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Racing Results - 1951 NSW

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Listed Event

Dave Alexander Memorial 500yds
March 3, 1951. "Harold Park
winner Boy Terms (Faithful Terms x Dainty Plume)
2rd Natty Lady
3rd Flying Kilal
margins hd x nk time 27.4"

Dave Alexander Memorial 580yds
March 26, 1951. "Wentworth Park
winner Natty Lady (Chief Havoc x Dalma's Hope)
2nd Supreme Sensation
3rd Panza Gold
margins 1 1/2 x 4 time 32.3"

Easter Maiden 440yds
March 26, 1951. "Grafton
winner The Maestro (Kingscliffe x Five to Eight)
owner Mrs Gill
2nd Sardis Boy
3rd Flash Yileena
margins 3 x nk time 24.2"

Easter Maiden 500yds
March 26, 1951. "Lismore
winner Gay Radium (The Radium x Fortune Isle)
2nd Edgecliffe
3rd Black Radium
margins 3/4 x 1/2 time 27 7/10"

Albury Cup 525yds
April 7, 1951. "Albury
winner Bug Again (Tumble Bug x Jerry's Girl)
2nd Rugen
3rd Cello Lad
margins 3/4 x nk time 28 6/10"

Federation Stake 500yds
April 7, 1951. "Harold Park
winner Kelvin Lad (Chief Havoc x Negoa Shine)
2nd Farrago
3rd The Doover
margins 1 x 1 time 26.8"

Anzac Cup 500yds
April 25, 1951. "Lismore
winner All Radium (The Radium x Silver Lightning)
owner A Morrow
2nd Ricky's Pet
3rd Some Tartan
margins 3 x hd time 27.6"

Commonwealth Stake 580yds
May 5, 1951. "Wentworth Park
winner Farrago (Haircutter x Ronita)
2nd Bright Hussy
3rd The Scorcher
margins 2 x 6 time 31.5"

Jubilee Stake 790yds
May 5, 1951. "Wentworth Park
winner Ada Yin (Chief Havoc x Yin)
2nd Gwydir Boy
3rd Deed
margins hd x 1/2 time 44.5"

Wyong Derby
May 19, 1951. "Wyong
winner Cam's Lad (Real Chief x Flighty Cam)
2nd Brindle Toora
3rd Stumpy's Mate
margins 1 x 2 1/2 time 16.3"

Open Championship 300yds
June 9, 1951. "Casino
winner Zeal More (More Zeal x Minador)
2nd Ama Dash
3rd Moretation Lad
margins nk x 2 time 17.4"

Championship 440yds
June 11, 1951. "Casino
winner Zeal More (More Zeal x Minador)
2nd Arduro
3rd New Long
margins hd x nk time 24 4/10"

Championship 520 yds
June 13, 1951. "Casino
winner New Long (Bambi Boy x Jane Cinder)
2nd Arduro
3rd The Highlight
margins hd x 1 time 28 8/10"

Tattersall's Cup 515yds
June 13, 1951. "Casino
winner Paymore (Count Kefalin x Memory's Blue)
2nd Ettrick White
3rd Sue Menang
margins 2 x 4 time 28.5"

Upper Hunter Championship 498yds
June 23, 1951. "Musswellbrook first prize 15 pounds
winner Belmont Lad (Dozey Boy x Miss Belmont)
owner A H Coombes
2nd Lady Troy
3rd Rusty Birch
margins 3/4 x 1 time 27.9"

St George Spastic Cup 500yds
July 7, 1951. "Harold Park
winner Dublin Town (Tumble Bug x Neat Rose)
2nd Lady Rungal
3rd White Marlon
margins time"

Grafton Cup 440yds
July 18, 1951. "Grafton
winner Lady Dibbo (Dibo x Kitty's Delight)
owner T Ford
2nd Mr Atom
3rd Bronze Profit
margins hd x hd time 24.2"

Tattersall's Cup 515yds
August 4, 1951. "Casino
winner Yabba Sound (All Radiance x Another Sound)
2nd Lady Marmite
3rd Pondellia
margins 2 x 3 time 28.3"

Championship 350yds
August 18, 1951. "Lismore
winner Just Radium (The Radium x Half Gay)
2nd Dashing Spark
3rd Coinmaker
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 19.1"

Championship 500yds
August 21, 1951. "Lismore
winner Dashing Spark (Trion x Kythera)
owner E Brown
2nd Red Island
3rd Another Radiance
margins 4 x 3 time 27.3"

Maitland Oaks 440yds
August 22, 1951. "Maitland
winner Robin Buchanan (Chief Havoc x Robin Marie)
owner Mrs E H Henry
2nd Tralee Maid
3rd Sister Yin
margins 1/2 x 1 time 24.3"

Championship 660yds
August 25, 1951. "Lismore
winner Dashing Spark (Trion x Kythera)
owner E Brown
2nd Atoman
3rd Red Island
margins 3 x 2 time 36.8"

Maitland Derby 440yds
September 5, 1951. "Maitland
winner Michael's Son (Michael Dawn x Colleen Dawn)
2nd Peter Amor
3rd All Rex
margins 8 x 3 time 23.5"

Harold Park Classic 500yds
September 26, 1951. "Harold Park first prize 1,000 pounds
winner Sharid (Young Sign x Julep)
2nd Brilliant Sign
3rd Yathong Chief
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 26.8"

Broken Hill Sprint Championship 370yds
October 13, 1951. "Broken Hill
winner Lin Speed (Wireless Signal x Kefalin Speed)
owner Mrs E B Bevan
2nd My Golour
3rd Whiteface Art
margins 2 x 2 time 20 7/10"

Broken Hill Marathon Championship 630yds
October 20, 1951. "Broken Hill
winner Lin Speed (Wireless Signal x Kefalin Speed)
owner Mrs E B Bevan
2nd Whiteface Art
3rd Fordice
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 36 2/10"

Championship 312yds
December 26, 1951. "Ballina
winner Gay Steele (John Steel x Half Gay)
2nd Sole Possession
3rd Yabba Sound
margins nk x 2 1/2 time 17 7/10"

Christmas Classic 550yds
December 26, 1951. "Lithgow
winner Woodavoc (Chief Havoc x Woodenme)
2nd Shannon Rock
3rd Lara Corrie
margins 4 x 3 time 31.5"

Championship 520yds
December 29, 1951. "Ballina
winner Battle Proof (Proof Again x Battle Lady)
2nd Sole Possession
3rd Gay Steele
margins time"