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Racing Results - 1947 VIC

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Listed Event

Quality Handicap 620yds circle
January 4, 1947. "White City
winner Pennant Wave (Silver Chief x Pivotonian)
2nd North Film
3rd Redesther
margins hd x nk time 35 4/5"

Victorian Hurdle Championship
March 12, 1947. "Maribyrnong
winner Kreuger's Last (Kreuger x Cam's Cash)
owner J Foullis
2nd Arunta
3rd Sea Lake
margins 1/2 x 3 time 21 1/4"

Quality Handicap 400yds circle
March 29, 1947. "White City
winner Glorious Ninth (Red Mantle x Dinskall)
2nd Minda's Evidence
3rd The Hunter
margins 5 x nk time 20 2/5"

Quality Handicap 620yds circle
April 19, 1947. "White City
winner Silver Carol (Silver Chief x Ethyl Foosteps)
owner B Martin
2nd Groon's Elect
3rd Marine's Song
margins 1 1/2 x time 34 4/5"

Quality Handicap straight
April 26, 1947. "White City
winner Haydyn's Luck (Baldy Innis x Sister Haydyn)
owner W H Bishop
2nd Phildon
3rd Labor Party
margins time"

Traralgon Cup circle
April 29, 1947. "Traralgon
winner Bright Heiress (Roccabright x Trixine)
2nd Royal Nut
3rd Plus Mont
margins time"

Grand National Hurdle 400yds
July 12, 1947. "White City first prize 50 pounds
winner Blouser (Silver Chief x Lady Norma)
2nd Navajo
3rd Dizer's Voice
margins time"

Geelong Cup 400yds circle
October 28, 1947. "Geelong
winner Air Lord (Silver Chief x Flying Falong)
2nd Beau Gable
3rd Carl Cinad
margins 3 x 4 time 29 7/8"

Sandown One Thousand 440yds circle
October 28, 1947. "Sandown first prize 400 pounds
winner Rungal (Groongal x Kuttabul)
owner N Maroney trainer E A Gaywood
2nd Kulili
3rd Plus Mont
margins 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 time 23 10/16 "

Melbourne Cup 400yds straight
December 1, 1947. "Napier first prize 348 pounds
winner Plus Mont (Handsome Plus x Fair Claire)
owner R Kilham trainer H Norton
2nd Friar's Orders
3rd Glenaham
margins 1x 1/4 time 20 12/16"

Christmas Stake
December 24, 1947. "Ballarat
winner Red Fury
owner C Stefan
2nd Sonny Chief
3rd Alpine Lad
margins time "