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Racing Results - 1946 QLD

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Listed Event

O'Brien Cup 275yds
February 9, 1946. "Rocklea
winner Hidden Image ( Hidden Gold x Fortune's Maid )
2nd Royal Marne
3rd Jack White
margins 2 x 1/2 time 14.6"

Easter Final top div.
April 27, 1946. "Townsville first prize 35 pounds
winner Bomal Riv (Bomally x Merry Riv)
owner T Oshea
2nd Neena Plus
3rd Horsham's Beauty
margins nk x hd time 16.3"

Winter Annual top div
July 13, 1946. "Townsville first prize 35 pounds
winner Braefield (Minda Jerry x Melodious Maid)
owner J Murphy
2nd Coastal Scout
3rd Butcher's Profit
margins hd x hd Time 16"

Gennon Bros Trophy 300yds
November 23, 1946. "Kedron
winner Jean Beau ( Johnnie Bonall x Loan's Choice )
2nd Pretty Mickey
3rd Silent Mike
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 15.6"

Townsville Hundred
December 26, 1946. "Townsville first prize 50 pounds
winner Pretty Mickey ( Yeoburn x Julia Phar )
owners Armstrong & Griffiths
2nd Civic Minda
3rd Brindle Burn
margins nk x hd time 16 1/10"