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Racing Results - 1938 NSW

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Listed Event

Club Sprint Champioship 400yds
January 1, 1938. "Tweed Heads
winner Just In Time (Golden Terms x Movie Star)
2nd Lowood
3rd Ben Buckler
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 24 "

Barrett Cup 505yds
January 22, 1938. "Tweed Heads
winner Lowood (Franch Mariner x Frisky Matron)
2nd Black Scholar
3rd King Dale
margins 1 x 1/2 time 30"

Championship Stake 440yds
January 24, 1938. "Grafton
winner Newmain (Ned Domain x Aeroforce)
2nd Ned Again
3rd Bonbank
margins 2 x 4 time 24.4"

Hanwood Gold Cup 500yds
February 4, 1938. "Griffith
winner Lady Kreuger (Kreuger x Miss Jackmo)
2nd Billadrene
3rd By Dana
margins time 29.6"

Anniversary Cup 505yds
February 5, 1938. "Tweed Heads
winner Currumbin Maid
owner C B Skenner
2nd Sir Kennilworth
3rd Black Empire
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 29.2"

Champion Cup 440yds
February 12, 1938. "Grafton
winner Ned Again (Ned Domain x Aeroforce)
winner Newmain
3rd Bonbank
margins DH x 2 time 24.4 "

Club Championship 440yds
February 19, 1938. "Grafton
winner Newmain (Ned Domain x Aeroforce)
2nd Ned Again
3rd Cinder Ash
margins 1/2 x 1 time 24.6"

Kearney Gold Cup 550yds
February 19, 1938. "Murrwillumbah
winner Lady Elsa
2nd Mixie
3rd Peter The Painter
margins 1/2 x 1 time 31.8"

GCC Championship 500yds
February 25, 1938. "Griffith
winner Lachlan Bill (Pat O'Dea x Comedy Mary)
2nd Diviana
margin 2 1/2 x time 29.6"

Club Championship 720yds
March 5, 1938. "Casino
winner Keen Iris (Iris Laddie x Bonnie Bits)
2nd New Main
3rd Marion Sunshine
margins 2 x 1 time 41.4"

Local Championship 470yds
March 16, 1938. "Dubbo
winer Oliver Goldsmith (Pharminda x Joan Goldssmith)
2nd Catillyan
margin nk x time 25.4 "

Special Stake 440yds
April 16, 1938. "Harold Park first prize 110 pounds
winner Kinga Lad (Kingaroy x Hilda's Pick)
owner C G Gordon
2nd Buddha
3rd Cinder Cash
margins 2 x hd time 23.9 rec."

Easter Maiden Cup 440yds
April 18, 1938. "Grafton
winner New Chief (Humdor x June Jones)
2nd Werriwa
3rd Baby Cash
margins hd x 1/2 time 25 "

North West Championship 450yds
April 18, 1938. "Gunnedah
winner Jolly Hero
2nd Lucky Number
3rd Independent
margins 2 x time 24.6"

Toohey's Cup 505yds
April 18, 1938. "Tweed Heads
winner Sunjun
owner H Morris
2nd Wild Larry
3rd Great Mazoona
margins 2 1/2 x 1/2 time 29.8"

Corowa Cup
April 19, 1938. "Corowa
winner Rickman (Mammoth Omen x Sugar Mutton)
2nd Marne's Choice
3rd Ronnie Bruce
margins 2 x 1/2 time 23.2"

Easter Gift 500yds
April 21, 1938. "Gosford
winner King Linga
2nd Tenexe
3rd Galaxy
margins 1 x 1/2 hd time 30.4"

Albury Cup 440yds
April 30, 1938. "Albury
winner Dark Step
2nd Tokay
3rd Rickman
margins time 24.1"

Johnson Cup 480yds
May 2, 1938. "Cessnock
winner Grey Cash
2nd Bon Chien
3rd Silver Grace
margins 2 x hd time 28.6"

Wagga Cup
May 5, 1938. "Wagga
winner Dusky Knight (Celona x Royal Nancy)
2nd Attention
3rd Patnor
margins nk x1/2 time 22.6"

100 Dog Stake 440yds
May 7, 1938. "Harold Park first prize 230 pounds
winner Jack Ayr (Milanor x Warstep)
owner ""Bull"" Gunn
2nd Larabelle
3rd Robespierre
margins hd x hd time 24.3"

Tamworth Cup 480yds
May 17, 1938. "Tamworth
winner Bill O' Might (Mighty x Miss Pareila)
2nd Rare One
3rd Jenny Muffett
margins 3 x 1 time 28.6"

Western Districts Championship 425yds
May 19, 1938. "Dubbo
winner Silver Scorn (Fire Fighter x Many Happy Returns)
2nd Side Step
3rd Catillyan
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 23.2"

Grand National 440yds
June 4, 1938. "Albury
winner Royal Buzz (Fearless Buttons x Fair Brin)
owner trainer Ollie Cox
2nd Swifty Nic
3rd Great Cinnie
margins time 26"

