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Racing Results - 1949 TAS

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Christmas Stakes LGRC Div.
January 1, 1949. "Hobart
winner Minda Kefalin (Minda Jerry x Beauty Kefalin)
owner A Rowbottom
2nd Red Cutlet
3rd Atlanta Chief
margins 5 x 2 time 23 6/16"

New Years Stakes 540yds
January 4, 1949. "Hobart
winner Silrocca (Roccabright x Silvealong)
owner C A Floyd
2nd Zingana
3rd Bodave
margins 4 x nose time 30.2"

Hobart Thousand 540yds
February 15, 1949. "Hobart first prize 1000 pounds
winner Erin's Ace (Heroic Ace x Minda Patrick)
owner L Klieve trainer A Davis
2nd Boongala
3rd Silent Dash
margins 2 1/2 x 1/2 time 30.2"

Hobart Thousand Consolation 540yds
February 26, 1949. "Hobart
winner Quarter Deck (Dark Power x Sheen Lass)
owner H J Challenger
2nd Smiling John
3rd Tessa Gift
margins 5 x 1 time 30.2"

Launceston Cup 430yds
March 5, 1949. "Launceston first prize 600 pounds
winner Erin's Ace (Heroic Ace x Minda Patrick)
owner L Klieve
2nd Bon Steel
3rd Boongala
margins nk x 1 time 23 11/16"

Easter Cup 430yds
April 23, 1949. "Launceston first prize 350 pounds
winner Tiler Bill (Tiler Boy x Judy Watch)
owner J F Schadel
2nd Just Ducky
3rd Bodave
margins 1/2 x 1 time 23 8/16"

Maiden Thousand 540yds
April 23, 1949. "Hobart first prize 500 pounds
winner Powlett Pride (Powlett Lad x Meliova)
owner H Wynack
2nd Master Junior
3rd Handsome Again
margins 6 x 3/4 time 30.6"

Easter Plate 430yds
May 7, 1949. "Launceston first prize 250 pounds
winner Rayma (Light Stepper x Betty Too)
owner Miss Z Slater & R Shepherd
2nd Goodwell
3rd Starborough
margins 1/2 x hd time 23 12/16"

Gold Collar
June 11, 1949. "Launceston
winner Connie's Wonder (Red Mantle x Connie Monarch)
owner W Gray
2nd Handsome Again
3rd My Avis
margins 4 x 3 time 23 1/16"

Sprint Championship Tasmania 540yds
June 18, 1949. "Hobart
winner Walkaway Rocker (Roccafella x Colben)
2nd Master Matley
3rd Sea Spirit
margins 2 1/4 x 3 1/2 time 30.3"

Distance Championship of Tasmania 685yds
July 11, 1949. "Hobart
winner Boongala (Silver Chief x Flying Falong)
owner Mrs K W Jones
2nd Stepper Too
3rd Bodave
margins 1 1/2 x nose time 38"

K Thompson Mem. Cup
August 20, 1949. "Launceston
winner Stepper Too (Light Stepper x Betty Too)
owner H O Smith
2nd Cliffray
3rd Kara's Son
margins nk x 2 time 23 6/16"

Tasmanian Puppy Championship 540yds
October 8, 1949. "Hobart
winner Nippy Bug (Tumble Bug x Nippy Dunn)
owenr Mrs B Griggs
2nd Satin Light
3rd Connie's Wonder
margins 1 x 6 time 30.2"

J G Nelson Cup
November 7, 1949. "Launceston
winner Dreamy's Havoc (Chief Havoc x Molly's Dream)
owner M Harding
2nd Money Menang
3rd Aladamont
margins 3 x 1 1/2 time 23 5/16"