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Racing Results - 1972 QLD

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Listed Event

Foundation Gift 610yds
April 6, 1972. "Gabba
winner Mitten Toes (Ballymurn Chief x Kilmore Queen)
2nd Brian's Gamble
3rd Joan's Wonder
margins 2 1/2 x 2 time 33.23"

Lawnton Memorial Cup 520yds
May 23, 1972. "Lawnton
winner Mr Alpert (Tivoli Dreamer x Tijuana Lady)
owner trainer L Hampson
2nd Overflow Ace
3rd Wybilena
margins 3/4 x hd time 28.01"

Metropolitan Sprint Championship 400yds
May 23, 1972. "Lawnton
winner Lass Come Home (Two Ties x Blue Duster)
2nd Berwin Breeze
3rd Dream Dandy
margins 1/2 x 2 1/2 time 21.5"

Metropolitan Distance Championship 655yds
May 23, 1972. "Lawnton
winner Take Count (Thunder Lane x Another Compact)
owner trainer E Clifford
2nd Saibot's Double
3rd Kaboom
margins 6 x 4 time 35.53"

Lord Mayor's Cup 610yds
June 1, 1972. "Gabba
winner Bomber's Gal (Top Bomber x Our Galaxy)
owner Mrs R Parsons trainer G Beh
2nd Valla
3rd High Factor
margins 2 1/2 x 1 3/4 time 33.1"

Queensland Cup 520yds
July 10, 1972. "Beenleigh
winner Lord Morton (Top Bomber x Wee Darlin)
owner trainer Mick Talty
margins time 28.26"

Queensland Sprint Championship 363yds
July 10, 1972. "Beenleigh
winner Road to Glory (Magic Glory x Bylane Girl)
owner trainer L Hoare
margins time 19.2"

Queensland Staying Championship 870yds
July 10, 1972. "Beenleigh
winner High Stepper (Fawn Nulla x Magic Zephyr)
owner trainer A Reidel
margins time 48.39"

Exhibition Trophy 610yds
August 17, 1972. "Gabba
winner Wybilena (The Shoe x Twist Again)
owner trainer V G Johnson
2nd Revlis Son
3rd Lucky Program
margins hd x 3 time 33.07"

Springtime Cup 610yds
September 28, 1972. "Gabba
winner Garron Court (Venetian Court x Garron Lass)
owner D Torr trainer Herb Siakew
2nd Precious Julie
3rd Greg's Chance
margins 7 x 6 time 32.89"

Sprint Championship 610yds
October 26, 1972. "Gabba first prize $1,250
winner Garron Court (Venetian Court x Garron Lass)
owner D Torr trainer Herb Siakew
2nd Soval
3rd Hi Factor
margins hd x 2 1/2 time 33.67"

Capalaba Thousand 340yds
November 6, 1972. "Capalaba
winner Blue Perlita (Milimsimbi x Jetana Lass)
owner trainer J Reimer
2nd Honest Royal
3rd Fairy Walk
margins 1 x 3/4 time 17.58"

Queensland Derby 610yds
November 23, 1972. "Gabba
winner Dixie's First (Robert Rev x Bev's Chariot)
owner/trainer R J Smith
2nd Native Glen
3rd Soval
margins 7 x nk time 33.75"

Christmas Cup 770yds
December 21, 1972. "Gabba first prize $950
winner Bernadette Moss (Chariot Charm x Rose Moss)
owner Mrs L Armstrong trainer R Dallaway
2nd Pay Rocket
3rd Soval
margins 3/4 x hd time 42.65"