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Racing Results - 1971 TAS

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Listed Event

New Years Stake (Div.1) 548yds
January 9, 1971. "Hobart
winner Old Hobbs (Head Teacher x Nook's Gift)
owners L Maney & M Neal
2nd Salland Snow
3rd Berry Cream
margins 1 x 2 time 30 13/16"

Maiden Thousand 540yds
January 13, 1971. "Hobart first prize $1,500
winner Berrybank Opal (Mister Moss x Opal Raider)
owner Mrs R Merlino trainer Cliff Araham
2nd High Fling
3rd Shoe's Best
margins time 29.3"

"Hobart Thousand 540yds "
February 6, 1971. "Hobart first prize $3,000
winner Trion Scout (Fawn Scout x Nimble Madam)
owner/trainer P H Bowden
2nd Major Clover
3rd Midnight Cowboy
margins 1 1/4 x nk time 29 .4"

Launceston Cup 548yds
February 27, 1971. "Launceston
winner Janker's Star (Hi Janker x River Star)
owner B Summers
2nd Midnight Cowboy
3rd Apt Act
margins 3 x 1 1/2 time 30 6/16"

Launceston Cup Consolation 548yds
March 8, 1971. "Launceston
winner Arkaid Queen (Old Berry Hermes x Dark Tea)
owner R J Kemp trainer D G McQueen
2nd Royal Avenue
3rd Amera
margins 3 1/2 x 2 time 31 2/16"

Novice Distance Stake 737yds
March 13, 1971. "Hobart
winner Blinking Billy (Head Teacher x Nook's Gift)
owners L Maney & D Neal
2nd Baron Respect
3rd Kiwi Caper
margins 2 x 2 time 40.6 "

Devonport Cup 471yds
March 27, 1971. "Devonport
winner Old Hobbs (Head Teacher x Nook's Gift)
owners L Maney & D Neal
2nd Midnight Cowboy
3rd Grenadier Girl
margins 1 x 2 time 25.3"

Easter Cup 548yds
April 17, 1971. "Launceston
winner Karingal Road (Nulla View x Glenda Gale)
owner J Grant
2nd Midnight Cowboy
3rd Parklands High
margins hd x 1 1/2 time 30 7/16"

Easter Purse 548yds
April 17, 1971. "Launceston
winner Fenton Princess (King's Grenadier x Rambling Jet)
owner/trainer Mrs E Johnston
2nd Honey Fire
3rd Ronson
margins hd x nk time 30 14/16 "

Easter Plate 548yds
April 24, 1971. "Launceston
winner Ran Singh (Take A Bow x Chance Change)
owner Mrs L Greene trainer G Dwyer
2nd Tanwhizz
3rd King's Discount
margins 3 x hd time 30 9/16"

National Distance Championship 737yd
May 1, 1971. "Hobart first prize $3,000
winner Saki Dasher (Mister Moss x Fawn Dasher)
owner/trainer R Pratt
2nd Old Hobbs
3rd Summer Idol
margins 3 1/2 x 3/4 time 40 "

Gold Collar 548yds
June 5, 1971. "Launceston
winner Royal Teacher (Head Teacher x Royal Limit)
owner/trainer N Elphinstone
2nd Sprocket
3rd All Gazell
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 30 14/16"

Winter Stakes (Div.1) 785yds
June 26, 1971. "Launceston
winner Summer Idol (Zephyr's Review x Rose Noir)
owner/trainer L G Gunton
2nd Pretty Vista
3rd Ripple's Image
margins 1 x 1 time 44 12/16"

H G Sturges Memorial Stakes 548yds
August 30, 1971. "Launceston
winner Grenadier Curl (King's Grenadier x Top Moorleah)
owner/trainer L M Twibell
2nd Fenton Doll
3rd Yungababe
margins 2 x 4 time 30 4/16"

Tasmanian Puppy Championship 540yds
September 25, 1971. "Hobart
winner Vicki Viking (Venetian Court x Vista Reject)
owner J Phasey trainer S Wells
2nd Alesia Moss
3rd Carnival Dash
margins 5 1/2 x 1/2 time 29.2"

K Thompson Cup (Div.1) 548yds
October 9, 1971. "Launceston
winner Mina Maree (Clay Moss x Gazeaway Lynne)
owner Mrs J King Trainer R King
2nd Midnight Cowboy
3rd Spring Theme
margins 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 time 30 8/16"

Tasmanian Gold Cup 540yds
October 30, 1971. "Hobart
winner Stardust Melody (Herald Syn x Polly Winnie)
owner/trainer Mrs V M Swain
2nd Spring Theme
3rd Benlipp Kep
margins 2 1/2 x 2 3/4 time 29.2"

J G Nelson Cup (Div.1) 548yds
November 13, 1971. "Launceston
winner Iman Ace (Ripple Bay x Lucky Dixie)
owners A Seabourne & D Donovan trainer R Seabourne
2nd Jan Remie
3rd Jetrock Lad
margins 5 x 1 1/2 time 30 5/16"

Marathon Championship 1027yds
November 13, 1971. "Launceston
winner Roddy's Gift (Fawn Scout x Reciprocity)
owner J Grech trainer M Morrison
2nd Janlaw
3rd Lovely Vista
margins 1 x hd time 59 12/16"

Lucky Dog Juvenile Championship 471yds
December 15, 1971. "Devonport
winner Ossington (Take A Bow x Ifmar's Toast)
owner Mrs J Hulston
2nd Slick Black
3rd Blue Talker
margins 1 x 1 time 25.3 "

Holiday Stakes (Div.1) 548yds
December 27, 1971. "Launceston
winner Alesia Moss (Clay Moss x Cursorial)
owner/trainer P Jones
2nd Nook's Charm
3rd Richie Rich
margins 5 x 3 time 30 3/16"