Sargent Cup 520yds
June 4, 1938. "Casino first prize 45 pounds
winner Wilbervale
2nd Wynsome Wyn
3rd Oska Ashe
margins hd x 3 time 28.8"

100 Dog Stake 400yds
June 13, 1938. "Wyong
winner Renondale
2nd Regular Money
3rd Falong
margins 2 x hd time 21.2"

Western Districts Championship 480yds
July 16, 1938. "Orange
winner Catillyan (Cinbon x Too Rich)
2nd Silver Scorn
3rd Amatuer
margins hd x 1 time 27.4"

Grafton Cup 440yds
July 20, 1938. "Grafton
winner Jenny Muffett (Cinbon x Jenny Jones)
2nd Boomer Cash
3rd New Chief
margins 2 x 2 time 24.5"

Lovett Maiden Cup 485yds
August 6, 1938. "Lismore first prize 20 pounds
winner King Aero (Cinbon x Aeroforce)
owner J Condon
2nd Bendigo Ale
3rd Tetrarch
margins 15 x 5 time 27.7"

Winter Cup 500yds
August 30, 1938. "Gosford
winner Newmain (Ned Domain x Aeroforce)
2nd Real Pal
3rd Valmist
margins 4 x 2 time 30.1"

Futurity Stakes 485yds
September 24, 1938. "Lismore
winner Valley Caress
owner E Smith
2nd Big White
3rd Tullerson
margins nk x nk time 28"

Show Stake 500yds
October 5, 1938. "Griffith
winner Princess Kreuger (Kreuger x Miss Jackmo)
owner O Trembath
2nd Yorkie's Chance
3rd Oska Wallace
margins 1 x 2 time 29.4"

New South Wales Hurdle 480yds
October 8, 1938. "Lithgow
winner Quick Dispatch
2nd Fleeting Shower
3rd Wainman
margins 1/2 x 1 time 30.1"

Australasian Championship 480yds
October 10, 1938. "Wollongong
winner Gay Hero (Milanor x Andy's Gloria)
2nd Regular Money
3rd Robert Kent
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 28"

500 Pound Handicap 520yds
October 29, 1938. "Tweed Heads
winner Whautaway
owner J Floyd
2nd Lorn Lady
3rd Athlete
margins hd x 1 time 29"

Centenary Cup 440yds
October 29, 1938. "Grafton
winner Brincin
2nd Mt Lennon
3rd Paul Robeson
margins 3 x 1/2 time 24.2"

Singleton Cup 480yds
October 29, 1938. "Musswellbrook
winner Mr. Louis (Chidex x Lou's Last)
2nd Golden Graft
3rd Master Tyrone
margins hd x 5 time 27.2"

100 Pound Handicap 440yds
November 12, 1938. "Grafton
winner Humbuzz
2nd Crown Law
3rd Isolation
margins 2 x hd time 24.5"

Young Cup 480yds
November 12, 1938. "Bowral
winner Goldvation
2nd Haven's Son
3rd Golden Proof
margins hd x 1 time 27.4"

Club Championship 500yds
November 15, 1938. "Gosford
winner Busybon (Beau Nuit x Lady Wallerette)
owner Miss Morgan
2nd Ribbie
3rd Chester Ale
margins hd x 2 1/2 time 30.5"

Riverina Champion Stake
November 16, 1938. "Narrandera
winner Cliff Junior (Cliff's Pride x Lady Glee)
owner/trainer G Bennett
2nd The Black Lad
3rd Sable Satin
margins 4 x nk time 26.4"

100 Dog Stake 440yds
November 19, 1938. "Harold Park
winner Valiant Garde (White Guard x Lady Grace)
2nd Marilyan
3rd Robert Innis
margins hd x 1 1/2 time 24.3"

Dapto Championship 600yds
December 8, 1938. "Dapto
winner Little Finger (Fearless Friend x Finger)
2nd Robert Kent
3rd Gay Hero
margins 1 x 4 time 40.6"

Championship Stake 485yds
December 17, 1938. "Lismore
winner Bonbank (Cinbon x Merlefort)
2nd Juicy Fruit
3rd Fuchia's Lad
margins 1 x1 time 27.5"

Club Championship 500yds
December 20, 1938. "Gosford
winner Ribbie (All Cash x Dixie Girl)
owner A Dixon
2nd Busybon
3rd White Dart
margins 4 x 4 time 30.1"

Christmas Cup 300yds
December 26, 1938. "Wyong
winner Long Bradford
2nd Bilanor
3rd All Energy
margins 1 x 2 time 16.6"

Toohey's Cup 500yds
December 26, 1938. "Ballina
winner Marie Claire
2nd Gay White Rose
3rd Half Sovereign
margins 2 x time 29.1"

Vita Force Cup
December 31, 1938. "Ballina
winner Half Sovereign
2nd Gay White Rose
3rd Marie Claire
margins 1/2 x 1 time 29.2"