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Racing Results - 1933 QLD

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Listed Event

Presidents Handicap
January 23, 1933. "Rocklea
winner Jaco Player (Opal Mac x Miss Player)
owner T P Condon
2nd Acacia's Son
margins 1 x time"

Bundaberg Cup 300yds
January 31, 1933. "Bundaberg
winner Maggie Pie ( x )
2nd Confide
margins time 16"

February Handicap
February 20, 1933. "Rocklea
winner Watermaid (Aragong x Lady Thrill
owner D Hall
2nd Yambunna Great
margins 1 x time "

Handicap 240yds straight
March 15, 1933. "Virginia
winner Wilber White(Wilberforce x Dechmont)
owner T P Condon
2nd Wate Maid
margins 1 x time 12 1/5"

March Handicap
March 20, 1933. "Rocklea
winner French Mariner ( Faithful Mariner x French Maid)
owner F Morris
2nd Wilber White
margins 1/2 x time"

Crippled Children Handicap 300yds
April 13, 1933. "Hedley Park
winner Sir Roy (Andrew Micawber x Goulburn Queen)
owner Mrs V Lynn
2nd Valmist
margins hd x time 15"

Carey Cup 290yds
April 15, 1933. "Gympie
winner Diana Girl ( x )
2nd Writtle Tone
3rd Col Micawber
margins 1/2 x hd time 15 2/5"

Easter Handicap
April 17, 1933. "Bundamba
winner Golden Glean ( x )
2nd Early Start
margins time 16 1/2 "

Anniversary Handicap
April 26, 1933. "Rocklea
winner Sir Roy (Andrew Micawber x Goulburn Queen)
owner Mrs V Lynn
2nd Acacia Son
3rd Dream Lad
margins nk x time 18 3/5"

Local Championship 290yds
April 29, 1933. "Gympie
winner Jack Coombe ( x )
owner T Ramsay
2nd Thunder Bolt
2nd Sliding By
margins 1/2 x DH time 15 3/5"

May 6, 1933. "Toowoomba
winner Bonnie Boy ( x )
owner Brown Bros
2nd Great Idea
margins time 16 1/5"

Carlton Gold cup 300yds
May 25, 1933. "Hedley Park
winner Fisher Boy (Hazel Boy x Baby Acacia)
owner W Borger
2nd Rose Brown
margins hd x time 15 1/5"

Virginia Cup 240yds straight
June 7, 1933. "Virginia
winner Dream Boy (Hazel Boy x Dreamy)
owner H Bone
2nd The Dud
margins hd x time 13"

Anniversary Cup 320yds
July 27, 1933. "Hedley Park
winner Yambunna Great (Yambunna Park x Unice)
owner Mrs Blundell
2nd Garrison
margins time 15 4/5"

Queensland Sires Produce
August 21, 1933. "Rocklea
winner Colorado (Big Booty x Mabel Forest)
owner A Hauff
2nd The Dud
margins time 15 "

Gorry Cup
September 9, 1933. "Toowoomba frist prize 6 pounds 15 shillings
winner All In ( x )
owner B Skinner
2nd Sheila's On
margins time 16"

John Haig Cup 400yds circle
October 12, 1933. "Hedley Park
winner Great Alarm (Castlemaine x Alarmist)
owner A Hauff
2nd Stella's Pride
margins nk x time 21 1/5"

Gordon Cup
October 28, 1933. "Gympie
winner Alma Belle ( x )
2nd Jack Coombe
margins 2 x time 15 2/5"