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Brian Johnstone

By Neil Brown

Brian Johnstone is a name that goes hand in hand with the SA Greyhound Racing administration. Brian donated every spare moment of his life to the Greyhound Industry for over 50 years. He was a committee member of the Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club for over 35 years and saw the club race at Campbeltown, Thebarton, Waterloo Corner and Bolivar before helping establish racing at Angle Park.

Brian was the President of the AGRC for a record 25 years. He also served as President of the Australian Greyhound Racing Association and was President of that association when the World Greyhound Racing Conference was held in Adelaide in 1986. Brian also represented AGRA at a world conference in America.

                  Brian on the right at another Adelaide Cup presentation for champion Highly Blessed
Brian was a long serving member of the Greyhound Racing Board and devoted countless hours to ensuring the progress of the AGRC and the racing industry itself. This is emphasised by his involvement in countless working and advisory committees and his term as a board member on the SA TAB as the Greyhound Racing Representative. Brian sat on the TAB board at a time when the SA TAB had its hugely successful move into computer technology.

Brian was chairman of the AGRC when the Angle Park property and facilities were handed over to Greyhound Racing SA. At the time of the hand over Angle Park was valued at over 4.5 million however Brian made this courageous decision to ensure the longevity of the sport in South Australia.  This decision has ultimately allowed greyhound racing to maintain a healthy position in South Australia market.

Brian, on a small scale, has owned and trained successfully, his best greyhounds being Indo Speed, Too Fat, Say Goodbye and Ranacin.

Brian centre always on hand when it counted

Brian represents an era where men were willing to battle adversity to ensure the development of track racing as we know it today. When he first entered greyhound racing, live hare coursing dominated with track racing appearing just a remote possibility on the horizon. But through the dedication and foresight of men like Brian, the sport has progressed from its amateurish and rough shod beginnings to the dynamic and successful industry that it is today.

Brian second from the left at Angle Park

Although Brian sadly passed away in 2008 his love and appreciation of greyhound racing was beyond question and his devotion to the industry was of the highest order.

Brian's daughter Cathy accepting his award in Adelaide

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