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Racing Results - 1965 VIC

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New Year's Handicap 785yds
January 7, 1965. "Sandown
winner Rare Grand (Rare Rabbit x Calypso Sal)
owner/trainer E W Lineham
2nd Amrarc
3rd Alwaystel
margins 1/2 x 4 time 44 7/16 "

Woolamai Cup 785yds
March 11, 1965. "Sandown
winner Sanoly Lass (Rapid Flame x Bonnie Yorker)
owners I Whittaker & R Gibson trainer R Gibson
2nd Sandy Stone
3rd Zadlin
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 44 7/16"

Australian Cup 560yds
March 22, 1965. "Olympic Park first prize 2000 pounds
winner Worthing (Chief Zephyr x Mee Do)
owner/trainer A B Davey
2nd Oak Jet
3rd Black Nulla
margins 1 1/2 x 4 time 29 15/16"

Sandown Cup 785yds
April 1, 1965. "Sandown
winner Venetian Court (Brenda's Babe x Venetian Rose)
owner/trainer T S Schwalback
2nd Jefferson
3rd Rare Grand
margins 1/2 x 3 time 44 12/16 "

Wangaratta Cup 420yds
April 19, 1965. "Wangaratta
winner Harem Belle (Shan's View x Byam Rose)
owner A G Colliver trainer Tom Ryan
2nd Finarena
3rd Military Cop
margins 3 x 4 time 22 2/16"

Victorian Country Championship 430yds
May 7, 1965. "Warragul
winner Red Atlanta (Tamaroo x Birch Dreams)
owner D Harding trainer J Holohan
2nd Mulga's Daughter
3rd Finarena
margins 5 x 1 time 23.1"

Winter Stake 560yds
June 21, 1965. "Olympic Park
winner Shan's Crystal (Shan's View x Voiron)
owner/trainer Mr Lane
2nd Brockwood
3rd Pride of Ann
margins 5 x 1/2 time 30 15/16 "

June Stake 800yds
June 28, 1965. "Olympic Park
winner Full Bore (Montgrove Special x Premier Power)
owner R Jackson trainer J W Biddington
2nd By Shan
3rd Chi Sam
margins hd x 4 time 45 7/16"

Geelong Cup 500yds
July 6, 1965. "Geelong first prize 200 pounds
winner Amasta (Shan's View x Byasta)
owner A C Bates
2nd Chief Banco
3rd Jefferson
margins nk x 3 1/2 time 26 1/2"

Olympic Park Hurdle Championship 560yds
July 26, 1965. "Olympic Park first prize 138 pounds
winner Runee Do (Chief Ranee x Sassy)
owner/trainer S Roe
2nd Zed Zone
3rd Syrian Stone
margins 4 x 4 time 31 12/16"

Anniversary Handicap 800yds
August 30, 1965. "Olympic Park
winner Charcoal Babe (Charcoal Ed x Cheeky Violet)
owner/trainer T J Dalton
2nd Debbie Rose
3rd Little Tracy
margins 2 x 3 time 44 14/16"

Laurels 555yds
September 9, 1965. "Sandown first prize 500 pounds
winner Cheltenham Lass (Black Top x Fairbairn Queen)
owner Mrs Jean Scurrah trainer W Hogan
2nd Miss Spotted
3rd Apache Lady
margins 5 x 4 time 30 12/16"

Silver Chief 560yds
September 27, 1965. "Olympic Park first prize 1,000 pounds
winner Spartan Prince (Shan's View x Bylane)
owner G Makris
2nd Hood Winker
3rd Branston Rocket
margins 7 x 4 time 30 11/16"

Railway Cup 785yds
October 14, 1965. "Sandown first prize 320 pounds
winner Venetian Court (Brenda's Babe x Venetian Rose)
owner/trianer T S Schwalback
2nd Idle Fair
3rd Rapid Gift
margins 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 44 6/16"

Lord Mayor's Cup 560yds
October 25, 1965. "Olympic Park first prize 200 pounds
winner Cheltenham Lass (Black Top x Fairbairn Queen)
owner Mrs Jean Scurrah trainer W Hogan
2nd Precious Return
3rd Oak Jet
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 30 7/16"

Bendigo Cup 400yds
November 2, 1965. "Bendigo
winner Chief Anama (Chief Zephyr x Mee Do)
owner W R Wiltshire
2nd Oakleigh Special
3rd Gold Fashion
margins 6 x 3 time "

Sunkist Cup 800yds
November 15, 1965. "Olympic Park
winner Kewin (Tamaroo x Lady Cecelia)
owner/trainer Frank Marino
2nd Rapid Gift
3rd Gold Gossip
margins 3/4 x 7 time 44"

Melbourne Cup 555yds
November 18, 1965. "Sandown first prize 1,000 pounds
winner Kinta's Son (Sungari x Lady Kinta)
owner/trainer R Bowman
2nd Cheltenham Lass
3rd Top Jax
margins 3/4 x 2 time 30 10/16 "

Holiday Handicap 555yds
December 30, 1965. "Sandown first prize 140 pounds
winner New Chan (Shan's View x Gay Cope)
owner H Mellington trainer J R Murrell
2nd Kassie's View
3rd Botanic Star
margins 5 x 3/4 time 31"