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Racing Results - 1964 VIC

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Listed Event

Holiday Handicap 565yds
January 2, 1964. "Sandown first prize 85 pounds
winner Siyar (Orialta x Lady Kapeen)
owner J A Darcy trainer R Bence
2nd Lakey Lad
3rd Good Run
margins 5 x 1 time 30 7/16"

New Year Handicap 785yds
January 9, 1964. "Sandown first prize 85 pounds
winner Shan's Blossom (Shan's View x Tebessa)
owner/trainer J O'Reilly
2nd Princess Picture
3rd Regent Zephyr
margins 4 x hd time 44 4/16"

Zevenboom Trophy 560yds
January 27, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Shan's Lass (Shan's View x Plunkett's Present)
owner D Hansen trainer R B Drysdale
2nd Bulgari
3rd Clyde's Pride
margins 1 x 4 time 31 1/16"

Moomba Hurdle 560yds
March 2, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Arden Lawn (Pine Top x Sandy Jade)
owner/trainer A S Tardif
2nd Maxwell Dalton
3rd Forbidden City
margins 5 x 3/4 time 31 14/16"

Victorian Country Championship 545yds
March 7, 1964. "Sale
winner Belmont Swift (Cheetham Lad x Newcomb Miss)
owner J Solly trainer Jim Holohan
2nd Kara Court
3rd Coma's Pride
margins time"

Sandown Cup 785yds
March 20, 1964. "Sandown
winner Haleka Jewel (Chief Zephyr x Miss Haleka)
owner Mrs E Schofield trainer B Schofield
2nd Kerry's Idol
3rd Shan's Blossom
margins 4 x 3/4 time 43 14/16"

Australian Cup 560yds
March 23, 1964. "Olympic Park first prize 1,750 pounds
winner Old Tops (Top Linen x Half A Nip)
owner/trainer F McSweeney
2nd The Stripper
3rd Blue Shan
margins hd x 1 time 30 6/16 "

Wangaratta Cup 415yds
March 30, 1964. "Wangaratta first prize 70 pounds
winner Alrarniv (Bayalta x Pola)
owner Mrs Murphy trainer Terry Murphy
2nd Miss Wangoom
3rd Constance Miss
margins 1/2 x 2 time 22 2/16"

Gordon Herbert 800yds
April 20, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Tebessa's Idol (Shan's View x Tebessa)
owner Mrs H Lowrie trainer A Lowrie
2nd Briar View
3rd Haleka Jewel
margins 1 x 2 time 44 10/16"

Olympic Park Hurdle 560yds
May 25, 1964. "Olympic Park first prize 375 pounds
winner Priorteno (Prior Option x Alteno)
owner/trainer Eric Ross
2nd Lakey Lad
3rd Rocky's Lady
margins 1 1/2 x 5 time 31 10/16 "

Geelong Cup 500yds
June 19, 1964. "Geelong
winner Silver Cadet (Silver Crofton x Missamar)
owner Mrs Tongue trainer H J Tongue
2nd Rojean
3rd Mulga Bay
margins 1/2 x 1 1/4 time 26 1/4"

Silver Chief 560yds
June 29, 1964. "Olympic Park first prize 800 pounds
winner Barunah (Sungari x Northbound )
owner R Williams trainer A Belcher
2nd Rocket Streak
3rd Idle Dance
margins 4 x 1/2 time 31"

Laurels 555yds
August 13, 1964. "Sandown first prize 250 pounds
winner Tara Princess (Chief Zephyr x Oliveen)
owner N F McDonnell trainer Syd Barrett
2nd La Romantique
3rd Lily Mars
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 31 7/16"

Anniversary Trophy 560yds
August 31, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Young Castro (Chief Rebel x Rocky Ros)
owner Mrs J Gardner trainer J Bund
2nd Rocky View
3rd Banco Beauview
margins 2 x 5 time 30 4/16"

Anniversary Stake 555yds
October 22, 1964. "Sandown
winner Jefferson (Shan's View x Chief Brownie)
owner/trainer E Bryant
2nd Loyal Princess
3rd Fair Ruler
margins 5 x 3 time 31 3/16 "

Lord Mayor's Cup 560yds
October 26, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Rocket Streak (Chief Zephyr x Rocket Sue)
owner/trainer Fred Ladd
2nd Maratonga
3rd Mary Melva
margins 6 x 4 time 29 13/16 "

Melbourne Cup 555yds
November 19, 1964. "Sandown first prize 1,000 pounds
winner Rocket Streak (Chief Zephyr x Rocket Sue)
owner/trainer Fred Ladd
2nd Mike's Scoop
3rd Rocky View
margins 1/2 x 2 time 30 6/16"

Sunkist Cup 800yds
November 23, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Haleka Jewel (Chief Zephyr x Miss Haleka)
owner Mrs E Schofield trainer B Schofield
2nd Maratonga
3rd Silk Crown
margins 5 x 2 time 44 1/16"

Australian Racegoer's Assoc. Handicap 560yds
December 14, 1964. "Olympic Park
winner Worthing (Chief Zephyr x Mee Do)
owner /trainer A B Davey
2nd Oak Jet
3rd Idle Fair
margins 1 1/2 x 3 time 29 12/16 "

Holiday Handicap 565yds
December 30, 1964. "Sandown
winner Pablo Star (Shan's View x Dalemee)
owner Mrs E Rose trainer A McHenry
2nd Loyal Princess
3rd Rocket Streak
margins 4 x 3 time 30 6/16"