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Racing Results - 1967 TAS

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Listed Event

Maiden Thousand 540yds
January 7, 1967. "Hobart first prize $1,500
winner Mimosa Cliff (Rocket Mac x Miss Mimosa)
owner C J Abraham
2nd Mimosa Rocket
3rd Clayton Princess
margins 1 x 3 time 29.7 "

"Hobart Thousand 540yds "
February 4, 1967. "Hobart first prize $3,000
winner Fiery Bob (Lucky Bingo x Nimble Jet)
owner G Johnston
2nd Autumn Concerto
3rd Quality Time
margins 5 x 3/4 time 29.5"

Hobart Thousand Consolation 540yds
February 18, 1967. "Hobart
winner Ipswich Blacky (Low Pressure x Jetlands)
owner R S Moore
2nd Prince Doutelle
3rd Lumina Lass
margins nose x 2 time 30.4"

Launceston Cup 548yds
February 25, 1967. "Launceston
winner Ophir Glitter (The Stripper x Ophir Treasure)
owner Mrs H Williamson
2nd Rambling Jet
3rd Major Magic
margins hd x 1 time 30 8/16"

Launceston Cup Consolation 548yds
March 6, 1967. "Launceston
winner Yalumba Gold (Lucky Apex x Sungari Miss)
owner C R Best
2nd Choice Fawn
3rd Temora Flyer
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time 30 13/16"

Devonport Cup 465yds
March 18, 1967. "Devonport
winner Hylambo (Rocket Mac x Rocket May)
owner D B Elmer
2nd Rambling Jet
3rd Lumina Lass
margins 1/2 x 2 time 25 4/16 "

Easter Cup 548yds
March 27, 1967. "Launceston
winner Rambling Jet (Lucky Bingo x Nimble Jet)
owner Mrs E M Johnston
2nd Fenton Girl
3rd Gambler Dream
margins 3 x hd time 30 2/16"

Gold Collar 548yds
May 13, 1967. "Launceston
winner Pavella (Lucky Bingo x Nimble Jet)
owner V Barrow
2nd Trouble Girl
3rd Yalumba Gold
margins 1 x 2 1/2 time 31"

Northern Distance Championship 785yds
July 22, 1967. "Launceston
winner Clayton Princess (Black Top x Golden Booklet)
owner N Butter
2nd Polly's Peter
3rd Nimble Dance
margins 8 x nk time 44 1/16"

H G Sturges Memorial Stake (Div.1 )548yds
September 16, 1967. "Launceston
winner On Roster (Lucky Bingo x Biddy Tarra)
owner R Frazer
2nd Tawhaki
3rd Ophir Cash
margins 7 x 1 time 30 1/16"

K Thompson Mem Cup (Div.1) 548yds
October 14, 1967. "Launceston
winner Lone Thunder (The Stripper x Fussy Flyn)
owner R Duggan
2nd Marcarden
3rd Canine Leader
margins 7 x 2 time 29 12/16"

Tasmanian Puppy Championship 540yds
October 14, 1967. "Hobart
winner Top Thunder (Waddingtonx Top Review)
owner Mrs G P Townsend
2nd Black Tuesday
3rd Social Dancer
margins 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 time 30.3"

Show Stake 540yds
October 30, 1967. "Hobart
winner Fenton Girl (Lucky Bingo x Nimble Jet)
owner Mrs E M Johnston
2nd Fiery Bob
3rd Pandini Lass
margins 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 time 30"

J G Nelson Cup (div.1) 548yds
November 18, 1967. "Launceston
winner Canine Leader (The Stripper x Fiesta Babe)
owner R Woods
2nd Pavella
2nd Regal Release
margins hd x DH time 30 5/16"

Holiday Stake 548yds
December 31, 1967. "Launceston
winner Social Dancer (Old Berry Hermes x River Star)
owner L Donohue
2nd Top Tess
3rd Top Moorleah
margins 5 x 3 1/2 time 30"