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Racing Results - 1936 QLD

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Listed Event

Brightlights Cup 300yds
January 17, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Hawk's Pride (Andrew Hawk x Brown's Pride)
owner Miss Kenny
2nd Royal Alms
margins 1/2 x time 17"

Newmarket Handicap 200yds
March 20, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Blue Hawk (Andrew Hawk x Medium Choice)
owner V Russell
2nd Final Hawk
2nd Newburn Queen
margins nk x DH Time 11"

Anniversary Handicap 320yds
April 24, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Lonely Lady (All Alone x Glen Queen)
owner T Rogers
2nd Silent Andy
3rd Bleu Coombe
margins 1 x 1 1/2 time 15 2/5"

Handicap 320yds
May 19, 1936. "Kedron
winner Silent Andy (Andy x Queen's Castle)
owner S Smith
2nd Miss Robin
3rd Red Dawn
margins 1/2 x nk Time 16"

May Handicap 325yds
May 22, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Pride of All (All Alone x Brown's Pride)
owner J O'Callaghan
2nd Mongolo
3rd Johnny Boy
margins 1 1/2 x 2 time 17 1/5"

June Handicap 350yds
June 26, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Odd Fellows Pride (Smoke Bomb x Ladies Pride)
owner W Urquhart
2nd Glen Hawk
3rd Snozzle Durant
margins 1 x 1 time 18 2/5"

King George Whiskey Cup 300yds
July 17, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Lady Glitter (Sunny Beaufort x Bowral Lass)
owner H Sharp
2nd Brazen Boy
3rd Hoofter
margins nk x nk time 16 2/5 "

Caldwell Wines Cup 350yds
July 24, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Hoofter (Wilson's Reject x Lost)
owner W Child
2nd Paddy Beaufort
3rd Jack of Spades
margins 1 x nk time 19 1/5"

Windsor Gold Cup 320yds
August 13, 1936. "Hedley Park
winner Smart Chrissie (Black Cubby x My Chrissie)
owner J Holmes
2nd All On
3rd Special News
margins 1 x 1 time 15 3/5"

Kedron Five Hundred
August 20, 1936. "Kedron
winner Freehold ( Flash Bachelor x Biddy Domain)
owner P Dempsey
2nd Willie Beatem
3rd Zip Fastener
margins 1/2 x 1 time 15 4/5"

Exhibition Handicap 325yds
August 21, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Miss Dewar (Monarch x Miss Tullera)
owner W C Chles
2nd Matchem
3rd Sister Meg
margins 1 x 1/2 time 17 2/5"

Spring Carnival Cup
October 13, 1936. "Kedron
winner Arch Brown (Garnet x Lizzie Hope)
owner P Hipwood
2nd Dalmeny
3rd Lonesome Queen
margins neck x 1 1/2 time 16 1/5"

October Handcap
October 16, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Widgette (Sunny Beaufort x Lorgnette)
owner A Hauff
2nd Gordon's Pride
3rd All Serene
margins 1/2 x nk time 15 4/5"

Grand National Hurdle 350yds
October 26, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Sungod (Acacia's First x Brown Rose)
owner J McIlwain
2nd Star Magician
3rd Molly
margins 1 1/2 x nk time 21 2/5"

Gibson Cup 320yds
October 29, 1936. "Hedley Park
winner Dalbassy ( All Alone x Black Slipper)
owner T Green Trainer W Goodall
2nd Lonesome Queen
3rd Last Thoughts
margins 2 x nk time 15 4/5"

Christmas Handicap 325yds
December 18, 1936. "Rocklea
winner Aero Scot (Dimple Scot x Aerial Lass)
owner Mrs M Donaghue
2nd Wollalong
3rd Marine Parade
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 17 1/5"