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Racing Results - 1943 TAS

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Listed Event

Hobart Cup 525yds
February 20, 1943. "Hobart
winner Askalon (Pharminda x Silver Screen)
owner J Guthrie
2nd John Wayne
3rd Red Avis
margins 4 x 5 time 29.4 rec."

Sprint Championship Tasmania 525yds
February 27, 1943. "Hobart
winner Askalon (Pharminda x Silver Screen)
owner J Guthrie
2nd Mittamatite
3rd Some Carlton
margins 5 x 8 time 29"

Easter Cup Stakes div.2
April 24, 1943. "Launceston
winner Diamond Minda (Pharminda x Golden Gondola)
owners J Shepherd & C Hudson
2nd Noble Robert
3rd Toorak Boy
margins hd x hd time 24 1/16"

Launceston Cup
May 22, 1943. "Launceston
winner Some Carlton (Carlton Ale x Amalady)
owner J G Nelson
2nd Waverly Lass
3rd Quality Tells
margins 6 x 1/2 time 23 7/16"

Distance Championship Tasmania 670yds
May 29, 1943. "Hobart
winner Always Good (All Prop x Milanor's Chance)
owner H K Fenton
2nd Red Avis
3rd Roy's Reject
margins 2 x 1/2 time 38.2"

Puppy Gold Collar
May 29, 1943. "Launceston
winner Sunixa (Menang x Bobalong Queen)
owner F Watson
2nd Some Lil
3rd Carlsome
margins 1/2 x 1 time 24"

North versus South Challenge straight track
July 24, 1943. "Launceston
winner Teperap
owner S Bracken
2nd Diamond Digger
3rd Gentleman Jim
margins nk x 1/2 time 17 10/16"

Handicap 525yds
August 21, 1943. "Hobart
winner Rocca's Double (Roccabright x Crystal Black)
owner A Cresswick
2nd Gentleman Tim
3rd Rajah's Double
margins 2 x 1 time 29.6"

Victory Stakes
August 21, 1943. "Launceston
winner Danley (Dantec x Shirley's Hope)
owner W Brown
2nd Canksia
3rd Rooster's Pick
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 24 4/16"