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Racing Results - 1959 VIC

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New Year Handicap 400yds
January 3, 1959. "Bendigo
winner Taranyka (Indicate x Rayl's Pride)
owner Mrs E Bleasby
2nd Hellium Lad
3rd Arundle Street
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 21 10/16"

New Years Gift 555yds
January 8, 1959. "Sandown
winner Montgrove Special (Special Kefalin x Montgrove Lass)
owner C Hyatt trainer J Mayes
2nd Rosie Lace
3rd Pevvy Barr
margins 1 1/2 x 4 time 30 13/16"

Bill Conroy Invitation Cahmapionship 600yds
January 17, 1959. "Ballarat
winner Yarrambat Flyer (Blue Worker x Countess Vera)
owner G Jobe
2nd Dasher's Lass
3rd New Dream
margin 8 x 2 1/2 time 32 11/16"

S G Wright Handicap 555yds
February 5, 1959. "Sandown
winner Tyne Wald (Sabre Hawk x Sharid)
owner J Noall trainer B Strong
2nd John Menang
3rd Bolex
margins 5 x 1/2 time 31 15/16"

S G Wright Hurdle 425yds
February 16, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Ever Easy ( Bright Vern x Moongana )
2nd Diatome
3rd Pay Tone
margins nk x 5 time 24 4/16 "

Club Championship 400yds
February 21, 1959. "Bendigo
winner Taranyka (Indicate x Rayl's Pride)
owner Mrs E Bleasby
2nd Tiny Monica
3rd Like Bubs
margins 4 x 1 time 21 10/16"

Australian Cup 675yds
March 16, 1959. "North Melbourne first prize 1000 pounds
winner Rocky Ros (Dreams Image x Rockleen)
owner Mrs Evonne Fortington trainer J P Trotman
2nd Idle Mate
3rd Tryola
margins 4 x 5 time 36 8/16"

Woolamai Cup 565yds
March 19, 1959. "Sandown
winner Woodford Chief (Kureson x Dell Too)
owner /trainer E Gilroy
2nd Joyous Jet
3rd Woodford Pride
margins 1 x nk time 30 14/16"

Fine Earl Trophy 600yds
March 28, 1959. "Bendigo
winner Windywold (Dashers Bow x New Windy)
owner T Wheeler
2nd Night Linen
3rd Penoc
margins 4 x hd time 32 12/16"

Ken Hillock Trophy 555yds
April 16, 1959. "Sandown
winner Push Up (Gogodalla xHilda Havoc)
owner J Noall trainer B Strong
2nd Sabi
3rd Harbor Haze
margins 2 x 3 time 30 13/16"

Beddome Cup 425yds
April 27, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Lilac Grove (Wanalta x Lukalas)
2nd Dashing Gold
3rd Lady Kaari
margins nk x 3 time 23 8/16"

Warrnambool Cup
May 6, 1959. "Warrnambool first prize 50 pounds
winner Drawde John ( Mulveen's Choice x Kitty Bayer )
owner Stan Wright
2nd Ed's Champ
3rd Deep Tan
margins 1/2 x time 21 4/5"

Victorian Country Championship 425yds
May 18, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Windywold (Dashers Bow x New Windy)
owner W Morrison
2nd Peter Andy
3rd Cheetham Lad
margins 1 x hd time 23 12/16"

North Melbourne FC Handicap 675yds
June 8, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Idle Mate (Stumpy's Mate x Rose Havoc)
owner W Conroy
2nd Congupna Plume
3rd Cleveland Boy
margins 3 x 2 time 36 2/16"

Grand National Hurdle 675yds
July 20, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Thornton ( Bright Crofton x Totalong )
2nd Diatome
3rd Miss Cottie
margins 7 x hd time 39"

Interstate Invitation 675yds
July 27, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Town Ghost (Dreams Image x Rose Havoc)
2nd Dashing Ros
3rd Oak Queen
margins 2 1/2 x 8 time 37 3/16"

