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Racing Results - 1940 QLD

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Listed Event

Foundation Cup 290yds
January 29, 1940. "Gympie
winner Golden Clinker (Ranger's Gold x Baby Cinder)
owner H Domin
2nd Rimmer
margins 1/2 x time 15 1/5"

Easter Handicap 300yds
March 21, 1940. "Rocklea
winner Thurle's Mick (Great Alone x Blue Hawk)
owner S Brandon
2nd Morrence
3rd Hidden Gold
margins nk x nk time 16 3/5 "

Newmarket Handicap 250yds
March 26, 1940. "Rocklea
winner Khedive (Solitaire x Northern Miss)
owner P J Gibney
2nd Shaun Og
3rd Penguin Bill
margins nk x hd time 13 3/5"

Easter Final top div.
March 28, 1940. "Townsville
winner Bomally ( Bradford Boy x Happy Alone )
2nd Red Rose
3rd Glen Sol
margins time "

Country Club Hotel Cup 350yds
April 18, 1940. "Toowoomba
winner Cash Alone (All Cash x Happy Alone)
owner A Vohland
2nd Silent Sol
3rd Merry Riv
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 19 1/5"

May Day Cup
May 2, 1940. "Rocklea
winner Dark Elly (Bowral Boy x Jennie Girl)
owner J Rycroft
2nd Alestone
3rd Andy's Son
margins 2 x 1/2 time 17 3/5"

I C Minnis Cup 250yds
June 1, 1940. "Ipswich
winner Jimmy Derby (Bronze Tag x Blue Homer)
owner J Dwyer
2nd Mr Walker
3rd Tom Flirt
margins 1/2 hd x 1/2 hd time 14"

Vita Force Cup 250yds
June 8, 1940. "Ipswich
winner Miss Cyco ( x )
owner R Miller
2nd Mr Walker
3rd Happy William
margins nk x hd time 14"

Newmarket Handicap 300yds
June 29, 1940. "Rockhampton
winner Blue Gilettte ( Bonall x Merle's Best )
owner R Avenell
2nd Jim's Ranger
3rd Sovereign Lad
margins hd x nk time 16 2/5"

Newmarket Handicap 250yds
July 6, 1940. "Ipswich
winner Bow Tie( Rough Cut x Miss Beaufort)
owner R Brand
2nd Phoenix Lass
3rd White Ocean
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 14 1/10"

Newmarket Handicap 250yds
July 8, 1940. "Kedron
winner Elrick's Cash (Jack Cash x Sparkling Comedy)
Owner S Rodgers
2nd Popanandy
3rd Dusty Miller
margins 1/2 x nk time 13 2/5"

Exhibition Handicap 275yds
August 13, 1940. "Rocklea
winner Lady Recluse (Solitaire x May Mac)
owner K J Tierney
2nd Jack Harlaxton
3rd Little Speedy
margins hd x hd time 15 2/5"

Kedron Five Hundred 300yds
August 16, 1940. "Kedron
winner Sheila's Best ( Granger x Sheila Brown)
owner C Hipwood
2nd Speedout
3rd King Sol
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time 15 4/5"

Jim Burton Cup 320 yds
August 19, 1940. "Kedron
winner Allied Force (All Cash x June Jones)
owner C Smith
2nd Pratten Prince
3rd Royal Romance
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 15 4/5"

Johnnie Walker Cup
September 28, 1940. "Rockhampton
winner Sir Gallant (Gallant Rescue x Miss Tullera)
2nd Cin's Desire
3rd Razzle Hope
margins 1/2 x hd time 16 3/5"

Rallings Handicap
October 22, 1940. "Rocklea
winner Curraheen (Great Alone x Blue Hawk)
owner J Baker
2nd New Man
3rd Tol Herit
margins nk x nk time 17 3/5"

Christmas Handicap 300yds
December 16, 1940. "Rocklea
winner Conon Lad (Tolan x May Mac )
owner K J Tierney
2nd Solbo
3rd White Destiny
margins hd x 1/2 time 16 3/5"

Townsville Hundred
December 26, 1940. "Townsville first prize 70 pounds
winner Kilburns Lass (Kiladrough x Corella)
owner Mr Nash
2nd Duke the Conqueror
3rd Whittle's Hope
margins nk x nk Time 16"