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Racing Results - 1933 NSW

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Listed Event

South Coast Encourage Cup
February 11, 1933. "Wollongong
winner Curran's Grit (Barney's Girt x Night Nurse)
2nd Flying Stepper
3rd Crying Shame
margins 8 x 2 time 29.2"

South Coast Cup 480yds
April 15, 1933. "Wollongong first prize 20 pounds
winner Curran's Grit (Barney's Grit x Night Nurse)
2nd Shell Grit
3rd Silk's Hope
margins 3 x 1 1/2 time 28.4"

Sydney Cup 660yds
April 17, 1933. "Shepherds Bush first prize 60 pounds
winner Winsome Pearl (Big Sheik x Little Pearl)
2nd Lone Draw
3rd Gladstone Bay
margins 6 x 8 time 38.8"

Easter Gift 480yds
April 22, 1933. "Maitland
winner Bandicoot (Great Limes x Concrete Kiss)
2nd Day Bread
3rd Miacal
margins 8 x 5 time 28.2"

Puppy Championship
April 22, 1933. "Harold Park first prize 125 pounds
winner Rocknee ( Blazeaway x Olga Verse)
2nd Wardara
3rd Marion
margins 3 x 1/2 time 28"

Champion Cup 480yds
April 29, 1933. "Wollongong
winner Curran's Grit (Barney's Grit x Night Nurse)
2nd Winnie Hazel
3rd Roy's Pop
margins 1/2 x 1/2 time 28.8"

Gala Gift Stakes 480yds
May 6, 1933. "Wollongong
winner Education
2nd Queen Crow
3rd Corn
margins time 29.6"

Winter Stake 660yds
July 1, 1933. "Harold Park first prize 60 pounds
winner Boyfort (Wilberforce x Betty McLeay)
2nd Pirate Lass
3rd Skipper Again
margins 3 x 2 time 39.6"

Mid Winter Stake 490yds
July 27, 1933. "Shepherds Bush first prize 60 pounds
winner Special Discount (Cinbon x Bona Girl)
winner Skipper Again (Dickens Again x Skibbereen)
3rd Andy Bruno
margins DH X 1/2 time 28.6 "

Hundred 490yds
August 2, 1933. "Shepherds Bush first prize 100 pounds
winner Recollection (Black Damp x Dark Colour)
2nd Wynbo
3rd Gay Thelma
margins 8 x 3 time 28.4"

Marathon 880yds
August 12, 1933. "Harold Park first prize 50 pounds
winner Gay Thelma (Phantom x Few Friends)
2nd Bon Glee
3rd Kelly's Eye
margins 3 x 1 time 53 eq rec"

September Cup 480yds
September 16, 1933. "Harold Park first prize 60 pounds
winner Ready Money (Andrew Micawber x All Glee)
owner/trainer A H Carter
2nd Queen's Pride
3rd Incinder's Image
margins 6 x 2 time 27.6"

NCA Cup 660yds
December 30, 1933. "Newcastle
winner Rosendo (Andy's Choice x Sadie Achieved)
2nd Andy Brae
3rd Day Bread
margins 1 x 4 time 39.4"