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Racing Results - 1930 VIC

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Listed Event

New Year's Gift
January 1, 1930. "White City
winner Term (Terminus x Queen's Hope)
owner H Allan
2nd Waltz On
3rd Bashful Mina
margins 1/2 nk x 1/2 time 19 1/10"

Summer Cup
January 1, 1930. "White City
winner Karatta Boy ( Karatta x Miss Glendwyne)
owner G F Krowley
2nd Resolight
3rd Ben Christo
margins nk x 1/2 time 19.1"

Crowley Cup
March 29, 1930. "White City
winner Val Marie (Wodonga x Molly)
owner W A James
2nd Birkenhead
3rd Junell
margns hd x1 time 19 1/5"

White City Cup
May 3, 1930. "White City
winner Masquerade (Mosstrooper x Bridal Veil)
owner A Wagner
2nd Waltz On
3rd Grand Colour
margins 1 x nk time 18 9/10"

Championship Hurdle
July 19, 1930. "White City
winner Farm Boy (Silent Prince x Brunswick Black)
owner P Palmer
winner Minas Son (Sancho Panza x Minafoot)
owner J Thorpe
3rd By Request
margins DH x hd time 22 4/5"

Winter Cup
July 19, 1930. "White City
winner Roma Boy (Brass Buttons x Roma)
owner C Butterworth
2nd The Cameron Clan
3rd Glenburnie
margins 1 x 1/2 time 19 1/10"

White City Cup
July 26, 1930. "White City
winner Lassabel (Lew Micawber x Preston Lassie)
owner D Abel
2nd Perfect Derby
3rd Birkenhead
margins 3 x2 time 19 1/10"

Show Cup
September 27, 1930. "White City first prize 20 pounds
winner Belfast (Marcel Wave x Priceless Gift)
owner A Yodgee
2nd Divot's Hope
3rd Perfect Duty
margins hd x hd time 19 1/10"

Spring Cup
September 27, 1930. "White City first prize 50 pounds
winner High Stride (Coombe Lad x Kurmaki Queen)
owner F Muron
2nd Blackstone
3rd Joyful Bells
margins 3 x nk time 19 7/10"

White City Cup
September 27, 1930. "White City
winner Forester (Orion x Shady Burn)
owner Herbert Bros
2nd Jimmy's Request
3rd Waltz On
margins 2 x1 time 18 7/10 "

Melbourne Stake
October 18, 1930. "Craigieburn
winner Wharminda (Agricola x Merry Lincoln)
owner H J McFarlane
2nd Snow Lad
3rd Queer Terms
margins time"

Holiday Cup
December 27, 1930. "White City
winner Love Token (Geebung x Lady Token)
owners Gallop Bros & Samphier
2nd Ibis
3rd Ikey Sheik
margins 1/2 hd x 1 time 19 3/5"

Presidents Cup
December 27, 1930. "Craigieburn
winner Fairfield Lad (Durian x Blue Betty)
owner J Lubransky
2nd Bay Star
3rd Lintorna
margins 1/2 x 1 time 21 9/10"