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Racing Results - 1936 VIC

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Listed Event

Christmas Handicap 300yds straight
January 11, 1936. "Napier
winner My Motto (Mulga Sheen x Mayfair)
owner S Stinger
2nd Silver Dene
3rd Don's Hope
margins 1 x time 16 3/16"

New Year Gift 340yds circle
January 15, 1936. "Napier
winner Jubilee King (Divot's Hope x Black Dale)
owner L Long
2nd Skippy
3rd Flashalong
margins 1/2 x time 19 11/16"

Summer Cup 250yds straight
January 25, 1936. "White City
winner Lady Ibis (Prince Grit x Ibis)
owner G Seach
2nd Tarleon
3rd Blue And White
margins 3 x time 13 3/10"

Victorian Hurdle Championship circle
February 4, 1936. "Napier
winner Village Green (Open Fire x No Lady)
owner T Davis"

Anniversary Cup straight
February 10, 1936. "Maribyrnong first prize 100 pounds
winner The Chanter (Bingo x Madonna)
owner W Roberts
2nd Silent Spot
3rd Dreamy Knight
margins 1/2 x time 13 1/2"

Cup Hurdle 250yds straight
February 29, 1936. "White City
winner Boreas (Shady Sun x Asthore)
owner H G McAllister
2nd Buckler
3rd Kiora
margins 3 x 1 time 14 4/5"

Australian Cup circle
March 9, 1936. "Maribyrnong
winner Coral Reef (Barratry x Leawood)
owner S Moffat
2nd Amiterm
3rd Flashalong
margins 2 x nk time 16 14/16"

Victorian Elimination Championship circle
March 18, 1936. "Maribyrnong
winner My Drough (Killadrough x My Chrissie)
owner Mrs Smart"

Victorian Speed Championship straight
March 22, 1936. "Napier
winner Pharminda (Wharminda x Neruda)
owner J Bennett"

Autumn Handicap 300yds straight
March 23, 1936. "Sandown
winner Alwyn Chris (My Chris Micawber x Lady Wyn)
owner S R Mansell
2nd Dazzling Snow
3rd Dan Feeney
margins hd x time 16 1/4 "

Newmarket Handicap 150yds straight
April 4, 1936. "White City fisrt prize 60 pounds
winner Danny Boy (Andy x Spolit Baby)
owner Miss W Wilson
2nd Home Rule
3rd King Comedian
margins nk x 1/2 hd time 8 7/10"

Easter Cup
April 11, 1936. "Bendigo
winner Madcap (Snow Flake x Wide Brim)
owner W Dwyer
2nd Paddy Gona
3rd Lady Zeff
margins 1/2 x time 16.8"

Autumn Handicap Hurdle 340yds circle
April 22, 1936. "Napier
winner Old Fast (Wharminda x Hasty)
owner Mrs F Whiteway
2nd Glen Robe
3rd Bonnie Laddie
margins 2 x time 21"

White Horse Whisky Cup
May 6, 1936. "Warrnambool
winner Sylvandale (Dandelong x Bradford Lass)
owner A S Noel
2nd Character
3rd Joseph The Juggler
margins 3/4 x 1/2 time 16.4"

Victorian Speed Coursing Oaks 300yds straight
June 9, 1936. "Napier
winner Chrissie Again (My Chris Micawber x Effrontine)
owner S R Mansell
2nd Bonny's Pride
3rd The Secret
margins 1 1/2 x time 16 1/2"

Winter Cup circle
June 10, 1936. "Maribyrnong first prize 50 pounds
winner Grand Central (Andy x Figure)
owner T Banfield
2nd Hotham Hights
3rd Pay Day
margins 1/2 x time 18 11/16"

Winter Cup purse div. 250yds straight
June 20, 1936. "White City first prize 60 pounds
winner Slim Micawber (Light Micawber x Enrybrunna)
owner Mrs Keighran
2nd Lady Mag
3rd Guy Fox
margins 1/2 hd x time 12 3/5"

King's Birthday Cup 340yds circle
July 15, 1936. "Napier first prize 60 pounds
winner New Spec (New Salonika x Eye Spec)
owner F Gillard
2nd Gay Marengo
3rd Baffle
margins 6 x time 19 3/16"

Victorian Speed Coursing Derby 300yds straight
July 29, 1936. "Napier first prize 30 pounds
winner Victor Micawber (Andy x Nova White)
owner A R Hancock
2nd Bruce Forbes
3rd Gay Gipsy
margins 1 1/2 x time 16 1/4"

