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Racing Results - 1957 NSW

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Listed Event

New Year Stake 500yds
January 26, 1957. "Harold Park
winner Fine Student (Fine Linen x High Student)
2nd Brian's Wish
3rd Glyn Douglas
margins 1 1/4 x 1 time 27.23"

Summer Stake 500yds
March 4, 1957. "Wollongong
winner Argonaut (Search Again x Blonde Ira)
2nd The Star Maker
3rd Lynthorpe
margins 10 x 4 time 28.9"

Festival Championship 550yds
March 9, 1957. "Lithgow
winner Juundah (Dream's Image x Pretty Nurse)
2nd Penette
3rd Say Mask
margins 1/2 x 1 time 30.9"

Championship 500yds
March 14, 1957. "Tamworth
winner Westminster Lad (Money Profit x Prominent Lady)
2nd Armatree Lad
3rd Ormeau King
margins 2 x 4 time 27 3/10"

Sprint Championship 440yds
March 16, 1957. "Tamworth
winner Chief Shine (Roccum Chief x Glittering Girl)
2nd Narignes
3rd Hyros
margins 1/2 x 1 time 24 4/10"

Biannual Classic 500yds
March 23, 1957. "Harold Park first prize 500 pounds
winner Fine Earl (Fine Linen x Roberta Rose)
owner Miss Sylvia Brown trainer Keith Johnson
2nd Beau Cobbler
3rd Kaluma
margins nk x 1/2 time 27.26"

Easter Cup
April 20, 1957. "Corowa first prize 50 pounds
winner Neat's Joy (Lar Beau x Slipper's Neat)
2nd Garry's Hope
3rd Metloc
margins 3 x 2 1/2 time 22.5"

Carillyan City Championship 550yds
April 22, 1957. "Bathurst
winner Havoc's Wish (Pendle Havoc x Little Jay)
2nd Kenny Again
3rd English Linen
margins 1/2 x 1 time 30.9"

Easter Maiden 440yds
April 22, 1957. "Grafton
winner Magic King (Dream's Image x Pretty Nurse)
owner C H Northfield
2nd Whirling Inn
3rd Oreste
margins 2 x 1 time 24.3"

Albury Cup
May 1, 1957. "Albury
winner Bow Breeze
2nd Havamee
3rd Gwydir's Dream
margins 1/2 x 1 time 29.4"

Maiden Final 530yds
May 11, 1957. "Newcastle first prize 125 pounds
winner Boy Gwydir (Silent Tan x Tiny Gwydir)
2nd Kuni Kate
3rd Bureen Beauty
margins 1 x 5 time 30"

Richmond Championship 410yds
June 1, 1957. "Richmond
winner Top Linen (Fine Linen x Brenda Gay)
owner H Hobden trainer R Cann
2nd World's Title
3rd Red Namoi
margins 6 x nk time 21"

Wyong Championship 420yds
June 7, 1957. "Wyong
winner Glasgow Boy (Yelloc x Cheeky Pal)
owner Alan Neate
2nd Jet Too
3rd Roberta's Choice
margins 2 x 1 time 21.6 rec"

July Cup 440yds
July 17, 1957. "Grafton
winner Red Namoi (Red Rastus x Miss Orb)
owner R Stapleton
2nd Rockaway Gem
3rd Guy's Lass
margins 4 x 1 time 23.7"

Richmond Derby 320yds
July 27, 1957. "Richmond first prize 100 pounds
winner Lilac's Luck (Chief Havoc x Minda's Pleasure)
owner D McCormack
2nd Jenlor
3rd Safe Side
margins hd x 1 time 16.9"

Digger's Cup
August 1, 1957. "Wagga
winner Malalong (Mal Menang x Jerry's Jewel)
owner P Reid
2nd Havamee
3rd Music Maestro
margins time"

Richmond Oaks 320yds
August 17, 1957. "Richmond
winner Winter Sweet (Fine Linen x Royal Music)
owner/trainer L Fraser
2nd Linen's Bid
3rd Wee Peg
margins 6 x 1/2 time 16.6"

Dave Alexander Memorial 500yds
August 24, 1957. "Harold Park
winner Shan's Chief (Chief Nigger x Real Lonesome)
owner C J Black
2nd Fawn Joker
3rd Northern Host
margins 2 1/2 x 1/2 hd time 27.3"

