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Racing Results - 1937 TAS

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Listed Event

Hobart Cup 410yds
January 30, 1937. "Hobart
winner Loch Maree (Tarago x Lochaber)
owners Heathcote & James
2nd Red Shadow
3rd Jubilee King
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 22.6 "

Launceston Cup
February 13, 1937. "Launceston
winner Loch Neagh (Tarago x Lochaber)
owners Heathcote & James
2nd Emmerson Girl
3rd Lady Alma
margins 3 x 1 1/2 time 18 "

Handicap Hurdle
February 23, 1937. "Hobart
winner Real Serious (Arabian King x Serious)
owner W S Turner
2nd Our Micawber
3rd Radiant Boy
margins time 25.8"

Regatta Cup 410yds
February 23, 1937. "Hobart
winner Steeplejack (Lofty Lad x Sally Horner)
owners N Wilson & H Bell
2nd Brown Spot
3rd Morlac
margins nk x 1 time 22.8"

Easter Gift 325yds straight
April 3, 1937. "Launceston
winner Loch Maree (Tarago x Lochaber)
owners Heathcote & James
2nd Napatarra
3rd Beau Rand
margins 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 time 16.9"

Easter Handicap
April 3, 1937. "Hobart
winner Masterdale (Master Gleam x Flossiedale)
owner D Sinclair
2nd Steeplejack
3rd Our Micawber
margins 1/2 x 2 time 23 "

Sprint Championship Tasmania 410yds
April 10, 1937. "Hobart
winner Delwin (All Profit x Cindara)
owner A Thomas
2nd Golden Horn
3rd Miafort
margins 1 1/2 x 1 time 23"

Tasmanian Hurdle Championship
April 24, 1937. "Hobart
winner Our Micawber (Fighting Top x Queen Micawber)
owner R Gillham
2nd Glen Cul
3rd Rillorion
margins 4 x 1/2 time 25.6"

Coronation Cup straight track
May 15, 1937. "Launceston
winner Loch Maree (Tarago x Lochaber)
owners Heathcote & James
2nd Gold Star
3rd Oriental King
margins 1 x 1 1/2 time 17.2"

Nelson Cup
June 7, 1937. "Launceston
winner The Black Demon (Cinbon x Ken's Beauty)
owner J A Fisher
2nd Ethyl V
3rd Sporting Chance
margins 1 x 2 time 19.3"

Show Cup
October 9, 1937. "Launceston
winner Gold Star (Golden Christo x Reappearance)
owner J G Nelson
2nd Beau Rand
3rd The Black Demon
margins 3/4 x 1/2 time 17 1/16"

Show Cup 410yds
October 23, 1937. "Hobart
winner Brown Spot (Lone Hawk x Oven's Lass)
owner D Anning
2nd Melody Lass
3rd Mongo
margins 1 x1 time 23"

Eight Hours Handicap
November 1, 1937. "Hobart
winner The Chief (Sandy Patchy x Noel Christo)
owner Miss B Fleming
2nd Jubilee King
3rd Micawber Win
margins hd x hd time 23.2"

Christmas Handicap
December 28, 1937. "Hobart
winner Golden Horn (Ardicate x Conamore)
owner F X Dunn
2nd Master Knight
3rd Emerson Girl
margins 3/4 x 1 time 22.8"