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Racing Results - 1953 NSW

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Listed Event

Sydney Cup 790yds
January 31, 1953. "Wentworth Park
winner Tuneful Girl (Whisky Neat x Tuneful Lady)
owner B P Whittaker
2nd Return Force
3rd Exquisite King
margin 1 1/2 x 1 time 43.8"

Summer Stake 530yds
February 18, 1953. "Gosford first prize 100 pounds
winner Yabba Sound (All Radiance xAnother Sound)
2nd Serene King
3rd Kenville
margins hd x nk time 30.1"

Biannual Classic 500yds
March 7, 1953. "Harold Park
winner Miss Oakey (Chief Havoc x Miss Casson)
2nd Nice Day
3rd Davey Delta
margins 7 x 2 time 26.9"

Championship 350yds
April 4, 1953. "Lismore
winner Truemon (The Radium x Boxer's Daughter)
owner H Frohmuller
2nd Dashing Spark
3rd Just Radium
margins 2 1/2 x 4 time 19.3"

Central West District Championship
April 6, 1953. "Bathurst
winner The Auctioneer (Lucky Duke x Val Kefalin)
2nd Mister Rainbird
3rd Maltoi
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 31"

Championship 500yds
April 6, 1953. "Lismore
winner King Beaumon ( The Radium x Boxer's Daughter)
owner H Frohmuller
2nd Dashing Spark
3rd Royal Tiffen
margins 1 x hd time 28"

Easter Gift 580yds
April 6, 1953. "Wentworth Park
winner Itzon Mate (Foxy's Mate x Cheetah's Image)
2nd Calgon Daisy
3rd Nice Day
margins 1 x 4 time 32"

Easter Maiden 440yds
April 6, 1953. "Grafton
winner Another Jet (Hurrua x Paul's Pet)
2nd Air Marvel
3rd The Harrington
margins time 23.9"

Albury Cup 560yds
April 15, 1953. "Albury
winner Low Velocity (Kepler x Keith's Judy)
2nd Golden Alert
3rd Ratoon
margins 2 x hd time 31.2"

Gosford Gift 530yds
April 21, 1953. "Gosford
winner Edgecliffe (Kingscliffe x Five to Eight)
2nd Pamela's Dream
3rd Betty Hoton
margins 5 x hd time 30.1"

Wagga Cup 503yds
April 28, 1953. "Wagga
winner Glorious Girl (Glorious Ninth x Nell's Hero)
2nd My Too
3rd Innisfail Lass
margins 8 x 4 time 27 8/10"

Championship 300yds
May 20, 1953. "Casino
winner Leslie Bug (Tumble Bug x Fragile)
2nd True Mon
3rd Some Tartan
margins nk x hd time 17.3"

Championship 440yds
May 21, 1953. "Casino
winner Dream Time (Jean's Dream x Model Time)
2nd Dashing Spark
3rd Pure Fire
margins 2 x 1 1/2 time 24 2/10"

Championship 520 yds
May 23, 1953. "Casino
winner Marheat (Mireeka x Some Signess)
2nd Sugar Lad
3rd Some Tartan
margins 2 1/2 x 11/2 time 28 6/10 "

Coronation Cup 790yds
June 6, 1953. "Wentworth Park
winner Kureson (Chief Havoc x Beryl Gray)
2nd Robin Buchanan
3rd Boy's Duty
margins time"

July Cup div 1 440yds
July 15, 1953. "Grafton
winner Leslie Bug (Tumble Bug x Fragile)
owners Young & Bice
2nd Darby Havoc
3rd Chief Pretender
margins time 23.9 "

July cup div 2 440yds
July 15, 1953. "Grafton
winner Percy Havoc (Chief Havoc x Rose Fire)
2nd Another Jet
3rd The Sapphire
margins time 24"

Dave Alexander Memorial 500yds
July 18, 1953. "Harold Park
winner Flash Steel (Steel Flash x Robyn Kent)
2nd Jovial Daisy
3rd Osaka
margins 1 1/4 x 2 1/2 time 27.3"

Lismore Classic 500yds
August 15, 1953. "Lismore
winner Rose Occa (Glynn Occa x Dainty Bon)
2nd Milo Time
3rd Farrago Hawk
margins time 28.1"

Championship 350yds
August 22, 1953. "Lismore
winner Leslie Bug (Tumble Bug x Fragile)
2nd Cougal Lad
3rd True Mon
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time 19"

Wyong Derby 310yds
August 22, 1953. "Wyong
winner Mr Agricola (Chief Havoc x Gracious Beauty)
owner C Saxon
margins time"

