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Racing Results - 1933 VIC

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Listed Event

January Cup
January 12, 1933. "Craigieburn
winner Banquero (Warpath x Witch Light )
owner J H Davey
2nd Big Moments
3rd High Romance
margins time 19 3/16"

Summer Cup straight
February 18, 1933. "White City
winner Red Robe (Red Dawn x Bonnie Lyn)
owner E Jellie
2nd Come About
3rd Grey Crest
margins 1/2 x time 13"

March Stakes
March 14, 1933. "Maribyrnong
winner Ideal Footsteps (Flying Footsteps x Miss Piccaninny)
owner W N Tootell
2nd Some Dance
3rd Tui
margins hd x time 21 5/10"

Autumn Cup
April 22, 1933. "White City first prize 50 pounds
winner Morakane (Andy x Kamora)
owner J Moran
2nd War Limes
3rd Frosty Monte
margins 1/2 x time 20 9/10"

Spring Stake straight
May 6, 1933. "White City
winner Divot's Hope (Divot x Sadie's Hope)
owner C Heggart
2nd Cormorant
3rd Felix Hope
margins hd x time 13 1/2"

Maribyrnong Puppy Stakes
May 8, 1933. "Maribyrnong
winners Thelma's Hope (Jewell's Hope x Capacity)
owner F Bartlett
Amiterm (Termini x Plain Amy)
owner J Vowles
3rd Princess Tanya
margins DH x time 21 9/16 "

Hurdle Championship Match race
June 17, 1933. "White City
winner Red Robe (Red Dawn x Bobby Lynn)
owner F Mason
2nd Speedway
margin time 22 1/2"

Track Championship Match Race
June 17, 1933. "Maribyrnong
winner High Stride (Coombe Lad x Kuraki Queen)
owner G Miller
2nd Snow Lad
margin 1 x time 20 1/2"

Maribyrnong Championship
June 24, 1933. "Maribyrnong
winner Valpar (Andy x La Rebel)
owner Mrs J Lyons
2nd Romany Chal
3rd Cormorant
margins 3 x time 36 3/5"

Winter Handicap straight
June 24, 1933. "White City
winner Golden Eagle (Golden Christo x Poppy Shade)
owner Mrs M Volkmer
2nd Snowy Divot
3rd Montserrat
margins 6 x time 12 4/5"

Grand National Hurdle circle
July 8, 1933. "White City
winner Red Robe (Red Dawn x Bonnie Lyn)
owner F Mason
2nd Duke Concrete
3rd Felix Hope
margins nk x time 22 2/5"

Maribyrnong Championship
July 8, 1933. "Maribyrnong
winner Valpar (Andy x La Rebel)
owner J Lyon
2nd Mystic Park
3rd Snow Lad
margins 2 x time 20 1/2"

Winter Handicap Consolation straight
July 8, 1933. "White City
winner October (Montpellier x Alwyn's Chris)
owner S Pearce
2nd Avanti
3rd Trailing Back
margins 1 1/2 x time 13 sec"

Winter Handicap
July 22, 1933. "Maribyrnong first prize 30 pounds
winner West Wing (Beaufort x Ashwyn)
owner L Holford
2nd Fintona
3rd Gipsy's Omen
margins nk x time 20 1/2"

Australian Cup
July 29, 1933. "White City first prize 20 pounds
winner Andy Lynn (Andy x Roselyn)
owner J Pullin
2nd Glen Guard
3rd Bondene
margins nk x time 20 3/5"

J Bennett's Cup circle
September 9, 1933. "Maribyrnong
winner Captain Jolly (Jolly Captain x Riverlea Lass)
owner J Sturley
2nd Thelma's Hope
3rd Sunny Micawber
margins hd x time 18 9/10"

Spring Cup straight
September 16, 1933. "White City
winner Prince Token (Lime's Verse x Blue Token)
owner F H O'Shea
2nd Mudguard
3rd Dark Term
margins run off x time 12 3/5"

Johnson Handicap 400 straight
September 27, 1933. "Napier first prize 25 pounds
winner Red Cyclone (Ponderoo x Cringer Hope)
owner S A Case
2nd Wait Andrew
3rd Noel's Gift
margins hd x time 21 2/16"

Show Cup circle
September 30, 1933. "White City
winner Tinto (Only A Fluke x Boree's Daughter)
owner Mrs O'Brien
2nd Dinty
3rd Glen Guard
margins 1 1/2 x time 20 4/5"

Mosstrooper Handicap 300yds straight
October 7, 1933. "Napier
winner Pegasus (Orion x Careful Sallie)
owner C Norris
2nd Fabricate
3rd Romany Chal
margins 1 x time 15 13/16"

White City Cup circle
November 11, 1933. "White City first prize 40 pounds
winner Flying Orders (Lukey Boy x Conamore)
owner S Pearce
2nd Kirkintulloch
3rd Pitz Palu
margins hd x time 20 9/10"

Carnival Cup circle
November 15, 1933. "Maribyrnong first prize 50 pounds
winner Diamond Laddie (Some Laddie x Bonnie Diamond)
owner J Bennett
2nd Smiling Chum
3rd Old Fast
margins 3 x time 19"

Melbourne Cup 400yds straight
November 22, 1933. "Napier first prize 150 pounds
winner Footlight Flashes (Flying footsteps x Mignon Lady)
owner T E Denison
2nd Romping Andy
3rd Macaladin
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time 21"

Novice Cup circle
December 13, 1933. "White City first prize 20 pounds
winner Dark Term (Termite x Nell's Image)
owner J Doherty
2nd War Limes
3rd Marquita
margins 3 x time 21"