Lismore Classic 500yds
August 31, 1957. "Lismore
winner Misty Vision (Black Axle x Jean's Secret)
2nd Fourth Melody
3rd Guyza
margins 3 x 1 time 27.6"

Harold Park Classic 500yds
September 21, 1957. "Harold Park first prize 1500 pounds
winner Cantee (Rocket Jet x Magenta)
owner/trainer Rod Deakin
2nd Brigante
3rd Island Glory
margins 3 x 3 time 26.93"

Clarence River Championship 520yds
October 5, 1957. "Grafton
winner Brian's Wish (George Waterford x Athalia)
owner Miss A Burkamshaw trainer J Burkamshaw
2nd Chalwyn
3rd Half Fast
margins nk x 2 time 28.5"

Riverina Championship
October 10, 1957. "Wagga
winner Chief Roll (Rocket Jet x Cheryl Dawn)
owner A B Choy trainer D J Clarke
2nd Sharp's Dream
3rd Havamee
margins 3 x 1/2 time 27.6"

New England Championship 500yds
October 12, 1957. "Tamworth
winner Chief Shine (Roccum Chief x Glittering Girl)
owner G Fairhall trainer W Thompson
2nd Narignes
3rd Sporting Gwydir
margins 4 x 1 time 27.6"

Northern Rivers Championship 520yds
October 12, 1957. "Casino
winner Foreign Host (Gainalot x Young Hostess)
owner A B Casey trainer A Small
2nd Snowy Buzz
3rd King Jalna
margins 2 x 2 time 28.6"

Southern Districts Championship 500yds
October 12, 1957. "Albury
winner Barkala (Murray Bend x Signama)
owner/trainer P G Reid
2nd Kervil
3rd Perry Bar
margin nk x nk time 26.8"

Western Districts Championship 550yds
October 12, 1957. "Lithgow
winner Spot's Memories (Oakleigh Chief x Janine)
owner/trainer F R Lewis
2nd Special Kef
3rd Duckango
margins 3 x 3 time 31.5"

South Coast Championship 500yds
October 14, 1957. "Wollongong
winner Magic Lightning (Dreams Image x Pretty Nurse)
owner/trainer W V Lollback
2nd Double Take
3rd Brazen Dream
margin 5 1/2 x 1/2 time 28.2"

Hunter River Championship 530yds
October 19, 1957. "Newcastle
winner Amberstream (Glyn Occa x Melody)
owner/trainer S Tuck
2nd Glendon Bay
3rd Ophir Strangler
margins 6 x hd time 29.6"

Sprint Championship 370yds
October 19, 1957. "Broken Hill first prize 100 pounds
winner Jet Too (Rocket Jet x Dell Too)
owner Don Gribble Trainer Bill Gribble
2nd Byarock
margins 1 1/2 x time 20.3"

St Leger 410yds
October 19, 1957. "Richmond
winner Darkie Brian (Faithful Brian x Almo Burn )
owners C Burke & W Wright trainer C Burke
2nd River Rogue
3rd The Cola Queen
margins 2 1/2 x 3 time 21.2"

E P O'Neill Mem. Stake 370yds
October 26, 1957. "Broken Hill first prize 100 pounds
winner Summer Rain (Rocket Jet x Tiny City)
owner Mrs E Talbot trainer J Talbot
margins time 20 3/10"

New South Wales Country Championship 580yds
October 26, 1957. "Wentworth Park
winner Barkala (Murray Bend x Signamor)
owner/trainer Percy Reid
2nd Foreign Host
3rd Chief Shine
margins 2 x 2 time 32.2"

Distance Championship 630yds
November 2, 1957. "Broken Hill first prize 100 pounds
winner Byarock (Byamee x Rocket City)
owner J A O'Connor
2nd Double Jet
3rd Summer Rain
margins 3 x 1 time 35.6"

Jacaranda Handicap 437yds
November 2, 1957. "Grafton first prize 200 pounds
winner Night Breeze (Tumble Time x Jane Moa)
owner H T Smith
2nd Water Failyne
3rd Primargo
margins 1 x 2 time 23.6"

New South Wales St Leger 580yds
December 14, 1957. "Wentworth Park first prize 1000 pounds
winner Idle Sign (Stumpy's Mate x Rose Havoc)
owner/traner Will Conroy
2nd Strange Guy
3rd Miss Stream
margins time"