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Racing Results - 1972 SA

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Listed Event

New Year Gift 535m
January 10, 1972. "Strathalbyn
winner Obeli Glen (Haydale x Shelly's Joy)
2nd Little Ruby
3rd Mulga Clown
margins 5 x 1 time 32.04"

Anniversary Cup 535m
February 28, 1972. "Strathalbyn
winner North Kinta (Kinta's Son x Canavan Queen)
2nd Blue Sunbeam
3rd Time Study
margins 2 x 1 time 32.4"

Commonwealth Invitation Sprint 512m
April 20, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Red Ochre (Black Top x Bayena)
2nd Binica
3rd Lord Galaxy
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 32.3"

AGRC Patrons Cup 512m
June 29, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Woolf's Image (Fountain Gate x Virginia Woolf)
owner trainer B Jolly
2nd North Kinta
3rd Kinedana Star
margins 3 1/4 x 1/2 time"

Anniversary Stake 530m
July 10, 1972. "Gawler
winner Flash Sultan (Chief Sultan x Boomerang Girl)
2nd Engelbert
3rd Borough Gem
margins 1 1/2 x 3/4 time 32.6"

Elms 512m
July 27, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Keyway (Revwood x Kathy Steel)
2nd Red Angel
3rd Pommie Dasher
3rd Wyloona Miss
margins 4 x 4 time 31.3"

Willows 512m
July 27, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Star Hold (Holding x Pride of Para)
2nd Sabwani
3rd Hi Felute
margins nk x 1/2 time 31.5"

S A St Leger 530m
August 14, 1972. "Gawler
winner Blackliner (Old Berry Hermes x Track Liner)
owner trainer J McGuire
2nd Pommie Dasher
3rd Hi Felute
margins 5 1/2 x 1 time 31.7 "

Champion Puppy Classic 535m
September 2, 1972. "Strathalbyn
winner Steven's Hero (Gold Hero x Bashful Vicki)
owner trainer A Crawford
2nd Brooklands Lady
3rd Social Writer
margins 1 x 3/4 time 32.8"

OTBA Distance Championship 750m
September 4, 1972. "Gawler
winner Petite Meadow (Mister Moss x Polly Lane)
owner trainer M Ross
2nd Eagle Lady
3rd Pug's Delight
margins 1 3/4 x 1 time 46.5"

Adelaide Cup 512m
September 14, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Bristol Miss (Takiri x Fullock)
owners E E & M I Borchardt trainer A Reid
2nd North Kinta
3rd Fashion Gem
margins 5 x 1 1/2 time 31.5"

NCA Cup 530m
September 25, 1972. "Gawler
winner Lord's Opal (House Of Lords x Opal Zephyr)
owner trainer Mrs E Brooks
2nd Borough Gem
3rd Dr. Respet
margins hd x 2 32.2"

S A Distance Chamionship 731m
October 12, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Pommie Dasher (Chariot Charm x Telga Venus)
owner trainer R J Hill
2nd Petite Meadow
3rd Jervoir Rocket
margins 1 x nose time 46.2"

Strathalbyn Cup 535m
October 23, 1972. "Strathalbyn
winner Harris Hope (Meteor Moss x Sunbeam's Pride)
owner trainer B Attrill
2nd Central Command
3rd Bristol Miss
margins 2 1/4 x 3/4 time 32.9"

Summer Cup 512m
November 23, 1972. "Angle Park
winner Bristol Miss (Takiri x Fullock)
owners E E & M I Borchardt trainer A Reid
2nd Kelton Chief
3rd Hurtling Moss
margins 6 x 1/2 time 31.34"

Coca Cola Cup 750m
December 11, 1972. "Gawler
winner Hi Felute (Hi Janker x Misdavis)
owner trainer G Fleve
2nd Ricca Donna
3rd Miller's Flight
margins nk x 6 1/2 time 46.6"

Whyalla Cup 600m
December 13, 1972. "Whyalla
winner Starran (Second Stage x Ranelty)
owner trainer B Maddigan
2nd Silver Might
3rd Hi Mac
margins 4 x 5 time 35.5"