Linen (Linen Kit x Forestina)
owner/trainer F J Woolley
2nd Lovely Vista
3rd Mayfield Wonder
margins 3 1/2 x 1 time 59.3"

H G Sturges Mem. Stakes 548yds
September 2, 1972. "Launceston
winner Lucky Minda (Autumn Concerto x Lucky Madam)
owner G A Rowbottom trainer B Jensen
2nd Tryella
3rd Brenda's Beaver
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 30 1/16"

Tasmanian Puppy Championship 540yds
September 16, 1972. "Hobart
winner Galtee Chief (Hi Tanist x Jet Hostess)
owner G Lord trainer P R Dalham
2nd Moss Viking
3rd Charms Stroller
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 29.6"

Les McLeod Memorial 471yds
September 27, 1972. "Devonport
winner Biffin River (Shady James x Shelley Lass)
owner J W Gelston
2nd Ima Shoe
3rd Tyabb Queen
margins 5 x nose time 25.4"

K Thompson Cup (Div.1) 548yds
October 14, 1972. "Launceston
winner Colarn Flash (Nulla View x Leisure Vista)
owner T G Bonney trainer H Wilkes
2nd Tuesday Girl
3rd Siliceous
margins 1/2 x 1 time 30 9/16"

Tasmanian Gold Cup 540yds
November 4, 1972. "Hobart
winner Lyke Lady (Autumn Chariot x Lady Life)
owner/trainer D Sinclair
2nd Ima New One
3rd Isabulla Moss
margins 3 3/4 x nk time 29.6 "

J G Nelson Cup (div.1) 548yds
November 11, 1972. "Launceston
winner Baroness Beauty (Old Berry Hermes x Lady Maserati)
owner/trainer J Vivian
2nd Stage Dancer
3rd Arastas
margins 2 x 1 time 30 2/16"

Debutante Stakes 540yds
November 25, 1972. "Hobart
winner Onyx Gem (Milimsimbi x West Side Story)
owners B K & J B Stretton trainer K King
2nd Miss Herald
3rd Hi Bouncer
margins 1 1/2 x nk time 30.2"

Holiday Stake (Div.1) 548yds
December 23, 1972. "Launceston
winner Biffin River (Shady James x Shelley Lass)
owner/trainer J Gelston
2nd Stylish Dancer
3rd Tele's Gamble
margins 4 x 5 time 30"

Youth Stakes 540yds
December 23, 1972. "Hobart
winner Fiery John (Benjamin John x Fiery Jane)
owners D Neal & J Maney
2nd Johnny Jane
3rd Sean's Pride
margins 5 x hd time 30.2"