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Racing Results - 1944 NSW

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Listed Event

200 pound stake 440yds
January 22, 1944. "Maitland
winner Black Bounty (Bounty x Lake Field)
2nd Winsome Snow
3rd Una Sinbad
margins 8 x time"

Volunteer Championship Cup 480yds
February 19, 1944. "Maitland
winner Rawrior Noel (Lone Warrior x Weedy Miss)
owner Melville Eveleigh
2nd Lady Tarraville
3rd Trion
margins time"

Broken Hill Sprint Championship 370yds
April 10, 1944. "Broken Hill
winner Manatoo Prince (Manatoo Gift x Andy's Favourite)
owner M T Clarke trainer H A Gowland
2nd Delightful Winhigh
3rd Val's Delight
margins 3 x 2 time 21"

Eatser Maiden 440yds
April 10, 1944. "Grafton
winner Carooma
owner Mr Chelmsford
2nd Tralee Ranger
3rd Stalingrad
margins 1/2 x nk time 25"

Easter Handicap 505yds
April 10, 1944. "Lismore first prize 25 pounds
Great Jupiter (Bonall x Cloudy Tullera)
owner trainer T Walsh
2nd Dusky Style
3rd Cutex Boy
margins 4 x 1 time 27 8/10"

Broken Hill Marathon Championship 630yds
April 15, 1944. "Broken Hill
winner Lady Charger (Cheerful Charge x Barrier Sheen}
owner R J Scown
2nd Patroblue
3rd Giberip
margins 2 x nk time 36.2"

Combined Stake 500yds
May 13, 1944. "Harold Park
winner Chief Rajah (Bobalong Chief x Lady Wyalong)
2nd Trion
3rd Defence Chief
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 27.7"

Combined Stake 500yds
June 17, 1944. "Harold Park
winner Yankee Miss (Grandfather x Dawn of Day)
2nd Three of Clubs
3rd Glenarvon
margins 2 x 1 time 27.5"

July Cup 440yds
July 15, 1944. "Grafton
winner Opal's Image (Bonall x Opal's Gift)
owner J Keener
2nd Big Key
3rd Sir Mike
margins 1 x 1/2 time 24 8/10"

NCA Championship 500yds
July 15, 1944. "Harold Park
winner Chief Rajah (Bobalong Chief x Lady Wyalong)
2nd Lady Tarraville
3rd Beau Silver
margins 1/2 x 3 time 27.8"

NCA Championship 750yds
July 22, 1944. "Harold Park
winner Clem's Pick (Sentinel x Pearl Glee)
2nd Silver Supreme
3rd Light Age
margins time 41.8 rec"

Novice Stake final 500yds
July 22, 1944. "Harold Park
winner Rosebank Boy (Gay Hero x Wee Bon)
2nd Marica
3rd Vine Boy
margins 3 x 2 time 27.5"

Northern Rivers Championship 488yds
September 23, 1944. "Casino
winner Que Dar Chief (Que Dar x Lady Boyfort)
2nd Long Island
3rd John Steele
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 26.9"

Open Championship 520yds
September 30, 1944. "Casino
winner John Steele (The Marne x Cherimont)
2nd Que Dar Chief
3rd Max Cash
margins 3 x 2 time 28.5"

Hunter Valley Championship 440yds
December 16, 1944. "Maitland
winner Mulla's Lad (Mullagatawny x Grand Idol)
2nd Double Rib
margins 1/2 x time"

State Championship 480yds
December 23, 1944. "Newcastle
winner Mulla's Lad (Mullagatawny x Grand Idol)
2nd Nimble Rocca
3rd Stan Wallis
margins 3/4 x time"

Christmas Stake 500yds
December 30, 1944. "Harold Park
winner Peter Victory (all Milanor x Our Bid)
2nd Mingtoon
3rd Patro Blue
margins 2 x 3 time 27.6"