Hunter's Janitor Handciap 675yds
August 17, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Nimble Diamond ( Dashers Bow x Rhonda Plume )
owner E Batiste
2nd Nagef
3rd Dasher's Lass
margins 2 1/2 x 5 time 36 13/16"

E J Cooper Handicap 675yds
September 21, 1959. "North Melbourne first prize 45 pounds
winner Whiteway Lady (Solo Chief x Dame Bayer)
owner /trainer A Marino
2nd Carloo Lady
3rd Captain Dandy
margins 1/2 x 5 time 38 5/16"

Anniversary Handicap 425yds
October 5, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Satin Rock (Rocket Jet x L'eau Riant)
owner/trainer M Cunningham
2nd Nagef
3rd Taranyka
margins 2 1/2 x 1 time 22 8/16 "

V C C Handicap 500yds
October 13, 1959. "Geelong
winner Peter Andy ( Park Stakes x Lady Conway)
owner N Tonkin
2nd Bowtell
3rd Averon
margins 4 1/4 x 1/2 time 26 1/2"

Spring Stake 425yds
October 26, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Hit Out (Rocket Jet x Arkinjo)
owner F Dunkley
2nd Joyalta
3rd Bayette's Flash
margins 3 x 2 time 23 6/16"

Australian Hurdle Championship 675yds
November 2, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Bright Revado (Bright Raven x Tiny Ada)
owner J Costello
2nd Navajo Again
3rd Thornton
margins 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 time 39 4/16"

Melbourne Cup 555yds
November 5, 1959. "Sandown first prize 400 pounds
winner Capital King (Rocket Jet x Tinyiny)
owner Tom Murphy trainer Mrs Joyce Garbutt
2nd Audio Boy
3rd Lord Lakey
margins 4 x 5 time 30 9/16"

ABC Spring Stake 425yds
November 16, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Ed's Champ (Plunkett's Pride x Gof Harbour)
owner H Rose
2nd Tudor Joy
3rd Miss Brimful
margins 5 x 5 time 23 2/16"

Puppy Championship 425yds
November 30, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Ed's Champ (Plunkett's Pride x Gof Harbour)
owner H Rose
2nd Court Gown
3rd Malathion
margins 5 x 1/2 hd time 23 4/16"

Westinghouse Challenge 555yds
December 10, 1959. "Sandown
winner Audio Boy (Haxton x Sophistication)
owner/trainer C Anderson
2nd Sergeant Baker
3rd Court Gown
margins 1/2/ x 4 time 30 15/16"

Summer Stake 425yds
December 14, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Ted's Champ (Plunkett's Pride x Gof Harbor)
2nd Nalara
3rd Himi
margins 4 x 1/2 time 23 15/16"

Track Championship 425yds
December 14, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Bowtell (Dashers Bow x Rockleen)
owner/trainer J Conway
2nd Nagef
3rd Ed's Champ
margins 1/2 x 1 time 23 4/16"

Bendigo Cup 400yds
December 19, 1959. "Bendigo
winner Slipper Mee ( Byamee x Slippers Neat )
owner Mrs S J Hutchinson
2nd Star Plume
3rd Undera Lady
margins 3 x 2 time 21 7/16"

Christmas Gift 675yds
December 21, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Navarac (Lockies Knockie x Anna Susan)
owner /trainer P Thomas
2nd Radiant Echo
3rd Kooberi
margins 7 x hd time 38"

Track Championship 675yds
December 28, 1959. "North Melbourne
winner Moon Talk (Sunview x Speedy Jet)
owner G Mills
2nd Audio Boy
3rd Giselle
margins 8 x 1 time 37"

Gold Collar 500yds
December 29, 1959. "Geelong
winner Malathion (The Jink x Enabek)
owner A G Colliver
2nd Star Plume
3rd Linen Valley
margins 4 x 2 time 26 13/16"