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Racing Results - 1938 QLD

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Listed Event

Cup Handicap
January 3, 1938. "Cairns first prize 25 pounds
winner Auburn Des ( x )
2nd Big Flash
3rd Dainty Robe
margins nk x nk time 20 1/5"

Newmarket Handicap 200yds
January 31, 1938. "Southport
winner First Away (Black Moth xHazel)
owner R Ramsbottom
2nd Seaplane
3rd Star Glide
margins nk x nk time "

Newmarket Handicap 250yds
March 14, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Side Line (Monarch x Miss Tullera)
owner G Messingham
2nd Mira Glen
3rd Esteem
margins nk x nk time 14.4"

Easter Final top div.
April 16, 1938. "Townsville
winner Acorn Lad ( x )
owner R Mindham
2nd Dan Mac
3rd Kildare
margins 1 x 1/2 time 14"

May Handicap
May 9, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Flying Mile (Solitaire x Flying Milo)
owner F Morris
2nd On Trial
3rd Bally Legion
margins hd x hd time 15.6"

Abercrombie Cup 300yds
June 2, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Super Sheen (Athaldo x Miss Echo)
owner J Amos
2nd Peter The Painter
3rd Young Bloomer
margins 1/2 x hd time 16 3/5"

June Handicap 320yds
June 6, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Aga Khan (Faster Footsteps x Miss Beaufort)
owner G Perrin
2nd Precious Dust
3rd County Tipp
margins hd x hd time 17.4 "

Warwick Cup 328yds
June 13, 1938. "Warwick
winner Quivver
owner J Dwyer
2nd Happy Queen
3rd Hawk's Bay
margins 2 x 1/2 time 18 1/2"

Newmarket Handicap 320yds
June 27, 1938. "Kedron
winner Neat Princess (Hefty Drummock x Neat)
owner M W Stimson
2nd Coonette
3rd Movie Girl
margins hd x nk time 16 2/5"

Kings Ginger Ale Cup 300yds
June 30, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Miss Kagal (Kangal x Curious Flame)
owner T Cannon
2nd Stormalong
3rd Sheila Bloom
margins hd x hd time 16 1/2"

Johnnie Walker Cup 320yds
August 4, 1938. "Kedron
winner Mira Glen (Miramond x Glen Haze)
owner K Keen
2nd Coonette
3rd Demond Hawk
margins hd x hd time 16.4"

Exhibition Handicap 300yds
August 16, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Jack Sterling (Black Star x Evie Dale)
owner P Wilkinson
2nd Alone
3rd Happy Monarch
margins nk x nk time 16 1/5 "

Kedron Five Hundred 320yds
August 19, 1938. "Kedron first prize 200 pounds
winner King Aero (Cinbon x Aero Force)
owner J Condon
2nd Crown Law
3rd Tinnie
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 16 1/5"

Carey Cup 300yds
October 6, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Mariora (Shaun Aroon x Miss Coon)
owner S Jensen
2nd Curious Mack
3rd On Trial
margins 1 x hd time 16 2/5"

Christmas Handicap 320yds
December 19, 1938. "Rocklea
winner Shy Money (Ready Money x Miss Waterford)
owner C Lantry
2nd Curraheen
3rd Fortune Maker
margins 1/2 x hd time 17 2/5"

Townsville Hundred
December 26, 1938. "Townsville
winner Symbol
owner H C Woods
2nd Torchon Lace
3rd Sally Aroon
margins 1 x 3/4 time 13 2/5"