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Racing Results - 1950 NSW

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Listed Event

City of Wollongong Stake 500 yds
January 23, 1950. "Wollongong
winner Bright Ripple (Roccabright x Miss Rippler)
2nd Mr. Andilong
3rd Flashing Bank
margins 1/2 x 3 time 28.5 "

North Coast Championship 500yds
January 28, 1950. "Lismore
winner Sole Possession (Glen's Mate x Zaroyal)
2nd Count Lad
3rd Blythe Spirit
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 27.6"

North Coast Championship 660yds
January 30, 1950. "Lismore
winner Brinnie's Paradise (Que Dar Chief x Brinnie Tullera)
2nd Ryan's Cup
3rd Sole Possession
margins 4 x 3 time 36.6"

Smith Memorial Championship 537yds
February 8, 1950. "Armidale
winner Mount Neville (Banfort x Dainty Bon)
2nd Chief Emblem
3rd Neat Flame
margins nk x 3 time 29"

Dave Alexander Stake 500yds
March 4, 1950. "Harold Park
winner It's Easy (Kefalin Lad x Rocca Haven)
2nd Black Cheetah
3rd Flying Search
margins time 27.5"

Dave Alexander Stake 580yds
March 13, 1950. "Wentworth Park
winner Real Cover (Rosebank Boy x Peggy Mantle)
2nd Silent Review
3rd Sir Dream
margins 5 x 2 time 32.8"

Easter Maiden 440yds
April 11, 1950. "Grafton
winner Persistant Lad (Linn Tune x Lady Snipe)
2nd Lost Way
3rd Duke Amorous
margins time 24.6"

Albury Cup 525yds
April 19, 1950. "Albury first prize 230 pounds
winner The Tornado (Some Carlton x Silver Lizzie)
owner/trainer B T Goulding
2nd Unique Lad
3rd Brave Guard
margins 1 x time 28.3"

200 Pounds Special Stake 530yds
May 2, 1950. "Gosford
winner Wooden Em ( I Like x Tickin Over)
2nd Havapatch
3rd Nig's Reward
margins 2 x 1 1/2 time 30.3"

Wyong Derby 310yds
May 20, 1950. "Wyong
winner Kelvin Lad (Chief Havoc x Negoa Shine)
2nd Radiant Steel
3rd Minda Rooka
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 16.3"

Championship 720yds
May 27, 1950. "Moss Vale
winner Danny Dee (Minda Jerry x Pretty Smart)
margins time"

Holiday Handicap 515yds
June 12, 1950. "Casino
winner Grace Goldsby (Long Island x Miss Goldsby)
2nd King Akubra
3rd More Zeal
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 28.3"

New South Wales Champion Stake 525yds
June 12, 1950. "Cessnock
winner Sole Possession (Glen's Mate x Zaroyal)
2nd The Merger
3rd Bright Hussy
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 28.5"

Grafton Cup 440yds
July 12, 1950. "Grafton
winner Gwydir Boy (Chief Havoc x Fanny Ann)
owner R Mison
2nd Atoman
3rd Lady Dibbo
margins 2 x 2 time 24.4"

St Margaret's Stake 500yds
July 29, 1950. "Harold Park
winner Little Chivoo (Bronze Moa x Misty Miss)
2nd Kefalin's Lady
3rd Bayer
margins hd x hd time 27.6"

City of Lithgow Championship 550 yds
August 5, 1950. "Lithgow
winner Ada Yin (Chief Havoc x Yin)
2nd Swift Kitty
3rd Lazy Boots
margins 3 x 6 time 31.2"

New South Wales Straight Track Championship
August 5, 1950. "Wyong
winner Peter Brent (Amorous Lad x White Betty)
2nd King Renard
3rd West Lawn
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 21.3"

Maitland Oaks 440yds
August 16, 1950. "Maitland
winner Miss Chiquita (Blue Dusk x Miss Scarlet)
owner J Greedy
2nd Queen Silbank
3rd Amorous Lyn
margins 6 x 4 time 23.8"

Tattersall's Cup 515yds
August 17, 1950. "Casino first prize 100 pounds
winner Lady Raema (Roy Ruche x All Grease)
2nd Linton Gold
3rd Aero Princess
margins 1/2 x 10 time 28.7"

North Coast Championship 350yds
August 19, 1950. "Lismore
winner Blythe Spirit (Marnex x Kythera)
owner C H Fuller
2nd All Radium
3rd Junola
margins 3 x 1 time 19.1"

North Coast Championship 500yds
August 23, 1950. "Lismore
winner Blythe Spirit (Marnex x Kythera)
owner C H Fuller
2nd Sole Possession
3rd All Radium
margins 1 x 1 1/2 time 27.5"

North Coast Championship 660yds
August 26, 1950. "Lismore
winner Blythe Spirit (Marnex x Kythera)
owner C H Fuller
2nd Snowcliffe
3rd Lady Radon
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 37"

Maitland Derby 440yds
September 9, 1950. "Maitland
winner King Kareela (Andilong x Kenya Miss)
2nd Final Birch
3rd Bright Tencor
margins 3 1/2 x 2 time 23.9"

Recorder Cup 710yds
November 25, 1950. "Wollongong
winner Ada Yin (Chief Havoc x Yin)
2nd Nimble Caress
3rd Gwydir Boy
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 41.6"

Championship 745yds
December 1, 1950. "Ballina
winner Tessa Blue (Bronze Moa x Blue Hussy)
margins time"