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Racing Results - 1939 VIC

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Listed Event

Summer Handicap
January 7, 1939. "Bendigo
winner Playful Cub (Mindful Cub x Playful Elsie)
owner Mrs V McClelland
2nd Vacuum
3rd Brace Bits
margins 1 x 1/2 time 17.4"

Christmas Handicap circle
January 14, 1939. "Maribyrnong
winner Gay Fox (Tolley's Brandy x Waltz Time)
owner N Dale
2nd Boga Boy
3rd Julianna
margins hd x 1/2 time 19 13/16 "

Christmas Handicap 250yds straight
January 18, 1939. "Maribyrnong
winner Peter Quick (Peter Cubby x Lady Quick)
owner Mrs V Attridge
2nd Black Abbott
3rd The Speedster
margins 1 x hd time 13 10/16"

Victorian Speed Championship straight
February 27, 1939. "Napier
winner Cavalier (Blue Devil x Water Lily)
owner Mrs L Jensen trainer S Heggart"

Summer Handicap 340yds circle
April 1, 1939. "Napier first prize 60 pounds
winner Cavalier (Blue Devil x Water Lily)
owner Mrs L Jensen trainer S Heggart
2nd Hansard
3rd Lady Race
margins 3/4 x 1 time 19 10/16"

Mckinnon Easter Cup 440yds circle
April 8, 1939. "Sale
winner Ray Micawber (My Chris Micawber x Letty)
owner A Jennings
2nd Arlington
3rd Dusky Boy
margins 1/2 x nk Time 23.1 "

Tucker Box Cup 500yds circle
April 10, 1939. "Mildura first prize 17 pounds
winner Fox Film (Kreuger x Moving Picture)
owner H Modystack
margins 6 x time track rec"

Broadway One Hundred
April 13, 1939. "Ballarat
winner Drumsticks
owner J Moon
2nd Membless
2nd Plumbuttons
margins 3 x DH time 27 15/16"

Easter Cup circle
April 22, 1939. "Maribyrnong first prize 50 pounds
winner Rodney Rocks (Dad's Footsteps x Sweet Rose)
owner J Millard jnr
2nd Kareena
3rd Midnight Sun
margins 1 x hd time 19 1/2"

Victorian Elms 300yds straight
April 29, 1939. "Napier
winner Smiling (Footlight Flashes x Morokane)
owner Healy Bros
2nd Sadie Minda
3rd Lady Booth
margins 1 x 5 time 15 14/16"

Victorian Guineas 300yds straight
June 19, 1939. "Napier
winner Pixie's Yuba (Black Yuba x Pixie Anna)
owner Mrs E Maroney
2nd Footprints
3rd Fawn Prince
margins hd x 1/2 time 15 14/16"

Opening Cup
July 5, 1939. "Benalla fisrt prize 7 pounds
winner Gay Betty (Gay Syd x Wee Betty)
owner G C Bentinck
2nd Merle's Choice
3rd Monitor
margins hd x 1 time 22 1/10"

Victorian Hurdle Championship 340yds circle
July 8, 1939. "Napier
winner Brian Boru (Mystic Park x Nulla Nulla)
owner J G Kelly
2nd Fish Yarn
3rd Carl Recklaw
margins 5 x 2 time 21 1/4"

Benalla Cup
July 12, 1939. "Benalla
winner Sweet Lullaby (Cinbon x Golden Lullaby)
owner B Hall
2nd Criterion Girl
3rd Brown Thrush
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 23 3/5"

Commemoration Handicap 340yds circle
September 30, 1939. "Napier frst prize 70 pounds
winner Loch Lolaire (Pharminda x Lochaber)
owner R Maidment
2nd Koo-Wee-Rup
3rd Public Enemy
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 19 2/16"

Show Handicap circle
October 11, 1939. "Maribyrnong
winner Loch Lolaire (Pharminda x Lochaber)
owner R Maidment
2nd Millie Innis
3rd Hydroplane
margins hd x hd time 19 3/4"

Victorian Futurity 400yds straight
October 18, 1939. "Napier first prize 40 pounds
winner Accountant (Baldy Glen x Queen Minda)
owner R Herbert
2nd Minda's Image
3rd Red Coat
margins 2 x 1/2 time 21 5/16"

Mlebourne Cup 400yds straight
November 29, 1939. "Napier first prize 175 pounds
winner Sir Pontiac (Ever Great x Greal Elsie)
owner L Hays
2nd John Beach
3rd Mines A Pot
margins run off time 20"

Jim Harvey Cup 400yds circle
November 30, 1939. "Traralgon
winner Element (Pharminda x All Tabby)
owner Bob Smith
2nd Alcatraz
3rd Lolorua
margins 3/4 x 1/2 time 23.5"

Ballarat Cup
December 7, 1939. "Ballarat first prize 10 pounds
winner Kentish Boy (Robert Micawber x Hazel Fancy)
2nd Tresco
3rd Millie Scott
margins nk x nk time 28 3/16"

Sandown Five Hundred 440 yds circle
December 8, 1939. "Sandown first prize 130 pounds
winner Virgonian (Father's Footsteps x Dandy Anna)
owner G & D Hickey
2nd Sir Pontiac
3rd Peter Quick
margins 2 x2 time 23 15/16"

Gippsland Championship 350yds straight
December 16, 1939. "Sale
winner Dick Marlow (Gallant Marlow x Just Nellie)
owner F Newland
2nd John Garan
3rd Our Cash
margins 1 1/4 x 1/2 time 18 4/5"