Championship 500yds
August 24, 1953. "Lismore
winner Some Tartan (Gartartan x Bright Desert)
2nd Duke Kelvin
3rd Dream Time
margins nk x hd time 27.7"

Championship 660yds
August 31, 1953. "Lismore
winner Minyon Miss (Tumble Bug x Marnaleen)
2nd Cougal Lad
3rd Blythe Glory
margins 1/2 x 3 time 36.8"

Country Championship heat
September 1, 1953. winner News Item (Chief Havoc x Miss Loney)

Hunter River Championship 550yds
September 2, 1953. "Maitland
winner Brinkburn Lad (Bright Agricola Grey Lola)
2nd Steel Works
3rd Silver Dent
margins 1/2 x 1 time 30 rec "

South Coast Championship 500yds
September 3, 1953. "Dapto
winner Fiesta Maid (Gay Abandon x Eastern Time)
2nd Raider's Joy
3rd The Auctioneer
margins 1 1/2 x 3 time 28.1"

Southern Districts Championship 500yds
September 4, 1953. "Cootamundra
winner Royal Party (Michael Dawn x Flighty Cam)
owner/trainer E Batinich
margins 3/4 x time 28 2/10 "

Harold Park Classic 500yds
September 5, 1953. "Harold Park
winner Cola Minda (Bright Agricola x Minda's Pleasure)
2nd Arn Finn
3rd Rhombo
margins time 26.8"

North Coast Championship 520yds
September 6, 1953. "Ballina first prize 100 pounds
winner Dream Time (Jean's Dream x Model Time)
2nd Duke Kelvin
3rd Pretty Elaine
margins 1 x 1 time 29.7"

Championship 310yds
September 12, 1953. "Lithgow
winner Cheeky Spotlight (Chief Emblem x Spotlight Queen)
owner/trainer K P Izzard
margins 4 x time 17.8"

Clarence River Championship 520yds
September 12, 1953. "Grafton
winner Rua Lad (Hurrua x Secret Buddy)
owner/trainer F H Clancy
margins 6 x time 28.6"

Western Districts Championship 550yds
September 12, 1953. "Lithgow
winner Far Loc (Farrago x Lucky Secret)
owner/trainer E Gooley
margins 3 x time 30 4/10 rec"

Maitland Oaks 440yds
September 16, 1953. "Maitland
winner Mandi Havoc (Chief Havoc x Tralee Lass)
2nd Carmel Lee
3rd Gracious Havoc
margins 10 x 1 time 23.7"

Riverina Championship 503yds
September 17, 1953. "Wagga
winner The Gazelle (Brown Invader x Bright Kevis)
2nd Super Brown
3rd Nice Gift
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time "

Wyong Oaks 310yds
September 19, 1953. "Wyong
margins time "

New South Wales Country Championship 580yds
September 26, 1953. "Wentworth Park
winner Rua Lad (Hurrua x Secret Buddy)
2nd Far Loc
3rd The Gazelle
margins time"

Maitland Derby 440yds
September 30, 1953. "Maitland
winner Arn Finn (Chief Havoc x Rocklen)
2nd Silver Agricola
3rd Crystal Stream
margins 3 x 1 time 23.6"

Broken Hill Sprint Championship 370yds
October 10, 1953. "Broken Hill
winner Toora Jet (Toora Johnny x Fawn Mistress)
owner P Smythe
2nd Back Yamma
3rd Local Percy
margins 3 x 1 time 20 4/10 eq rec"

Broken Hill Distance Championship 630yds
October 17, 1953. "Broken Hill
winner Miss Purvada (Fontana x Groveleigh Lass)
2nd Maltoi
3rd Dashing Toora
margins nk x 1/2 time 35 8/10"

E P O'Neill Mem. Stake 370yds
October 17, 1953. "Broken Hill
winner Singer Dres (Singercraft x Dresden Maid)
2nd Toora Boom
3rd Local Jet
margins nk x nk time 21"

Chairmans 750yds
December 23, 1953. "Newcastle
winner Robin Buchanan ( Chief Havoc x Robin Marie)
2nd Burika
3rd Valiant Ross
margins 4 x 2 time 42.5"

NJC Stake 530yds
December 23, 1953. "Newcastle
winner Macareena (Chief Havoc x Casson)
owner/trainer L D Taylor
2nd Arn Finn
3rd Faithful Brian
margins 6 x 6 time 29"

John Hannan Stake 580yds
December 26, 1953. "Wentworth Park
winner Edgecliffe (Kingscliffe x Five To Eight)
2nd Young Farrago
3rd Trustful Chief
margins time 32.4"