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Racing Results - 1962 VIC

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Listed Event

Christmas Handicap 675yds
January 1, 1962. "North Melbourne
winner Cheeky Patsy (Plunkett's Pride x Elva's Rocket)
owner I Wallace
2nd Ianview
3rd Bunny Brinny
margins 4 x hd time 36 14/16"

Holiday Handicap 565yds
January 4, 1962. "Sandown
winner Range Boy (Town Ghost x Full Range)
owner H Dunkley
2nd Regolano
3rd Fine Babe
margins 3 x 3 time 30 11/16"

New Year's Handicap 785yds
January 11, 1962. "Sandown first prize 55 pounds
winner Lady Cantee (Cantee x Edna's Lady)
owner Mrs Ruth Worsfold trainer Mr Worsfold
2nd Rapid Flame
3rd Scotia Havoc
margins 1 1/2 x 5 time 44 1/16"

W P Ross Handicap 565yds
February 22, 1962. "Sandown
winner Fine Babe (Magic Babe x Brenda's Daughter)
owner Mrs R Radford
2nd White Briar
3rd Smoke Dasher
margins 1/2 x 2 time 30 15/16"

Moomba International Invitation 675yds
March 12, 1962. "North Melbourne
winner Tamaroo (Lucky Bingo x Rockleen)
owner Ian Kitto trainer Jim Harvey
2nd Placid Dasher
3rd Lady Cantee
margins 6 x 4 time 37 7/16"

Australian Cup 675yds
March 26, 1962. "North Melbourne first prize 1400 pounds
winner Take A Bow (Dasher's Bow x Dinah Jet)
owner/trainer Peter Thompson
2nd Top Dalla
3rd Red Drummer
margins 3 x 1/2 time 36 7/16"

Sandown 500 565yds
April 5, 1962. "Sandown
winner Range Boy (Town Ghost x Full Range)
owner H Dunkley
2nd Saskadoon
3rd Oakleigh Leer
margins 4 x 1 time 30 7/16"

Warrnambool Cup
May 2, 1962. "Warrnambool first prize 100 pounds
winner Indian Fighter (Barnie's Joy x Bronlyn)
owner Stan Lake
2nd Peg Top
3rd Dickman Lad
margins 4 x 3 time 21 12/16"

Geelong Cup 500yds
May 30, 1962. "Geelong
winner Darkie Bobs (Magic Babe x Brenda's Daughter)
owner E L Chambers
2nd Shocko
3rd Berola
margins 12 x 2 time 26 10/16"

Sunkist Cup 560yds
October 8, 1962. "Olympic Park
winner Banff (Cheetham Lad x Midna's Orb)
owner Jim Holohan
2nd Richie's Pride
3rd Hydric
margins 6 x 1 time 30 14/16"

Mary Payne Memorial 500yds
October 30, 1962. "Geelong first prize 30 pounds
winner Gay Smile (Turin x Oakleigh Fairy)
owner Jack Foullie
2nd Red Taurus
3rd Te Koona
margins 1/2 x time"

Melbourne Cup 565yds
November 8, 1962. "Sandown first prize 600 pounds
winner Saskagay (Sunview x Byam Rose)
owner A G Colliver trainer Arthur Ludlow
2nd Take A Bow
3rd Saskaview
margins 1 1/2 x 3 time 30 8/16"

Bendigo Cup 400yds
November 13, 1962. "Bendigo first prize 70 pounds
winner Sweet Mandy (Chief Zephyr x The Poigal)
owners Mrs M Callander & Miss M Baker
margins time"

Warragul Cup 430yds
November 24, 1962. "Warragul first prize 70 pounds
winner Coma's Pride (Rare Rabbit x Come Prima)
owner Mrs A M Lineham
2nd Opal Princess
3rd Wilman
margins 4 x 2 time 22 6/16"

Ballarat Cup 496yds
December 1, 1962. "Ballarat first prize 60 pounds
winner Eerie Town (Town Ghost x Rocket Lady)
owner/trainer W S Dullard
2nd Elaine Lad
3rd Alonga Miss
margins 8 x nk time 26 14/16"

Lord Mayor's Cup 560yds
December 10, 1962. "Olympic Park first prize 150 pounds
winner Tree Lover (Lucky Bingo x Princess Gaynor)
woner Stan Freedman trainer Mrs I Capron
2nd Minsby
3rd Bybrae
margins 5 x 1 time 30 6/16"

Excelsior Broom Trophy 560yds
December 17, 1962. "Olympic Park
winner The Stripper (Shan's View x Byam Rose)
owner A G Colliver trainer G A Brentwood
2nd Montana King
3rd Trentham's Pride
margins 4 x 1 time 30 12/16"