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Racing Results - 1951 TAS

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Listed Event

Christmas Stakes 1st div. 540yds
January 1, 1951. "Hobart
winner Amilda (Blue Birch x Air Flash)
owner G W Waller
2nd Tudor King
3rd Vola's Son
margins 2 1/2 x 1 time 30.6"

Launceston Cup 435yds
February 3, 1951. "Launceston first prize 600 pounds
winner Dawn's Duty (Dusky Duty x Dawn Fury)
owner J Morris jnr. Trainer E J Thornton
2nd Smoky Stover
3rd Mantle's Wonder
margins 2 x 3 time 23 11/16"

Hobart Thousand 540yds
February 24, 1951. "Hobart first prize 1200 pounds
winner Pleasant Foam (Saphron Gold x Mountain Foam)
owner/trainer N Wilson
2nd Final Birch
3rd Good Worker
margins nk x nose time 30.3"

Hobart Thousand Consolation 540yds
March 3, 1951. "Hobart
winner History Miss (Glorious Ninth x Najera)
owner J Phillips
2nd Night Swank
3rd Beau Birch
margins nk x 1 time 30.7"

Six Hour Stake 540yds
March 5, 1951. "Hobart
winner Tudor King (King's Pride x Simo's Gift)
owner V J Dwyer
2nd Amorous Angie
3rd Connie's Express
margins 1/2 hd x 2 1/4 time 30.6"

Easter Cup 435yds
March 31, 1951. "Launceston first prize 350 pounds
winner Pal's Favour (Keatingstown x Bobalong Midget)
owner A T Patmore
2nd Final Birch
3rd Sun Nymph
margins 2 x 1/2 time 23 8/16"

Easter Plate 435yds
April 7, 1951. "Launceston
winner Night Gossip (Percyton Lad x Kefalin News)
owner Rosevear Bros.
2nd Mark's Son
3rd Handsome Again
margins 4 x 2 time 23 8/16"

Maiden Thousand 540yds
April 7, 1951. "Hobart first prize 500 pounds
winner Honomag (Tumble Bug x Laurel Queen)
owner R Usher
2nd Zygon
3rd Ben Comus
margins 3 x 1 1/2 time 30.5"

Jubilee Stakes 540yds
May 5, 1951. "Hobart
winner Forest Sands (Murph x Mellow Sands)
owner N Wilson
2nd Connie's Ace
3rd Belle Birch
margins 1/2 hd x 2 1/2 time 30.6"

Gold Collar 435yds
June 10, 1951. "Launceston first prize 250 pounds
winner Some Ben (Ben Hick x Juelance)
owner V Maher
2nd Atom Bug
3rd Dinner's Double
margins 1/2 x nose time 24"

Sprint Championship Tasmania 540yds
June 23, 1951. "Hobart
winner Zulu's Own (Zulu Zone x Mirthful Maid)
owner A J Williams
2nd Black Fabba
3rd Famous Birch
margins 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 time 29.9"

Beddome Stakes 540yds
June 30, 1951. "Hobart
winner Gay Coonega (Coonega x Connie Monarch)
owner Mrs D Skeyhill
2nd Red Whip
3rd Connie's Atom
margins 2 x 1/2 time 30.7"

Distance Championship of Tasmania 685yds
July 7, 1951. "Hobart
winner Zulu's Own (Zulu Zone x Mirthful Maid)
owner A J Williams
2nd Famous Birch
3rd Caval's Image
margins 1/2 x 4 time 38.5"

HGRC Stakes 540yds
July 21, 1951. "Hobart
winner Erixa (Sunixa x All Phiz)
owner Mrs J Morrison
2nd Connie's Ace
3rd Connie's Wonder
margins nk x hd time 30.9"

Tasmanian Puppy Championship 540yds
October 6, 1951. "Hobart
winner Night Affair (Chief Agricola x Lady Percyton)
owner Rosevear Bros.
2nd Night Shot
3rd Darby Wrinkle
margins 4 x 1 time 30.4"

J G Nelson Cup 435yds
November 5, 1951. "Launceston
winner Some Ben (Ben Hick x Juelance)
owner V H Maher
2nd Hopkins Pride
3rd Sun Nymph
margins 2 x 1 time 23 10/16"

HGRC Stakes 685yds
November 24, 1951. "Hobart
winner Silroc Lad (Silrocca x Edna Murray)
owner C A Floyd
2nd Vola's Son
3rd Chief Parenta
margins 1 1/4 x 3 time 38.5"