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Racing Results - 1965 TAS

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Listed Event

Maiden Thousand 540yds
January 16, 1965. "Hobart first prize 500 pounds
winner Vulpera (Warcroft x Olivette)
owner A G Mc Neair
2nd Sir Chariot
3rd Lallari
margins nose x 1 1/2 time 30"

"Hobart Thousand 540yds "
February 6, 1965. "Hobart first prize 1,200 pounds
winner Fairbairn Lady (Oakley's Pal x Dinah Jet)
owner Mrs K Hogan
2nd Riot Lady
3rd Macdillon
margins 3 x hd time 29.5"

Hobart Thousand Consolation 540yds
February 13, 1965. "Hobart
winner Tiny Doll (Propulsion x Tiny Kate)
owner H R Williamson
2nd Top State
3rd Rocky View
margins 3/4 x 1 1/4 time 29.8"

Launceston Cup 548yds
February 27, 1965. "Launceston first prize 500 pounds
winner Macdillon (Brigante x Tie Linn)
owner S Bracken
2nd Ulverstone Lad
3rd Just Blaze
margins 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 30 5/16"

Launceston Cup Consolation 548yds
March 8, 1965. "Launceston
winner Dandy Linen (Top Linen x Little Darl)
owner J King
2nd Chance Jet
3rd Wadda Honey
margins 4 x 3 1/2 time 30 10/16 "

Devonport Cup 465yds
March 20, 1965. "Devonport
winner Domenic's Black (Tamaroo x Silver Wake)
owner D Bonola
2nd Running Call
3rd Jet Move
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time 25 7/16"

Easter Cup 548yds
April 19, 1965. "Launceston
winner Dandy Linen (Top Linen x Little Darl)
owner J King
2nd Master Vagabond
3rd Ulverstone Lad
margins nose x 1/2 time 30 1/16"

Gold Collar 548yds
May 8, 1965. "Launceston
winner Ingomar Princess (Coronation Spot x Varminda)
owner M Harding
2nd Sir Chariot
3rd Domenic's Black
margins 1 x 1 1/2 time 30 2/16"

Tasmanian Distance Championship 685yds
July 3, 1965. "Hobart
winner Ulverstone Lad (Lucky Bingo x Our Barbara)
owner C Hudson
2nd Flame Jet
3rd Lucky Concession
margins 1 3/4 x hd time 38"

Winter Stakes 540yds
July 24, 1965. "Hobart
winner Triple Speed (Chief Zephyr x Doreen's Time)
owner J Harry
2nd Lady Zealon
3rd Logan Belle
margins 6 x 1 time 29.8"

Winter Stakes 548yds
July 31, 1965. "Launceston
winner Baron the Great (Whisky Jet x Lady Legana)
owner J Vivian
2nd Flame Jet
3rd La Gazelle
margins 2 x 3 time 30 5/16"

H G Sturges Memorial Stake 548yds
September 11, 1965. "Launceston
winner Lucky Concession (Lucky Bingo x Nimble Jet)
owner Mrs E M Johnston
2nd Domenic's Black
3rd Radiant Jet
margins 1 x hd time 30 4/16"

Tasmanian Puppy Championship 540yds
October 11, 1965. "Hobart
winner Allcor (Peter's Treasure x Jeraminda)
owner P Kingston
2nd Price Tag
3rd Star Arrow
margins 3/4 x 1 1/2 time 29.8"

K Thompson Cup 548yds
October 16, 1965. "Launceston
winner Baron Rover (Whisky Jet x Lady Legana)
owner J Vivian
2nd Touring Top
3rd Keep Talking
margins 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 time 29 13/16"

Show Stake 540yds
October 23, 1965. "Hobart
winner Miss Propulsion (Propulsion x Bookie's Regret)
owner H D Broomfeld
2nd Triple Speed
3rd Lucky Whisper
margins nk x 1 time 29.8"

J G Nelson Cup (Div. 2) 548yds
November 26, 1965. "Launceston
winner Baron The Great (Whisky Jet x Lady Legana)
owner J Vivian
2nd Lucky Bond
3rd Western Movie
margins 2 1/2 x nk time 30 2/16"