Handicap Hurdle 340yds circle
August 12, 1936. "Napier first prize 45 pounds
winner Alvie Lad (Andy x Daisy Hill)
owner J Carroll
2nd Waggon Wheels
3rd Heroic Chief
margins 3 x time 20 7/16"

Grand National Hurdle 500yd circle
August 15, 1936. "White City
winner Peter Rebel ( Peter Limes x Dream Lady)
owner L J Blundell
2nd Sunspot
3rd Ray Allen
margins 4 x time 33 1/5"

August Handicap plate div circle
August 24, 1936. "Maribyrnong
winner New Spec (New Salonika x Eye Spec)
owner A Gillard
2nd Dreamy knight
3rd Levy's Point
margins hd x time 19 1/4"

August Handicap purse div. circle
August 24, 1936. "Maribyrnong first prize 50 pounds
winner Another Shammy (Andy x Shammy)
owner B R Hall
2nd Gay Gypsy
3rd The Wizard
margins hd x time 19"

Show Cup plate div. straight
September 21, 1936. "Maribyrnong
winner The Wizard (Andy x Gay Olive)
owner F Raphael
2nd New Spec
3rd Mexico
margins 3/4 x time 13 1/4"

Commemoration Handicap 340yds circle
October 3, 1936. "Napier first prize 60 pounds
winner Walkabout (Irish Comedian x Glideabout)
owner Mrs B Murphy
2nd Gay Marongo
3rd Silver Set
margins 3 x time 19 5/16"

Show Cup purse div. straight
October 5, 1936. "Maribyrnong first prize 40 pounds
winner Gay Gipsy (Gipsy Chief x Prycilla)
owner Mrs M Grant
2nd Cub's Honour
3rd Variance
margins 1 1/2 x time 13 1/4"

Anniversary Handicap 440yds circle
October 13, 1936. "Sandown
winner Suspicion (Andrew Hawk x Nambrook Belle)
owner J Fithie
2nd Glenminda
3rd Sports Lass
margins 1 x time 24"

Victorian Speed Coursing St Leger 400yds straight
October 17, 1936. "Napier first prize 45 pounds
winner Silver Set (Kreuger x Silvermane)
owner J Bennett
2nd Quick Silver
3rd Bryangee
margins 3 x time 20 7/8"

Sunshine Cup 250yds straight
November 21, 1936. "White City fisrt prize 80 pounds
winner Prince Hope (Prince Kirk x Charity)
2nd Treble Fortune
3rd Kitty O'Shea
margins 1/2 x nk time 13"

Melbourne Cup 400yds straight
November 28, 1936. "Napier first prize 100 pounds
winner Jimmy's Request (Blue Bird x Mabel Valley)
owner J McCubbin
2nd Rollo
3rd Glenminda
margins nk x 1/2 time 20 13/16"

Maribyrnong Cup plate div. circle
November 30, 1936. "Maribyrnong first prize 33 pounds
winner Yarcol (Burn Me Up x Just Ash)
owner T J Jackson
2nd Coburg Laddie
3rd Streamline
margins 1 x time 19"

Maribyrnong Cup purse div circle
November 30, 1936. "Maribyrnong fisrt prize 50 pounds
winner Andalusia (Andy x Rimu)
owner Mrs A Fuller
2nd Daniel
3rd Happy Gang
margins 3 x 1/2 time 19"

Spring Cup 300yds straight
December 7, 1936. "Sandown first prize 20 pounds
winner Grey Friar (Kreuger x Silvermane)
owner Ray Herbert
2nd Aracadian
3rd Tri Andy
margins hd x hd time 16"

Christmas Cup
December 12, 1936. "Bendigo first prize 15 pounds
winner Lindesfarne (My Chris Micawber x Millie Fire)
owner F Bennett
2nd Pin Divot
3rd Nightly
margins 1/2 x time 17"

Straight Track Championship 250 yds straight
December 16, 1936. "White City
winner Danny Boy (Andy x Spolit Baby)
owner Miss W Simpson
2nd Treble Fortune
3rd Terraplane
margins nk x time 13"

Circular Championship 500yds circle
December 19, 1936. "White City
winner Batman's Gate(Alan Micawber x Little Gate)
2d Tarleen
3rd Desert Gold
margins 1/2 nk x time 32"

Handicap Hurdle circle
December 19, 1936. "White City frist prize 30 pounds
winner Clannish (Motivity x Lynn)
owner D Miller
2nd Loppy Monte
3rd Snikwah
margins nk x time 23 1/10"