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Racing Results - 1931 QLD

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Listed Event

Presidents Cup
January 18, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Marching Laddie (Laddie Kirk x Marching Melody)
owner S Stevenson
2nd Special Wear
margins hd x time 15 2/5"

Champion Puppy Stakes
March 21, 1931. "Toowoomba
winner Major Collins ( x )
owner H Strothfeldt
2nd Barcarole
margins time 18"

Queensland Speed Coursing Championship
April 27, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Top Score (Big Booty x Tally)
owner F Chorley
2nd Newburn
3rd Smoke Bomb
margins 1/2 x nk time 19 3/5"

Brisbane Cup 300yds
May 7, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Bonfire (Night Alarm x Checker's Daughter)
owner A Bottger
2nd Freebooter
3rd All Alone
margins hd x hd time 16 4/5 "

Merton Cup 300yds
June 6, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Hefty Drummock (Drummock x Medium Choice)
owner C Meekin
2nd All Alone
3rd Browns Bomber
margins 1 x nk time 16 "

Queensland Gold Cup 300yds
June 25, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Hefty Drummock (Drummock x Medium Choice)
owner C Meekin
2nd Oliver Twist
3rd Bonfire
margins 2 x nk time 16 "

Sprint Championship of Queensland
August 7, 1931. "Eight Mile Plains
winner Crystal Queen (Monte Christo x Talgai Queen)
owner E Pratt
2nd Lorne
3rd Faithful Mariner
margins hd x hd time 17 2/5"

Patrons Cup
August 11, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Dawnlock (Havelock x Golden Dawn)
owner E Single
2nd Gloaming
3rd Gallery Knight
margins nk x nk time 15 3/5"

Abercrombie Cup 300yds
September 26, 1931. "Rocklea
winner Breakaway (Breakersfield x Lady Belgrave)
owner H Fogarty
2nd Memory
3rd Dawnlock
margins nk x nk time 16"

Bundamba Handicap
December 26, 1931. "Bundamba
winner Master Jim ( x )
owner F Bourkel
2nd Sunny Brown
margins 2 x time 16 4/5"