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Racing Results - 1944 VIC

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Listed Event

Churchill Stakes 340 yds circle
January 22, 1944. "Napier
winner Buster Sheehan ( Sheehan x Miss Deemster )
2nd Wingate
3rd Too Smart
margins time"

National Handicap 340yds circle
January 29, 1944. "Napier
winner Dunedin ( Lettie's Chris x Bright Sides )
owner L J Harvey
2nd Yes Boy
2nd Galgroon
margins hd x DH time "

Handicap 260yds straight
February 5, 1944. "White City first prize 30 pounds
winner Margaret's Joy ( Roy Minda x Jenny's Pride )
owner H Norton
2nd Tresswin
3rd Fawn Robin
margins 1/2 neck x time"

New Guinea Handicap
February 12, 1944. "Napier
winner Gambling Gold ( Rambling Gold x Soft Rose )
owner Mrs R Payne
2nd Moncinder
3rd Dunedin
margins 1 1/2 x nk time"

Circular Handicap 620yds
February 26, 1944. "White City
winner Mahana ( Grey Friar x Queen Minda )
owner R Turner trainer L Vines
2nd Carlong
3rd Sedalia Chief
margins 1/2 x time"

Handicap circle
March 18, 1944. "White City
winner Sparkling Chris ( Nutshell x Peggy Mac )
owner Miss Mckinley trainer N Black
2nd Sun Vin
3rd Lazy Sandy
margins hd x hd time"

Handicap circle 400yds circle
April 8, 1944. "White City
winner Minda's Voice ( Roy Minda x Tea Tattle )
owner R Hallows
2nd Brindle Coy
3rd Mahana
margins 1/2 x 3/4 time"

Nooramunga Circular Handicap
April 10, 1944. "Maribyrnong
winner Peter Menang (Menang x Lady Heritage)
owner Mrs R Millard trainer R Howell
2nd The Vision
3rd Larry's Hero
margins time"

May Handicap 400yds circle
May 13, 1944. "White City
winner Small Celebrate ( Accelerate Boy x Small Moth )
owner P Mack
2nd Roydan
3rd Minda's Voice
margins time"

May 27, 1944. "Napier
winner Olive's Menang ( Menang x My Olive Mandicate )
owner Chummy Parkes trainer R Watts
2nd Ramu
3rd Kilorama
margins time"

June Handicap
June 24, 1944. "White City
winner Miss Chevron ( Ambrose Tiger x Jean Phar )
owner P R Allen
2nd Sand Maiden
3rd David's Last
margins time"

Bendigo Cup
August 1, 1944. "Bendigo
winner Vima ( Barrabool x Davina )
owner M Keating
2nd Brilliant Chief
3rd Playful Tiger
margins time"

August Handicap 400yds
August 19, 1944. "White City
winner Sir Groongal ( Groongal x Finalage )
owner Miss P Raplh
2nd Carlong
3rd Keenantle
margins time"

Banjo Cup 300yds straight
August 19, 1944. "Napier first prize 45 pounds
winner David's Last (Silver Chief x Doorn)
owner Miss L Lancaster
2nd Peter Menang
3rd Sir Nip
margins time"

September 9, 1944. "White City
winner Silver Gordon ( Silver Box x Gordon's Miss )
owner Mrs F Aspinall
2nd Ben Crust
3rd Keenantle
margins 3 x time"

September 16, 1944. "White City
winner Final Moth ( Silver Chief x Small Moth )
owner J P Mack trainer K Watts
2nd Ellison's Image
3rd Loyal Native
margins time"

Traralgon Cup circle
September 23, 1944. "Traralgon first prize 50 pounds
winner Tatt's Minda ( Roy Minda x Tea Tattle )
owner A Cooper
2nd Domitian
3rd Dawa Silver
margins time"

Melbourne Cup 340yds circle
December 23, 1944. "Napier first prize 65 pounds
winner Domitian ( Lettie's Chris x Doorn)
owner F Dix
2nd Lucky Mane
3rd Wunkar
margins time 18 14/16"