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Racing Results - 1953 VIC

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Listed Event

Australia Day Stakes 340yds circle
January 26, 1953. "Napier
winer Raider Loop ( Yarloop x Olive Mantle)
owner/trainer L Wilson
2nd Mindagroo Miss
3rd My Loch
margins 3 x 2 1/2 time 20 9/16"

January Handicap 260yds straight
January 29, 1953. "White City
winner Skoda ( Chief Havoc x Profit Maid )
owner Roy Brown
2nd Valiant Plume
3rd Gay Toora
margins nk x 3/4 time 12 1/2"

Red Robe Hurdle circle
February 23, 1953. "Napier
winner Son Of Ours (Kefalson x Marleta)
2nd Yellowette
3rd Civic Sago
margins 2 1/2 x time 20 7/16"

Labour Day Stakes 340yds circle
March 9, 1953. "Napier
winner Brindle Clipper (Blue Birch x Suesalandra)
owner/trainer R TAsker
2nd Toora Robert
3rd Vergy's Cub
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 19 15/16"

Tramway Stake circle
March 11, 1953. "Maribyrnong
winner Brae Bar ( Dark Barrier x Kalary )
2nd Civic Smiler
3rd First Dene
margins hd x 2 time 19 14/16"

Maiden Puppy Stakes 260yds straight
April 2, 1953. "White City
winner Flash Paris (Flash Sign x Percyton's Pride)
owner W Parker
2nd Glen Molly's Son
3rd Sunset Downs
margins 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 13 3/16"

Easter Gift circle
April 8, 1953. "Maribyrnong
winner Radiant Pool (Kefalin Lad x Raypool)
2nd Bold Barrier
3rd Toora Robert
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 19 8/16"

Easter Stakes 300yds straight
April 13, 1953. "Napier
winner Burn To Kepler (Kepler x Brownie Run)
owner M Norton
2nd Dandy Knockie
3rd Maguinas
margins nk x nk time 16 6/16"

Victorian Elms 300yds straight
May 4, 1953. "Napier
winner Just Flossie ( Last Corn x Kentucky MInda )
2nd Dottie Stoker
3rd Uroonda Girl
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 16 6/16"

May Handicap 260yds straight
May 21, 1953. "White City
winner Black Ajax (Percyton Lad x Natsody)
owner N Stephenson trainer F Simpson
2nd Radiant Pool
3rd Master Birch
margins nk x 1 1/2 time 12 6/10"

Victorian Guineas 300yds straight
May 25, 1953. "Napier
winner Scottish Custom (Monica Lad x Carlassie)
2nd Malever
3rd Sitwell
margins 1 x hd time 16 1/16"

Coronation Handicap 500yds circle
June 1, 1953. "Sandown
winner Young Chan (Flash Sign x Miss Dandenong)
2nd Verg's Vale
3rd Neadwood Dawn
margins 5 x 1/2 time 26 1/2"

Coronation Handicap circle
June 3, 1953. "Maribyrnong
winner Aurie's Seal ( Auburn's Best x Celsealed )
2nd Last Pearl
3rd Toora Biddy
margins 3/4 x 3 time 19 2/16"

Winter Handicap 340yds circle
June 29, 1953. "Napier
winner Island Shark (Great Mick x Island Hope)
owner Chummy Parkes trainer E Bleasby
2nd Tin Olly
3rd Lofty's Best
margins 1 x 2 time 19 4/16"

Winter Stakes 340yds circle
June 29, 1953. "Napier
winner Gay Ken (Radiant Robert x Justice Lady)
2nd Jahndah
3rd Lukagal
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 20 2/16"

Novice final 400yds circle
July 9, 1953. "White City
winner Peggy's Judy (Better Dan x Lady Psyche)
owner Ben Hall
2nd Snip Barrier
3rd Royal Charger
margins 3 x 17 time 21 1/2 "

Plate final 400yds circle
July 9, 1953. "White City
winner Mindagroo Miss (Blue Birch x Mindagroo)
2nd Prince Ega
3rd Swing King
margins 3 x 1/2 time 21 3/10 "

Purse 400yds circle
July 9, 1953. "White City
owner Mrs H Kelly
winner Neroonda (Neringerie x Miss Uroonda)
2nd Nasty Paddy
3rd Winlaton Boy
margins 3 x 4 time 21"

Grand National Steeple 340yds circle
August 10, 1953. "Napier
winner Kebbie's Return (Kebbie x Bonnie Mar)
owner L Wilde
2nd Glen Yuen
3rd Young Pretender
margins 2 x 1 1/4 time 20 14/16"

Victorian Futurity 340yds circle
August 31, 1953. "Napier
winner Flash Bub (Flash Sign x Bub Micawber)
owner Mrs P Moyle trainer P W Moyle
2nd Sitwell
3rd Scottish Charm
margins nk x 1/2 time 21 6/16"

T J Confoy Memorial Gold Collar 300yds straight
September 7, 1953. "Napier
winner Dandy Plume (Bayer x Silver Plume)
owner J & Mrs Mayes
2nd Sir Barrier
3rd Burn Kepler
margins 3 1/2 x 3/4 time 15 2/16"

Sires Produce Stakes 400yds circle
October 8, 1953. "White City
winner Sport's Talk (Hero Minda x Marvita)
owner S G Philipps trainer J Brown
2nd Bay Royal
3rd Caval Again
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 21 7/10"

Beddome Cup 340yd circle
October 26, 1953. "Napier first prize 70 pounds
winner King Dalton (Percyton Lad xPrincess Kentucky)
owner Mrs D Kelly
2nd Jovial Nigger
3rd Ponty Pool
margins 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 time 19 4/16"

Cup 500yds
November 2, 1953. "Sandown
winner Derby Call ( Royal Regent x Miss Superb)
owner Walsh & Waite
2nd Didjeridoo
3rd Master Grooner
margins 1/2 nk x 1/2 time 27 2/16"

Melbourne Cup 400yds straight
November 30, 1953. "Napier first prize 260 pounds
winner Harbor Man (Bayer x Harbor City)
owner G McWaters
2nd Dandy Plume
3rd Sitwell
margins hd x 3/4 time 20 10/16"

Anniversary Handicap 500yds circle
December 1, 1953. "Sandown
winner Old Tipperary ( Nerinyerie x Neat Rose )
owner R Rangott
winner Sir Barrier ( Dark Barrier x Lady Groongal )
owner Hec Bennett
3rd Birch Leaves
margins DH x 1/2 time 27 6/16"

Coronation Cup 300yds
December 4, 1953. "Geelong
winner King Dell (Too Irish x No Dell)
owner L Stephens
2nd Radiant Len
3rd Devon's Gift
margins nk x nk time 16"

Christmas Handicap circle
December 20, 1953. "Gracedale
winner Solo Chief (Ariel Chief x Sole Support)
owner W N Riley
2nd Neroonda
3rd Ponty Pool
margins 2 x 4 time 26 6/16"

Christmas Handicap
December 24, 1953. "Ballarat
winner Bet's Director (Manangal x Shirley Bets)
owner R Burton
2nd Nickie's Elect
3rd Derby Call
margins 2 x time"