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Racing Results - 1929 NSW

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Listed Event

Anniversary Stakes
January 26, 1929. "Lithgow first prize 40 pounds
winner Game Boy (Terminus x Bracho)
owner B Trask
2nd Eclipse
3rd Troubadour
margins 3 x time 18 1/5"

Anniversary Cup
January 31, 1929. "Mascot first prize 75 pounds
winner Orange Flower (Great Limes x Scapa Flow)
owner Carter Bros
2nd Irish Castle
3rd Wigwam
margins 4 x 2 1/2 time 18.4"

Autumn Cup 300yds
February 23, 1929. "Epping
winner Perfect Derby (War Hawk x Milk Dice)
owner J Logan
2nd Holbrook
3rd Tempus Fluke
margins 8 x 1/2 time 17 rec."

Alexandria Cup
February 28, 1929. "Mascot
winner Jupiter (Ponderer x Hamilton Meg)
2nd Cindy Meg
3rd Molly's Romance
margns 1 x neck time 19"

Approved Cup
February 28, 1929. "Mascot
winner Peter's Change (Drew's Hope x Writtle's Hope)
2nd Wonder Boy
3rd Prince Andrew
margins 3 x 2 time 18.8"

Great Epping Puppy Stake 300yds
March 23, 1929. "Epping first prize 200 pounds
winner Miss Golden (All Golden x Queen Ruby)
owner C McCrohon
2nd Gay Fool
3rd Lady Irene
margins 2 x 1 time 17"

Puppy Consolation Stakes
April 2, 1929. "Harold Park
winner Harsh Words
2nd Trombone
3rd Pretty Sweet
margins 2 x 1/2 time 18.2"

Championship Cup
April 9, 1929. "Mascot
winner Black Opaque (Blank Cheque x Rongamai Aloha)
2nd Wychie
3rd Musician
margins 1 1/2 x 1/2 time 18.8"

May Cup 300yds
May 18, 1929. "Harold Park first prize 40 pounds
winner Magnate (Andrew Micawber x Bambalina)
owner J E Elger
2nd Magsman
3rd Cyden
margins 4 x hd time 17.4"

Track Coursing Championship NSW 440 yds
May 18, 1929. "Richmond
margins time"

Championship Cup
May 25, 1929. "Newcastle
winner Bega Boy
2nd Waringa
3rd Winalot
margins nk x time 25 3/5"

Harold Park Cup 300yds
June 1, 1929. "Harold Park
winner Bouncing Dot (Andrew Micawber x Bouncing Nancy)
2nd King Jumbo
3rd Fire Chief
margins 2 x 1/2 time 17.6"

Ted Lynch Cup 480yds
June 1, 1929. "Harold Park
winner Shady Nook
2nd Gallantry
3rd Rabadon
margins 3/4 x 3 time 29"

Alexandria Cup
June 7, 1929. "Mascot
winner Coloured Buttons (Brass Buttons x Bambalina)
2nd Misty Dawn
3rd Nora Verse
margins nk x 1/2 time 18.8"

Mascot Cup
June 7, 1929. "Mascot
winner Merry Mac (Andrew Micawber x Mauritana's Hope)
2nd Warrigal Mick
3rd Darklaw
3rd Riverlea Hope
margins nk x hd time 19.2"

Randwick Cup
June 7, 1929. "Mascot first prize 30 pounds
winner Back Fire (Open Fire x Micawber Kiss)
2nd Iris Laddie
3rd Tepee
margins hd x nk time 18.6"

Ladies Bracelet 440yds
June 29, 1929. "Mascot
winner Great Babylon (Great Limes x Mist Maid)
2nd Monte Micawber
3rd Blazeaway
margins 4 x 1/2 time 26"

Winter Cup
July 6, 1929. "Mascot first prize 25 pounds
winner Happy Micawber (Andrew Micawber x Dicken's Own)
2nd Bashful Bob
3rd Talgate
margins 2 x 3 time 25.2"

Richmond Cup 350yds
August 31, 1929. "Richmond
winner Wolf Tone (Great Limes x Hytone)
2nd Miss Argus
3rd War Dice
margins hd x 1/2 time 18.6"

Jones Cup 480yds
November 2, 1929. "Harold Park
winner Atta Boy
2nd Great Babylon
3rd Tidal Wave
margins 2 x nk time 28.8"

Mechanical Hare Championship 480yds
December 24, 1929. "Harold Park first prize 32 pounds
winner Iris Laddie (Boyd Emerson x Jennie Rae)
owner R Whatmore
2nd Golden Ash
3rd Mina's Pride
margins 1 x 6 time 28.4"